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  1. I havent seen one from going on 6 months now
  2. He has dual citizenship, he should be in both
  3. I know right, its got crappy guns and is light on torps... I guess are supposed to harass the enemy with harsh language. Wait... that is against the EULA... lol
  4. Unfortunately they seem to be missing the "fix broken stuff" and "make new map" departments... I think that is the gist of his post...
  5. 100-200 mostly for premium ship/time and crates for gifts for my mate who is a cheap bastard.
  6. Did the devs say this? This seems an odd reason for thier choice given that the Soviets hate all things Deutschland. Why celebrate a bomb?
  7. You can also right click on them in the team list and there is an option to remove them from the division.
  8. This is because it is game balance parameter, not a physical construct. They have a host of battle parameters that they arrange to give a ship certain qualities. These parameters are adjusted according to the way WG wants you to play.
  9. Does Amagi get hit a lot with torps? I would guess it isn't the most nimble of ships. WG will adjust the torp protection to balance the ships TTL stat with the Ave damage from torpedos.
  10. If everyone can get them, it isnt special is it.
  11. You must be new here...
  12. It is a balance parameter vs torpedo damage at tier. Nothing more.
  13. Why dont you post some replays and ask for tips? There seem to be people who feel the ship has some merit. Maybe there is something you are missing that can improve your technique.
  14. Income for WG
  15. I personally feel that giving anyone a T8 CV to play, for many, the first and only time, is a huge failure in planning. I have seen so many 0 CV battle players utterly failing in them. But, one player in that category was a rock star, so good on him. They should have to earn the CV.