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  1. It could be skill/learning curve, not cash
  2. No worries, good on ya mate!
  3. He is not really WoWS, he started doing FPS Call of Duty style games.
  4. Not to disparage your accomplishment, but the fact you equate playing the game to work is unsettling. It takes a lot of grinding to do that
  5. _cthulhu_

    Santa containers new rule

    They make something on the order of a 500 million a year, I seriously doubt it. What is happening is that they are being told to make X amount of profit. So, that's what they are trying to do.
  6. _cthulhu_

    headphones w/ mic - does it work?

    Voice comms in-game for div mates. Otherwise, use discord
  7. That is absolutely true, he leaves out any civil relief efforts that the USN provides.
  8. Missile arent the same as on-station support air craft, the same with ToT, on station support aircraft are faster at that. So, you admit, CVs can do something subs can't. So, they do still have a role.
  9. Subs can launch CAS aircraft now?
  10. _cthulhu_

    Jingles has Arrived

    And every destroyer is a Minakaze
  11. _cthulhu_

    1v1 Challenge!!

    Sounds like fun, I'll go 1 v 1, I'll buy the first round afterward.
  12. _cthulhu_

    Have I exhausted Tech Support's usefulness?

    You are assuming the code they wrote to support music in game is any good
  13. _cthulhu_

    Look can we just get rid of rocket fighters?

    But that is play/counter play at its core. The CV Captain using his skills to engage the DD and the DD Captain using his skills to spoil his efforts. If either makes a mistake, the other benefits.
  14. _cthulhu_

    OK Folks What Is This Symbol

    Texture missing...