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  1. _cthulhu_

    Great job with the Ovechkin "randomness" WG

    Omg get the Les Paul, the HP 2019 looks pretty nice, I would get one but, I have this snap-on gas going now...
  2. You illuminate the crux of the issue - if you choose technology, then the Iowa is inferior to the Yamato and subs and carriers and missle cruisers. My arguement is not which distinguishes itself better, but which battleship was best in its role and performed best as a battleship, not shore bombardment or missile platform. The ship that performed best in the traditional role of battleship, was the Warspite. The Warspite is the most decorated warship, probably, ever. The Royal Navy acknowledges the Warspite above the Victory.
  3. _cthulhu_

    WG. Guineas exchange rate?

    WeeGee will not give you gold for Guinness. Just reckon they will give you credits and make your decision.
  4. _cthulhu_

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    There is another factor to be considered for BB drivers in particular. The mental/emotional factor of a mistake. When you make a mistake (that the enemy exploits, you can make many with no ill effects) in a cruiser or destroyer the effect is typically swift destruction. This isn't the same for a BB, unless deleted, they last a good amount of time under fire, they listen to their ship get hammered by incoming shells, watch their slow reload tick down, try to turn to avoid torps, hear fire, see flames etc. The cacophony of a BB under fire can be almost deafening and the entire event is extremely uncomfortable and unnerving. Every good BB player has trained themselves to filter/ignore the sheer volume of noise of a BB under fire. For an average or below average, occasional player, there is a ton of negative stimuli that reinforces a specific behaviour.
  5. _cthulhu_

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    Fire / Flood starting and survival Expert Marksman / Adrenaline Rush Dont bother with concealment expert
  6. _cthulhu_

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    Tried 5 times stars - 0 0 5 3 3 All random teams, had 1 first time player in the 5 star.
  7. My apologies - whos a pretty gurl! ;-) and I never implied useless, that would be obviously incorrect.
  8. As I asked mentioned before - in order for something to be better performance wise - it would have to perform Just exactly - what did the Iowas do that the Warspite did not do better in its service life - so far - no one has offered anything other than - muh feels A relic? The Warspite was a platform utilized at the pinnacle of battleship power, then distinguished itself against technologies made 30 years after its inception - the Iowa was obsolete when it was built, the US Navy knew it was obsolete but built them anyway, just in case, which is why they scraped the last two. The question is which was best, not which would win in a fictional fight, because frankly a missile cruiser or SSN would clear the table.
  9. You are correct, I was trying say, comparable, not far from etc. I was not sure if the Warspite used super chargers, which is why I quoted both velocities.
  10. Give it to everyone
  11. I did say compared favorably AP weight 879 vs 884kg AP velocity 800m/s (supercharged 750 regular) vs 830m/s - 3 Fritz Xs were launched against both ships, the Warspite survived and the Roma didn't. The question is why was the Roma hit twice and the Warspite not. Theoretically the Warspite is an easier target being 6knts slower (max speed), maybe because the Richie was much bigger? As for types of armour vs thickness, who knows how it performs, the Iowas was never shot at to find out.
  12. Reference? The 30-06 cartridge was a derivative of the 30-03, not 8mm. I provided the reference for that.
  13. You mention the Roma, you do know that the Fritz X bomb that the Warspite survived, Sank the Roma. The Warspite compares pretty favorably to the Richie (but slower). The Warspite also had more belt Armour that the Iowas.
  14. Funny, the wiki overlooks this, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.30-06_Springfield Do you have something that supports your assertion?
  15. The Mauser action is not 8mm, the cartridge is not the same as the action, I believe you are correct about the background leading to the Springfield action being utilized (besides the Army Ordinance needing everything built in house)