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  1. Montana Over-buffed?

    Ok you raise a point (heh) but before the buff she was bottom of the food chain. now she is competitive with the other battleships and is standard now when it comes to survivability, she was food for the Yamato before all the other ships were introduced. Kurfurst, Conqueror, the new France class tier 10, she wouldn't be able to duel with any of these newer ships without being ripped to shreds if she had that cit that would be sitting above the waterline, she needs those back guns to be able to keep up with the Dps of the other ships and her accuracy needs to remain as she is actually needs that to stay competitive with her biggest rival right now, the Kurfurst. another thing i wanna bring up is the killing power of every ship at tier 10 before the buff she had statistically the lowest survivability of tier 10 (i dont remember the number.) but now she can stay alive much longer and be less punishing on mistakes. as for the whole death striking a cruiser at 15 km's...? that would be the cruisers fault for going broadside and thinking he'd be ok todo so without being punished. pretty much standard for that tier again. before you say that i dont even play one, i know i dont, i just pay attention to whats going on and how the meta of the game changes also forgot to point out that they are called super battleships for a reason
  2. how to yamato?

    got my yamato today, i know she playes nothing like my kurfurst. so any tips or tricks i should know of?
  3. how to yamato?

    Thanks guys, yall are really helpful, i have a better understanding of how to play the yam. ^new desktop background^
  4. sorry for potato pic anyways, smacked a Monty at the start for 80k dmg and went on to kill 3 destroyers and a Zao (got denied the Monty kill) Got called a hacker by the other team. The Kurfurst is bay and is just getting out of hand for me. is it the great guns?? is it the great armor?? Ever since i got the London monitor its just been a wild ride in this ship. The ability to do damage is obliteratingly high and the ship gets more and more fun by the day. "A known war criminal has been sighted. Kurfew is in effect. Citizens of London, return to your homes." "Forwards onto Ragnarok." What are your fav ships so far that just seal club for you?
  5. New to warships, which vessel?

    SIR i will have you know i started battleships and now i play cruiser and destroyers too thanks to doing so because i learned alot from playing battleships. i will agree with you that alot of the battleship player base are window cleaners but theirs no denying that a guy cant learn a thing or two from the class, from mastering the class i know now how to exploit the weaknesses of the class and there's nothing saying that others cant do the same.
  6. Cheating

    mah man, being called a cheater in this game is the greatest show of skill that you can have. it means you did something that got some one els real salty. so just enjoy the spotlight. for Poseidon smiles upon your guns this day.
  7. if a BB is picking off a DD at 14km's, there are a few things that are probably happening 1.) The DD wasnt paying attention and thought he could use his main guns and fire on some low Hp DD or a cruiser and thought he could win that engagement and go back into stealth freely without punishment. 2.) a sonar/hydro cruiser picked him out of his smoke and he was sitting still or (me most of a the time) 3.) A Kurfurst bull rushed a smoke cloud, pop'd hydro at 5kms, Dodged all the torps and punished the DD's who thought they were safe sitting still. seriously, sitting still in this game is a death wish and people still dont understand that. the meta and play style is changing for every class with every update.
  8. I am NOT a battleship player.

    mahaps the kufurst is not your style id post my stats but i dont know anyway i can ANYWAYS the kurfew enforcer/London monitor is great ship, most unique battleship of his tier and very situational. DD's fear this ship thanks to the 6km hydro and 12km secondary's. the guns have great accuracy (put enough shells in the air and yer bound to hit something) i have a semi primary and secondary build on it, the 420's fire every 28 seconds for me and get massive citadels almost every volley and racking out 50 hits a match even more sometimes. its all about timing in the ship, when to push when to pull back and what not. takes a little more thought then other ships to play if you can force other ships to brawl with you, its game over for them and dont worry bout raming, ive had a mighty mo ram me and i still came out on top. Edit: i could offer to play with you and help you learn the ship. up to you man
  9. welcome to DD's, its definitely a different world of game play (heh)
  10. My First Tier 10

    i remember when i got my first tier 10 the GK, hell of a ship, bout perm camo for it, sitting on a 70% wr with it, its one of the most fun ships ive ever played
  11. we will remember

    on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, a nation stands still, not out of fear, not out of anger but to remember to remember those who died, on the field of honor. to remember is to cherish those whos names had been giving to keep our freedom and to honour those who are still with us. In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields. we remember
  12. Best T10 BB?

    thanks man, that made my day, pretty sick right now with a cold from he!! and have been down all day, kurfew is bay to me so thanks for the laugh
  13. Your Best and Your Worst Purchase

    BEST: the kurfiew, yes i know, but the kurfiew is a god oamong ships for me, 11,9km secondary, 28 second reload on the 420mm's and a 105k HP on the ship. i mean whats not to love Worst: the lolorado, good god im thankful ill never have to play that ship again
  14. im having difficulty in my GK when it comes to fighting other tier 10 battleships, monty in particular, yamato is so-so to fight, even in one on one with secondary's blazing, it seems that i cant to any damage to them unless they are flat as can be or im hitting the superstructure yet they can pen me at any angle, any tips on how to fight them other then completely avoiding them or ramming them?
  15. everybody i talk to says its a great ship.... i have yet to see its be that way. the constant tear 8/9 fights, the paper thin citadel armor, the none-existentnt AA cover, a turtle can move faster then the ship... i dont understand it, how can the nagato be called a good battleship when it is missing all the parts of being called a "good" battleship. i mean i really want to think that its a good ship. somebody want to tell me what im doing wrong here?
  16. the only battleships that are afraid to get their paint scratched are yamato drivers...... dont ever expect them to be within 10km's of a cap circle
  17. So much for "Bow on"......

    take it from me, ive played enough of the iowa to figure out how it works, its not a noob friendly ship trust me like every one said never go bow on BUT (im on my chrome book right now so i cant post any pics for ex so forgive me) play angled like everyone says BUT ive figured out the best angle when you are fighting one on one (the nose of every ship has two angles, iowa is no exemption, she has two angles on her nose to the citadel rooms/hit box, when fighting another ship, izumo for ex, she is a heck of a angle ship. place a iowa in slug fest with her. think of the front of the bow as an arrow, /\ <---- like this, yah following? good. now turn the left/right (depending on witch way you are wanting to go on the man(remember positioning is key and your team is important to you, support in a role the iowa takes very seriously dont worry about brawling or getting too close to another ship, thats the der grobs job)) side of the arrow to make a straight line at the izumo like this |\ <------ this way you are angled to wards the izumo, now also remember you are not INVINCIBLE like alot of other brainless idiots when they get their first tier 9 battleship. remeber when i said positioning is key? the strongest ship in the game, the groser kufurst (kurfiew enforcer as i like to call him), if a kurfurst is caught out of position he can kiss his happy 105k hp gone, even to a tier 8 ship (seen it happen and its painful to watch). keep an eye on you opponent, keep track of his movement, make adjustments as time goes on, you are not a potato, dont sit in the water, keep moving, every shell you avoid, every shell you bounce, adds on more to the time you have alive in that ship. play smart, battleship is not a brainless class, ( i hope you already knew this getting to tier 9) im no expert on battleships. ive just learned this as time goes on, hope every thing i said can help. EDIT: i forgot to talk about group fights sorry, in a group fight, pick your target carefully, is he the one doing the most dmg? is he the most armored one? pick em an reap em. dont go charging in too, thats a death wish, the iowa is a big target, also remember that. she will be the first target of the grope unless their is a Yamato,Kurfurst or Monty next to you. again play smart and always be making corrections and learn from your mistakes.
  18. only 48 secondary hits in a bismarck... MAN you need to get deeper into the brawl, those secondary hits should be atleest 150+
  19. it is good day to be giant man also, after 30 battles i am in love with the kurfew enforcer
  20. Did you carry? (Carry Equation)

    ehhhhh its kinda easy to get to the top of the score bord,eh all yah gotta do is make a few good choices, watch your positioning and be paying attention to the game and how the battle shifts. every match is different. a list of things that i watch for in a match how many destroyers, battleships and cruiser's are there and how is the ratio? who is driving the most deadly ship and what ship is it? where my team is steaming off to where the first destroyer sightings are what is top tier and what is bottom tier is a battleship firing HE or AP lemming or no lemming do i need to pull back? can i push? is my team behind me? is somebody shooting at me? how many British, American or Russian cruiser's compose the cruiser lineup on the other team. what are the battleships. is their a Shimakaze on the other team? (tier 10) am i reloaded? just a few of the things i ask. normally works to a degree. every battle/match is dynamic, always a different line of ships.
  21. What Ship Do You Love to Play?

    the gober kurfurst, one of the 3 lords of steel and the lord of the Atlantic, he brings his mighty 420mm hammers down uppon any foe that stands before him, i find him often fighting with his brothers but he is no small foe, he dosent hit very often but as soon as he does, its devastating... fav ship for me