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  1. So WG will lose only 10% of its player base? Decimated sounds neat though, but I think you are using it wrong lol.
  2. Again those are pretty pictures... still do not see CV launching their planes in a coordinated Airplane BB shell attack...but again you have to follow Skpstr's Criteria... it has to be the Actual engagement not before and not after they have withdrawn....
  3. Please feel free to use that same logic on finding when CVs and BBs fought side by side, one using planes, and the other using shells, against enemy Surface ships in a single engagement... Keep in mind that the scope of a WoWS battle only includes the engagement itself, not the transit period to the battlefield, or the leaving of it.
  4. you keep missing the point... if you want to play with carriers in the fleet, then all you can do is sit back and provide AA... since that is all other ships did in carrier fights....except ONE time...so it s about as realistic having carriers in this game fighting other surface ships side by side while getting shelled as it is Subs doing the same lol.
  5. that's like saying something will break glass even worse... but if the glass is already broken.. who cares. Again not a fan of subs in game, but they make as much sense as carriers lol.
  6. They already break the laws of physics for ever ship in game.... no ship travels at the speed its listed in relation to the distance its actually moving....
  7. Invasion of Norway, Mers El-Kebir, Battle of Calabria, Battle of Cape Spartivento, and Sinking of Bismarck had had CVs in SUPPORT of Fleet ships, not actually fighting anywhere near where they could get shelled and never at the same time, for fear of attacking friendlies... so Wrong...Additionally Glorious was killed by the Ugly Sisters only because she could not launch planes so she was basically a sitting duck... Subs belong in this game as much as CVs lol sigh NKVD, NKGB, Political Commissars... its all the same really lol, and no I am no Nazi lover... but pointing out their atrocities without pointing outs the Soviets ones is bad form IMHO.
  8. I mean name one instance in naval history where a BB and a CV fought side by side against enemy surface vessels... It makes ZERO sense... but no one wants to admit it.
  9. I get you.... but if they can break reality for CVs why not for subs.. once again its the same argument and I do not really want subs lol I mean name one instance in naval history where a BB and a CV fought side by side against enemy surface vessels...
  10. again why are we not fighting nothing but carrier battles then since they only once faced enemies within shell range in a combat complicity.... see that's the thing..CV warfare is just as bad for the game as Sub warfare if done historically
  11. and Subs completely changed modern naval warfare as well so by that logic.........the combination of CVs and Subs eliminated the BB/BC class all together.... Understand you think I am advocating Subs in game... I am not... but you guys are clearly demeaning their role to support a bad argument... lol Just say too op, wont work etc etc.. kinda like they should have said for CVs lol
  12. about as many times as Carriers were in fleet actions against ships shooting at them while launching planes....and yet.... carriers are in game against gun shooting surface ships... lol
  13. hey you chose to lump in the death squads all into one amalgamous unit.. I get to do the same with all the Commissars and everything Stalin ordered to have done to his own people...understand though the Germans did not have labor camps set up for their own people until 1956 who were pows just sayin
  14. funny thing is I am not really excited by the possibility of subs... but the fact that in all the battles in naval history only 1 had carriers launching planes while being shelled...and that those who do not wants subs in this game cant see the hypocrisy of Cvs in that same argument lol
  15. The Secret Betrayal by Nikolai Tolstoy Stalin: Breaker of Nations by Robert Conquest Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy by Col.-Gen. Dmitri Volkogonov lol Look up Stalin's Order 270 this is just a clip.... International law states that military captivity is not a crime, "a prisoner of war must be as inviolable as the sovereignty of a people, and as sacred as a misfortune." This is for others, whereas for us there was a different law -- Stalin's Order No. 270. If ... "instead of organizing resistance to the enemy, some Red Army men prefer to surrender, they shall be destroyed by all possible means, both ground-based and from the air, whereas the families of the Red Army men who have been taken prisoner shall be deprived of the state allowance [that is, rations] and relief." The commanders and political officers ... "who surrender to the enemy shall be considered malicious deserters, whose families are liable to be arrested [just] as the families of deserters who have violated the oath and betrayed their Motherland." Instead of accusing someone of a history channel education.. try actually educating yourself... Stalin's crimes against his own people were as bad or worse than what the Germans ever did... which was also a horrid atrocity... the Difference is that the Victors write the history books..