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  1. dude, the Italians had somthing like 200 different cruiser classes... no 2 cruisers were the same, in all reality, you guys could give the Italians 3-4 different cruiser lines, i look forward to seeing the possibility's, especially the heavy cruisers, the fast battleships and the pocket battleships, afterall german ships were based off of the Italians ships
  2. LordSiege

    The Wallpapers of #AniMay

    these.... are glorious
  3. sweet game top of the list and got my legendary mod all at the same time
  4. i take the hits, i dodge the torpedos, i throw out the shells and sink ships and it all go's down hill to shogun last stand mode, always i wonder some times, i love the Yamato but mine is cursed to always be way below average in wins it seems anyways hows yalls days been
  5. sigh.... ok im at a loss here... literally the yamato the big yam battleship hunter the samurai of the north whatever yah wanna call it, it a glorious ship, the guns are accurate like the shells are lazier guided and the armor.... oh lord the armor is glorious, just angle and boom nothing gonna pen you and when it comes to torpedoes, its funny anyways thats not the point the point im getten here is, this ship cannot physically win for me, as great as i do, these teams oh lord ive seen lemmings do better, this may look like another "oh teams are crap herderder" post WITCH IT IS but i seriously have a valid reason look at that win rate seriously. Like it boggles my mind how teams could be this bad (ive seen lemmings do better) , if you look where my mouse is highlighted you'll see my G. kurfurst 59% wr 144 battles now im not saying im an extremely good player but i do know what im doing when it comes to battleships and i understand the roll the Yamato is supposed to play in a fight notice the average damage is pretty low for a yam right? yeah i know too tho it IS climbing at about 500-1k a match im at a serious loss on what to do, i can win fights easily, i cant win all the fights for the team