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  1. We need to get off of the nerf train. Instead make the skills, mods and flags work. Why bother getting the fire prevention if it is not doing anything. If I run fire prevention, have both modules for fire fighting and I add the flag, this should already decrease my fire chance and duration. Add the natural/ship stats should be the concern as of now they do not work as they should on any ship. If we keep going in this path all CLs and CAs will be left in port and only the dds, bbs, and cvs will be played. So stop nerfing ships. Balancing is not a nerf however this is not a balance as only some ships are affected. Just my opinion
  2. If you want a Royal Premium container you need a t7 UK DD. Or if you are a completionist like some of us are you can not complete the mission. I should not have to buy anything as it is a free game. Even if I have spent more money on this game than all of my AAA titles.
  3. as for containers for a royal navy premium container you need a t7 or t8 uk DD so for all the people that say you don't there it is. If they want to do this fine allow us the chance to rent a ship that qualifies not pay 40 bucks or more for a ship for 1 or 2 missions and never use it again. Or make it so any UK ship can complete the missions.
  4. Okay to be clear. I am looking at installing only "Alsain mod pack", nothing else. I understand that using another mod pack does not count towards Alsans. My question is Everything in Alsans mod pack is good to go and will not get me banned.
  5. Newb to mods on ships. So as I read it right now if I were to use all of the mods in the pack, none of them will get me banned, Correct?