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  1. bandits86

    Upcoming CV Changes

    Please include the option full refund researched CV in the next update. To stop someone abused the system , make it 1 time chances of refund only. I don't find CV is fun to play in 0.80.1. I already stop playing Hakuryu. It sucks and weak. Torpedo is useless. Squadron die quickly than Midway. Thank you
  2. bandits86

    The Heart of the Problem

    Play Khab..shoot couple of rounds at ddd getting cap. Kaboom detonated by his torpedo .doing less 10k damage and defended ribbons.but hooray still not end up bottom of my team. Tier 10 got lot of them.
  3. bandits86

    Post 8.0, biggest problem remains...

    I play Cv a lot. Especially in Midway.Trying to get the legend module.When the team certain gonna lose, CV is the one to blame. Reason not give AA support. Not support their cap and help spotting .WTH. this is new game for CV. Cant do everything without losing something like when I commit to attack i cant spot their area if they too far. 3 time today i have been harass and call names when the battles result show they beneath me, way to to the bottom.sand that is the biggest problem when someone don't know how the CV rework means. That is my biggest problem for this 8.0. Thank you.
  4. bandits86

    Hugging the edge

    Thank you very munchie. Hug more and spread love!!
  5. bandits86

    BB [edited]

    Over pen is the answer.
  6. bandits86

    Forget the Ceasar How about fixing the ROON

    Kiting. Shoot while showing your butt to enemy and prepare to run if got focused
  7. Yueyang got deadly weapon and torpedo. Don't ask stupid thing to change the yueyang to t9. If yueyang get into battle with t7-t9. Lot will suffer. Now just play and just keep playing.
  8. 4k damage or less.. Zzz.zzZz..come on. I want refund on cv
  9. I want refund!!! Full freeXp. That uni um player screw me big time. I don't get much damage and it now waiting to rust. Refund!!!!!!
  10. bandits86

    Legendary upgrades reviews?

    I just got th new hakuryu legend mod. But cannot use. It doesn't have option where to use. Just rusting in inventory. What a waste
  11. bandits86

    Use caution giving money to WG

    im like you.but more worse. they don't make it clear in the game. now i waste my fxp ..and the cv just suck too play
  12. bandits86

    CV patch critique, refund request

    At t10. It suck too play. Should just stay at t4-6. At high tier need to choose enemy. Plus the damage getting really low. I do ask them if we can get refund of purchasing and research t10 CV .. But they say wait after 8.0.2 and feel the change. I still not satisfy.