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  1. No they aren't done nerfing it yet :^)
  2. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    NC/Massachusetts/Alabama citadelable when bow on

    I thought this was common knowledge? Ive gotten citadels on USN BBs that were bow on pretty regularly. TBH its happens so much i just assumed its normal that's how us BBs are lol Now i cant say Ive been citadeld through the nose by anything other than a yamato when im driving my Alabama or Massy but Ive definitely done it in even a Roma before
  3. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Shop is updated New whale mision

    Its a personal mission chain Stage one is earn 219 ribbons: 400 steel Stage two is 2019 base XP: 400 steel Stage 3 is 20019 XP: 400 steel Stage 4 is cause 200019: damage 400 steel Stage 5 is Earn 2000019 credits: 400 steel Then you get 19 steel for finishing it
  4. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    Ive seen too many people ask a question when the answer is literally one post above. just had to make sure ;)
  5. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    Pretty sure it just was confirmed 3 posts above yours by Radar_X
  6. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Weird Price Change Message

    Yeah its been doing it to me even though the price doesn't change. only thing i can figure is I was looking at the item in the launcher and then when to the site from there.
  7. hmm out of the 24 crates I got 2: 35k free xp 7: 14 days of premium (gee thanks only have 1500 days now) 10: 20 shadow lurker camos 4: 10 type 59 camos 1: 1250 doubloons So a total rip off basically
  8. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin


    Would of bought it if it included the Zeppelin since its the only ship i don't have but not worth it this year
  9. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Paying real $$to fly XP signal flags

    well It only charges you if you have none of those flags to mount. prior to the change when you ran out you simply couldn't use the flags till you earned more, this lets you still mount them when you run out.
  10. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin


    Was hoping for the impossible chance id get a Zeppelin lol I got 30k coal, doubloons, and the other 11 were camo and flags. was hoping I'd get some steel tbh
  11. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    It also doesn't help that compared to what the Duke of York WAS before it got a heal, it is garbage, you better off getting the KGV
  12. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Thank you WG :)

    And all I got was 50 Worthless restless fires >.> Congrats though
  13. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    CV Rework PSA

    Dunno I like it so far, so far looks like deciding factor will be which CV can aim better and do more damage. I'm waiting to see exactly how fighter work. If they just defend the bombers from Float planes for if you can send them after bombers after calling them in.
  14. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Who have you seen in game

    Yeah saw Lert in Jean Bart and Kombat_W0MBAT in Alaska. I was the horrible Enterprise in Lerts team. I think you were the Alaska I torpedoed lol
  15. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    RN CVs closer than we think?

    Gib me Unicorn and Illustrious