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  1. Submarine Watch - Update

    If I am honest all ships guns and torps sink Subs... lulz
  2. I Love the Republique

    May the glory of Pope grace you
  3. I Love the Republique

    If you ask nice Pope probably has some replays to share, he is nice that way...
  4. Lookin' sharp there, handsome!

    I think the Warspite gives it a good run as well as the Dunk. All in all a good looking ship, no doubt.
  5. I have to say I have platooned with Capn and seen bots shoot over lower health/much closer ships to focus him. It is more nuanced than than just health. I have seen bots hold their shots to try to hit citadels. I have seen bots kick their boats into an autobounce angle to approach you. I have seen the ultra accurate bots, suddenly start shooting ridiculously far off to the side. Which is a safety setting. I have not seen it in scenarios anymore after the buff.
  6. Submarine Watch - Update

    I would like to thank everyone that has participated in this thread, it has been a very pleasant surprise at the positive turn out and discussion.
  7. Submarine Watch - Update

    Not entirely, some Soviet ships are the same era.
  8. Submarine Watch - Update

    This thread is about WG slowly introducing sub elements into the game. It is not about what subs could or could not do in real life, there are plenty of examples of WG ignoring history for gameplay sake. I feel that having subs as bots in scenarios as the most logical inclusion and use that to work out mechanics. I am not sure how they make it a playable class
  9. T61 will never come?

    Subs carrying bacon... They call them pig botes for a reason
  10. T61 will never come?

  11. Submarine Watch - Update

    I never asked, my OP was concerning the growing sub information/elements that WG trickles out. I could see a sub hunt scenario in the future
  12. Submarine Watch - Update

    What about if they were added to scenarios? Limited scope?
  13. Submarine Watch - Update

    You are approaching this problem for a gamer perspective. This is a revenue stream wrapped in a game so, decisions from WG are made by accountants.
  14. Submarine Watch - Update

    To paraphrase what I think your point is Sub weapon systems are deployed as part of a Strategic Doctrine to successfully (hopefully) prosecute a conflict. Subs (like all naval weapon systems) are utilized in both the strategic and tactical capacities.