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  1. soltic

    How to Cit a Yamato

    I didn't know about this until I watched the stream this morning. I watched him cit various battleships and cruisers thru the funnel with hindenburg and then do the same with elbing to cruisers. I'll have to try this myself tonight.
  2. soltic

    Steel Ship

    there is a new steel ship on its way soon. maybe wait a bit
  3. soltic

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Loved the Ren and Stimpy lyrics hidden in the review.
  4. Pommern was in a crate around when it came out along with missions to grant a special perma-camo. I think they may be doing something similar with the Marco Polo.
  5. It really just plays exactly like you would with Mogami except a little tougher and sometimes smoke.
  6. soltic

    Georgia vs Pommern

    My best advice is to watch youtube vids of both and see which looks the most fun to play for your own play style. They both have good secondaries.
  7. soltic

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    well the regular Kongo includes games using stock parts where the arp kongo has all of the top researched parts.
  8. soltic

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    How do you figure comparing the Hill to Oklahoma? The only tier 5 DDs that beat out the Hill in actual performance stats are the ones that were taken out of rotation for being too overpowered.
  9. Did a check myself and i was able to duplicate several times during one battle with my pommern. Ill send in the 3 replays I have tomorrow along with the bug report. I use the cntr-x to set my guns to a direction so I can target my torps without messing up my later aim. Not something I normally do unless I am in my german BBs.
  10. soltic

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    "Only one skill set corresponding to a class of ship is active at one time. " Well does this mean Graf Zepplin is going to be even worse than before? Can use either carrier skills or battleship skills, not both?
  11. soltic

    Bots in Randoms = No

    According to the website, if newbies wait too long for a match they can be placed into the general queue. If you are getting bots then there are either not enough vents to play with at the low tiers and or the newbies are not waiting long enough in the sandbox(newbie) queue.
  12. soltic

    Bots in Randoms = No

    The Matchmaker for Newcomers World of Warships has a special queue for novice players entering battle—a so-called Sandbox. When playing ships of Tier I–IV, newcomers are put into a special queue that excludes players who have fought more than 70 battles. If a player's waiting time in the queue exceeds 60 seconds, and the matchmaker has at least one enemy of a suitable ship type and tier, a battle will be assembled. If necessary, the teams can be complemented with bot ships. If the matchmaker fails to assemble a battle after the player has spent more than 60 seconds waiting in the queue, the player is placed in the general queue without leaving the sandbox queue. Players from the same Division can be placed in the queue for newcomers only if all the players meet the requirements specified above. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-guides/matchmaking-the-basics-making-teams/
  13. soltic

    Bots in Randoms = No

    You get bots at the lower tiers to keep vets away from the newbies. Newbies fight only newbies at the low tiers. Vets get bots if not enough vets are on to fight with you in the lower tiers.
  14. soltic

    3rd Pommern game

    IFHE is for the 105s.