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  1. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    Good it takes way to long to get coal, i just got enough for Smolensk I don't need another one
  2. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Why doesn't the biggest CC in the game get his own captain??

    Level Cap is/was a Battlefield youtuber, he almost only put out battlefield 3 videos when i really watched his content, i believe he's branched out more and i seem to recall in his first WoWS videos him saying something about WG reaching out to him or something and giving him a press account to try the game. Probably why nobody here has heard of him.
  3. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Any word on a 2019 Armada pack?

    Unfortunately in my opinion the Armada bundle isn't worth it anymore since WG cut the "pulled" premiums only the first and maybe the second time was worth it.
  4. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Italian premium crate heads up

    I actually decided to waste money and buy 25 crates, I haven't bought crates since the Russian BBs. I think we've had a few crates since then but it seems RNG smiled on me this time and I pulled all the missions, though I'm not sure how many crates it took as I opened all of them at once Then i used the tokens to pull the Genova on the 6th try. I think I'll use the rest of the tokens for a Camo. But these crates can definitely be good or absolute garbage you can pull every mission in 10 crates of have 50 crates and still be missing a mission or two (or even not get one) So i would never recommend them to anyone.
  5. My monitor only makes 60 FPS but its a 4k one. I would however just like to actually be able to get steady 60 FPS when i play this game. I cant actually play it at max because it jumps FPS so bad. I manage every other game including [edited] at max graphics and keep 60 fps or more but this game cant seem to do it. i really wish they'd work on game optimization, because IMO its pretty bad from my experience
  6. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    So Mass is on tech tree now come patch?

    They have a new coupon specifically for Dublin ships in the armory as he said.
  7. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    This is not OK...

    Thats not ok but a light cruiser sitting behind a island farming150k plus is or a BB deleting a cruiser in one salvo is lmbo Flambass wouldn't be happy if a single ship shot all but one plane down and got hit s 1k damage.
  8. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Test server PSA

    I would hope this isn't "fixed" as there isn't anythinh to fix. If I reset my line and then free XP it again and rest it again, potentially spending money to this, I better get the research points for all 3 time's when I play my next game in the ship.
  9. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Still waiting on Graf Zeppelin to get better WG

    Yeah every game played in her increases depression a little bit more.
  10. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    CV Summary, my final thread on CVs

    I'm pretty sure they are only including randoms, they said in that CC CV video their charts are only random battles. I don't think they really care about PvE.
  11. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Glad WG achieved their goal with this AA change

    There no adapting to a magical damage bubble that melts planes. Unless you are top tier (and even then I had a game where I ended up deplaned halfway through) the AA makes the losses you take unsustainable. The pathetic damage CVs do now on top of the plane losses make them not worth playing. As a example. You make one attack run with 12 planes, 3 in a attack run and lose the rest of the squad. And even if you only lose one wave of a squad you'll probably lose the squad that attacked so that leaves you with half the squad shot down. That's over 6 minutes to get those planes back that you lost in less than 30 seconds. And you only have 20 of those planes in the deck so now you have 14 planes after the first run, attack again and same thing happens. So by the second attack you only have 8 planes and if your dumb enough to try a attack run a 3rd time you'll probably have less than 4 planes and essentially be combat ineffective with that plane type, we can use torp bomber for this example. So the hardest planes to kill, if your losing torp planes like I described then rocket planes and DB planes will die even easier so even more loses for one attack run. So anyway I guess CVs will just get shelved until WG makes them usable again. Because as of right now the effort you need to get a 100k game isn't worth playing (compared to just sitting back in a BB and left clicking on things) and it's definitely not worth my time to fly around in circles spotting for my team when they won't attack what I'm spotting besides the fact I get nothing out of it. I've already watched them turn tail and run a few matches. Real fun when you can't do anything but spot ships and watch you team run in the other direction and then get you killed since they completely abandoned the flank you were on trying to help them the whole time.
  12. Now we don't have to worry about them pesky CVs ruining all those Island humpers fun. Keep up the good work WG, looking forward to the NTC
  13. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Well I jumped in Graf Zeppelin to see if my thoughts were correct and see exactly how much this destroyed her and was not disappointed. Tier 10 match and in less than 10 minutes I was down to 1 rocket plane, 2 torpedo planes and 4 dive bomber planes that all died after I took the screenshot on the way to the ship I attacked. I don't think I've ever been deplaned in her before. So good job on further ruining her. your crappy torp damage buff didn't do anything since i lose my entire squadron on the attack run and then the rest as they try to fly away. Guess I'm done with CVs for a while.
  14. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    Wait, so they will nerf premiums?

    Does DoY actually have better AP auto bounce angles? I only remember her having them when she was the better version with no heal that everyone cried about. I was under the impression she lost them when they neutered her into a "real" battleship everyone wanted.
  15. Carrier_Graf_Zeppelin

    While we are at it... what tiers would be for IJN Haruna, Nachi and Tone?

    WG basically forced them to refund it from everyone who bought it and then removed it. I dont know how long they even got it, besides it was never anything special. The version they sold was just the ship with 7 catapult fighters. https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/13727-ijn-tone-stats-and-basic-gamplay-review/