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  1. world of warships is by far the best "world of" game out of the 3. i tried going back to world of tanks and good god is it bad, the in game economy is trash with no Gaines in both xp and silver and the player base is even salty'er then league of legends world of warplanes doesn't even have a player base, they have half of the economy right but you'd be a fool if you think you are gonna make credits. here the economy is perfected and the player base is really helpful with having actual sailors in the player base along side historical experts sprinkled everywhere so things are always being corrected. And the forums are legendary compared to the others. so props to the WOWS sides of war gaming, you guys know how to make one hell of a game.
  2. you say that yet you only have 159 battles, come back when you have at lest 2 thousand then ask that question again
  3. Different Sizes of Main Battery

    i would say somthing along the lines of different calibers and velocity being heavily different on different guns throwing off calculations in game but im not so sure on the matter as i dont know a whole lot about navel artillery and ammo variations in the diffrence like between a 50.16" gun and a 45.14" gun
  4. shot before being detected

    Murphy's law number 32 and artillery regiment law number 9: Tracers work both ways
  5. 278k dmg 60k more then my last one glory to the London monitor! also potato pic sorry.
  6. i love the ship i really do, but every match i play, theres a torpedo wall heading straight for me.... its getting to the point where i cant even go anywhere on the map without being hit by a 15+ wall of torpedo's or even pan Asian torpedo wall's trust me i know the wasd "hacks" but 20 plus torpedo's ontop of flooding damage is insane and makes the ship almost impossible to play and ive tried every trick in the book to try and midigate the chance of getting torpedos to hit my brodside any one have any ideas? because im all ears. im bordering on selling the yamato here
  7. Times When SALT is Justified?

    when you get hit by pan Asian torpedo's in a yamato
  8. raise a glass to this man, he knows whats up
  9. April Fools Event Leaked

    im.... just gonna go stand in the corner of shame now.....
  10. April Fools Event Leaked

    YOOOOO i want this a perm skin.... id buy it in a heart beat but really?? all destroyer..... thats the best name for it... why not Größeres Deutschland (greater germany) as a name
  11. Montana Over-buffed?

    Ok you raise a point (heh) but before the buff she was bottom of the food chain. now she is competitive with the other battleships and is standard now when it comes to survivability, she was food for the Yamato before all the other ships were introduced. Kurfurst, Conqueror, the new France class tier 10, she wouldn't be able to duel with any of these newer ships without being ripped to shreds if she had that cit that would be sitting above the waterline, she needs those back guns to be able to keep up with the Dps of the other ships and her accuracy needs to remain as she is actually needs that to stay competitive with her biggest rival right now, the Kurfurst. another thing i wanna bring up is the killing power of every ship at tier 10 before the buff she had statistically the lowest survivability of tier 10 (i dont remember the number.) but now she can stay alive much longer and be less punishing on mistakes. as for the whole death striking a cruiser at 15 km's...? that would be the cruisers fault for going broadside and thinking he'd be ok todo so without being punished. pretty much standard for that tier again. before you say that i dont even play one, i know i dont, i just pay attention to whats going on and how the meta of the game changes also forgot to point out that they are called super battleships for a reason
  12. how to yamato?

    Thanks guys, yall are really helpful, i have a better understanding of how to play the yam. ^new desktop background^