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  1. Vinidoanker

    Next coal ships??

    smolenk going away?
  2. Vinidoanker

    Next coal ships??

    I having nightmare, should i spend coal getting smolenks now or save for another new ships in the future. Dont really like the coal battleships. I prefer cruiser or dd. Any leak from developers on the next coal ships??
  3. Vinidoanker

    Colbert Haters?

    I just play 4 battles yesterday. My karma went down pretty badly. Plus all those 4 battle I am not doing well since I just got the ship. I really grind the ship. Not using real money. At start , 10k free research point since i have more than 5 TX ships. Then I reset the Khab line. Since I really like the Russian dd line. Second I reset the Shima line, but I not doing very in DD so skip it for now and went to Us light cruiser. God I play a Lot in that line. Third, I went to Japan cruiser line, skip the T1-T4 tier and go through hell in T5 which 3 cv per side. Thankfully the anniversary come, i grind with easy in Myoko in rank and get a lot of stuff and made it easy in getting the Zao. Thanks WG and happy anniversary. By this time i only need to finish the Japan dd line and get enough research point to get Colbert. I was sitting at 100m credit , 450k free xp and 3k doubloon before I reset . But after all that regrind I almost give up, my premium time almost finish, no more bonus camo and flags xp / freexp . Not a single money I use to get this ship. Pure grind and I really proud of myself dedicate my time to grind. Now i can enjoy and play like normal again. Dont accuse me of using money to get ships, i play 15k battle to get ships that I want and i live in Malaysia, which the currency is to high for me to buy anything like ships or using real money to get expensive ships. So try your best and be patient to get what you want if you dont want spend money and dont bellitle this little guys using Colbert. See ya in batlles. My current credit and freexp after finish grind Colbert. So it really hurt to get Colbert without any money involved. But its worth it.
  4. Vinidoanker

    Ping 3000 MS .. Ping 14 MS

    How about this?
  5. Vinidoanker

    Missing 10,000 Research point!!!

    kinda confusing, only first reset get the point, the second or next reset wont get until have to play the branch again. total waste my effort lol having to research the branch again. wasted my second reset on soviet dd branch..waaa...no more khab for a while. ps "at least make the statement real clear..or give bold warning in the game before letting noob player like me reset the branch like idiot thinking easy buy the french tx premium cruiser bye..uninstall..again..see ya when i see ya
  6. Vinidoanker

    DD mains - Think CVs are your worst nightmare?

    Too much steroid on Russian BB.
  7. Vinidoanker

    Adapt and Overcome - Surviving the New "Old" Meta

    Too bad my leader already gone. We have lot of unused oil for upgrade. Wth.adapt and play. Click click kaboom.done.
  8. Vinidoanker

    Just get rid of carriers

    Coop no CV. You can play they safely and not hate the game.
  9. Vinidoanker

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    Remove yourself from random battles. Coop no CV. You can have easy game there. Random is hard for you. People like you not suitable for random. Have a good day
  10. Can't balance skills. Example , If super duper extra bombastic player play GC. Kbabom, super result , enemy Gonna say op ship. If player like average play ,meh not so op ship. Skill can't balance. Even nerf ships, super duper extra bombastic player still have advantage over skill and time they put to play in this game. And the average not even gonna play that nerf ship again. Look at our t10 CV and Khab.
  11. Vinidoanker

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Arghhhhh... This again. Stop whining
  12. I got full drop hit on midway. Less 10k damage. No flood!!!. Yet they hate CV. Reported me being useless not spotting and spotting. But one torpedo salvo from dd send them to depth of ocean they just say nice drop!! Give compliment. WTH bias.
  13. Vinidoanker

    Exeter missions - an interesting imbalance.

    I hope next mission , 100 planes. More challenge.
  14. Vinidoanker

    Can the Baltimore get her repair party back?

    I'm wondering why CV doesn't get heal since its almost like battleships body. Lot of repair party crew than most bb. Yet atago and Takao got heal.