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  1. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Still waiting on Graf Zeppelin to get better WG

    Yeah every game played in her increases depression a little bit more.
  2. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    CV Summary, my final thread on CVs

    I'm pretty sure they are only including randoms, they said in that CC CV video their charts are only random battles. I don't think they really care about PvE.
  3. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Glad WG achieved their goal with this AA change

    There no adapting to a magical damage bubble that melts planes. Unless you are top tier (and even then I had a game where I ended up deplaned halfway through) the AA makes the losses you take unsustainable. The pathetic damage CVs do now on top of the plane losses make them not worth playing. As a example. You make one attack run with 12 planes, 3 in a attack run and lose the rest of the squad. And even if you only lose one wave of a squad you'll probably lose the squad that attacked so that leaves you with half the squad shot down. That's over 6 minutes to get those planes back that you lost in less than 30 seconds. And you only have 20 of those planes in the deck so now you have 14 planes after the first run, attack again and same thing happens. So by the second attack you only have 8 planes and if your dumb enough to try a attack run a 3rd time you'll probably have less than 4 planes and essentially be combat ineffective with that plane type, we can use torp bomber for this example. So the hardest planes to kill, if your losing torp planes like I described then rocket planes and DB planes will die even easier so even more loses for one attack run. So anyway I guess CVs will just get shelved until WG makes them usable again. Because as of right now the effort you need to get a 100k game isn't worth playing (compared to just sitting back in a BB and left clicking on things) and it's definitely not worth my time to fly around in circles spotting for my team when they won't attack what I'm spotting besides the fact I get nothing out of it. I've already watched them turn tail and run a few matches. Real fun when you can't do anything but spot ships and watch you team run in the other direction and then get you killed since they completely abandoned the flank you were on trying to help them the whole time.
  4. Now we don't have to worry about them pesky CVs ruining all those Island humpers fun. Keep up the good work WG, looking forward to the NTC
  5. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Well I jumped in Graf Zeppelin to see if my thoughts were correct and see exactly how much this destroyed her and was not disappointed. Tier 10 match and in less than 10 minutes I was down to 1 rocket plane, 2 torpedo planes and 4 dive bomber planes that all died after I took the screenshot on the way to the ship I attacked. I don't think I've ever been deplaned in her before. So good job on further ruining her. your crappy torp damage buff didn't do anything since i lose my entire squadron on the attack run and then the rest as they try to fly away. Guess I'm done with CVs for a while.
  6. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Wait, so they will nerf premiums?

    Does DoY actually have better AP auto bounce angles? I only remember her having them when she was the better version with no heal that everyone cried about. I was under the impression she lost them when they neutered her into a "real" battleship everyone wanted.
  7. Nice on Ark Royal swordfish, now can Graf get her Stukas back?
  8. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    While we are at it... what tiers would be for IJN Haruna, Nachi and Tone?

    WG basically forced them to refund it from everyone who bought it and then removed it. I dont know how long they even got it, besides it was never anything special. The version they sold was just the ship with 7 catapult fighters. https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/13727-ijn-tone-stats-and-basic-gamplay-review/
  9. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    While we are at it... what tiers would be for IJN Haruna, Nachi and Tone?

    I remember the last Update they did with Tone before it was pulled was giving it the CV flight modules so she could switch to the RTS CV controls and launch either DBs or Torp bombers. I think it was only 1 or 2 squads but it made her Unique and i was really hoping shed make it to live but then the Chinese server sold her and WG pulled it and removed her from the files. with the reworked CV i hope they can bring her back and let her launch squads. it'd be a cool gimmick. and yes iI know she didn't have actual attack aircraft in real life but its a game, who cares.
  10. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Graf Zeppelin “Buff”

    I mean considering you didn't even get charged for DB planes, that tells you how bad they are and they made them even worse. Its sad I could already hit 100k in half the time in Enterprise compared to Zeppelin but now its even worse.
  11. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    An investigation into the new Graf Zeppelin Dive bombers

    lmbo with the stukas she doesn't get.
  12. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    Well RIP Zeppelin when this gets fixed lmbo Its literally gonna be the most worthless POS when this gets fixed. Its only gonna be somewhat decent kicking tier 6 ships around. So sad what WG has done to her
  13. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin


    Yeah shes pretty gimped now, There is no buff with these changes. You get nerfed planes that barley fly faster than all the other Cvs did re speed nerf and a slightly smaller drop pattern that still doesn't help since the drop angles screws up dropping on BBs and the extra pen actually makes you over pen cruisers more. Id say probably shes the worse tier 8 prem CV and worst altogether besides maybe Shokaku and i think that's what the stats show as well. The attack run angles make dropping on tier 10 BBs even harder. The only thing i noticed it does let you do is drop some side cits on cruisers (if the bombs hit) and tier 6 BBs (Queen Elizabeth lol) but with only 2 bombs make it either miss, hit but no cit because of the angled drop, or ricochet. They need to change it so its just 2 attack runs of 4 on both rockets and DBs. Id even go as far to say with the absolute horrid alpha to change the Torp bombers to a 4x2 as well and lose the 9th bomber in the squad since its 3x3 now. At least it'd make it somewhat close to the alpha output of Enty on DBS and potentially around 1k more on torps if all 4 hit. The rockets well.... at least 4 would atleast have the chance to fire their rockets before evaporating... maybe?
  14. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    So How Many CV's have ranked out!

    Nah I hit 10 but even doing 150k plus i cant keep these teams from getting wiped out. Its like they purposely go out of their way to get killed
  15. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin


    Well made it to rank 10 again and as with last time my team suddenly don't have two brain cells left to rub together. Lost the last 5 so I'm done for now. Shame I need to make it to rank 7 to get enough steel for Stalingrad but the absolute stupidly of the teams are a joke right now. Only good thing is as a CV I almost always get to keep my star but im not playing 25 matches to move up one rank