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  1. Vinidoanker

    DD mains - Think CVs are your worst nightmare?

    Too much steroid on Russian BB.
  2. Vinidoanker

    Adapt and Overcome - Surviving the New "Old" Meta

    Too bad my leader already gone. We have lot of unused oil for upgrade. Wth.adapt and play. Click click kaboom.done.
  3. Vinidoanker

    Just get rid of carriers

    Coop no CV. You can play they safely and not hate the game.
  4. Vinidoanker

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    Remove yourself from random battles. Coop no CV. You can have easy game there. Random is hard for you. People like you not suitable for random. Have a good day
  5. Can't balance skills. Example , If super duper extra bombastic player play GC. Kbabom, super result , enemy Gonna say op ship. If player like average play ,meh not so op ship. Skill can't balance. Even nerf ships, super duper extra bombastic player still have advantage over skill and time they put to play in this game. And the average not even gonna play that nerf ship again. Look at our t10 CV and Khab.
  6. Vinidoanker

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Arghhhhh... This again. Stop whining
  7. I got full drop hit on midway. Less 10k damage. No flood!!!. Yet they hate CV. Reported me being useless not spotting and spotting. But one torpedo salvo from dd send them to depth of ocean they just say nice drop!! Give compliment. WTH bias.
  8. Vinidoanker

    Exeter missions - an interesting imbalance.

    I hope next mission , 100 planes. More challenge.
  9. Vinidoanker

    Can the Baltimore get her repair party back?

    I'm wondering why CV doesn't get heal since its almost like battleships body. Lot of repair party crew than most bb. Yet atago and Takao got heal.
  10. Vinidoanker

    How is Base XP calculated?

    I don't know too. But I play minotour lot. Just hit count ribbons does give lot base xp even low damage or doesn't kill anything. I don't know.
  11. Vinidoanker

    2 CV at T10

    Off aa when see planes coming near you. Then on aa when cv spot you. CV cant attack at that range and will suffer plane loss or hp damage. Or just use smoke. I've been playing CV , some dd do this and I can't do thing to him.
  12. Vinidoanker

    Game sucks now

    Don't ruin the fun. Others like me still enjoying the game. I've been trying hard to play. This like new game, not like last 3 year ago.
  13. Vinidoanker

    Reported for spotting?

    Hotspot map at A cap. There little corner where dd like to sit. This case happen when his team not within range to support aa and this did just sit while turn of aa. He is capping cause the cap still going. I just put fighter above him and more be on to other since attacking dd just do little damage. Yet I being called cheater. I hope I don't see him again. There is little toxic in his chat but I just keep silence while feel bad. I doby even touch him.my team kill him .not me.
  14. Vinidoanker

    Reported for spotting?

    I don't really look but after back to port, there notification say I've been reported then I look karma. -1. Well that just felt down since I do better in that match.