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  1. blackstarraven

    Do you want the old CV RTS system back.

    A no BB option is all we need. Less crying in rounds then.
  2. blackstarraven

    Another ship setting sail...

    Great now I can stop calling her a paid shill. Still mostly wrecked her credibility with the player base.
  3. blackstarraven

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    Oh no.. I think your lying.
  4. blackstarraven

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    I mean, your the one complaining you can't land torps kids.
  5. blackstarraven

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    You want some replays of the AI-sucking at dodging torps soy boi? Lets me clear, WG is basically the most incompetent company I have seen make a good game. That doesn't' invalidate the point that your clearly just a potato that needs to learn to aim. So my only real take on the whole thing is that maybe your not a terrible play? And your just a liar crybaby? Either seams pretty likely.
  6. blackstarraven

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    After playing a bit today. I've averaged 2 torpedo hits per round in co-op... And mind you. I'm NOT in a Destroyer, that's mostly in Cruisers. And I normally don't get suicide torpedoed in return. Yes the AI is good at dodging torps. No it's not perfect. And no they are not detecting them when they should not be. You just seam to suck at torping ships. ______ Sailing 8km from a AI enemy cruiser, fire torpes.. sails strait as a arrow eats 3 dies... Yep bots are clearly to good at dodging torps..
  7. blackstarraven

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    Also a matter of perspective. Never had the issue, never seen the issue. So as far as I can tell, your making it up or seing something as a explint that actually just random change. If what you are saying is true, then open water dodging would be impossible. And I can 100% Tell you it's not.
  8. blackstarraven

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    Ya there good at dodging torpedoes. Cry me a river I land single hits at 5-8km all the time. I land multiple at less then that. This has not changed, your crying that they have made the bots to hard. they have always been good at doding torpedoes. Moron. If your having trouble in Coop. Maybe uninstall and go play candy crush grandma.
  9. blackstarraven

    5 most played ships in co-op

    Lightning. 67. St. Louis. 64. Clemson. 61. Shiratsuyu. 60. Mahan. 55.
  10. blackstarraven

    I will not be buying premium anymore

    Why? It's boring as [edited].
  11. blackstarraven

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    And? We are still winning 95% of the rounds. And I get missed all the time.. Maybe learn to dodge?
  12. The simple answer is no. She was for about 20 years one of the most powerful ships in the world. But she was likely never really the most powerful. In that there was no other ship that would match her in a fight. It would be like taking 1 or four race cars that have won 25% for the races the four have been in and calling it "The best race car in the world." No it's one of the best race cars in the world. But "The best" Basically calls it better then everything else.
  13. blackstarraven

    0.8.11 & Dockyard-Getting the most

    "I can't afford to grind out the Porto Rico, I have a job." -WarGaming.
  14. blackstarraven

    Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

    Sorry we can't afford to give to cherity, we purchased the Porto Rico and are all broke.
  15. blackstarraven

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    While your idea sounds good, even noble. It's also misguided. To put it simply with out the "Tantrum" WG wont do anything. They wont even be concerned. So the answer is a Tantrum AND Constructive ideas on how to fix the problem.... Answers. #1: Refund all the Doubloons spend on the PR boosters for people who have not gotten the ship yet. -If this is not done I can 100% Tell you that WG will have a class action lawsuit files against them. And they will likely be slapped silly by consumer protection in the EU. #2: Lower the total cost of actually buying the ship with money. $300 is insulting... #3: Make it actually achievable to get the ship for free in some way. (Be cause it is literally mathematically impossible for free) -I would suggest expanding the time you can get the thing done in... To about a year.. At the very least. Maybe just no timer. #4: Apologize. -This most likely wont happen. Because it would mean admitting they where wrong. Also as a side note. -JIngels and Flamu should sue WG also.