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  1. Miyanaga_Saki

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Time to celebrate Suzumiya Haruhi getting a new volume! Glad that people remember the series. edit: and this:
  2. Miyanaga_Saki

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    It's way easy now to do PR1. With the catchup in place and all, you are definitely going to have 2x PR1 ships at the very least. I am now sitting at Neptune (DEV30) Monarch (DEV30 fatesim) SanRui (DEV30 fatesim) Roon (DEV30) FdG (DEV19) Azuma (DEV15) Cheshire (DEV1) There's just no way for me to get blueprints faster. I think I will be at PR2 for a very long time. Currently working on Georgia (1mil/3mil exp)
  3. Miyanaga_Saki

    Azure Lane 3rd wave special flag disappointment

    Do the AL flag come with any bonus whatsoever?
  4. Miyanaga_Saki

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    None of the 4 ships got decent reviews. I would've gotten the ships if they were decent...
  5. Miyanaga_Saki

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I feel Priority 3 to be so far away. I really would like to work on Drake, Cheshire, Odin and Mainz as well as do the rest of series 2 with how good they become after fate sim. Right now, I have managed to get Monarch, Saint Louie fate sim done Roon still doing fate sim Neptune DEV29, not yet level 70 while being completely stuck at PR2. Azuma DEV14 FdG DEV18 It will be a long time before I can get the two of them into operational state given how rare those blueprints come by.
  6. Miyanaga_Saki

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    And FdG is done on my part! I am doing Azuma next. (And Roon got oathed just now)
  7. Miyanaga_Saki

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I don't plan to try ch13 without boasting endgame meta setup. I am not going in without Azuma and FdG at lvl20+. I am not sure if this is good. I am planning on mob fleet with Sandy Seattle Noshiro + Warspite Monarch and Formi. Boss node will be Azuma Roon Yukikaze + FdG Enty Essex.
  8. Miyanaga_Saki

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    After the whole PR thing, I redoubled on Roon. She takes forever to do! But she's done and now I can move onto FdG. (I am ashamed that this is only my 3rd PR1 btw)
  9. Miyanaga_Saki

    Puerto Rico

    No, but paying for the 3 boosters plus Gorizia still means that Wargaming has won as the house.
  10. Miyanaga_Saki

    This is getting out of hand and is childish

    You made me raugh. You funny guy.
  11. Miyanaga_Saki

    Puerto Rico

    She sure doesn't sweep the oceans before her. She sweeps your wallet at that $250 price tag. And no. Wargaming has won one right out of my pocket.
  12. Miyanaga_Saki

    Puerto Rico - So Confused, please explain

    Wargaming's practice is predatory. The 35k doubloon to complete thing is insulting to say the very least.
  13. Miyanaga_Saki

    Time for Japanese Commanders in Armory

    Oh. WG may very well just sell a 10 skill point item that can be used on the commander that you get when you buy a ship.
  14. Miyanaga_Saki

    More Fun than the PR Grind - Narai, Daily

    Narai is fun. I love Sharnhorst in this scenario a lot.
  15. Miyanaga_Saki

    This is getting out of hand and is childish

    I use my dunce hat shippe of shame that is PR in Coop. I fully intend people to take it out on this ship, and I fully condone it, since that's how much disgust I have personally about the whole sordid mess and how I got hoodwinked by Wargaming. (feel free to replace the p with t)