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  1. They already have a sub model in game. They already have a sub captain in game. If you believe WG wont lie to you... If you believe WG wont do any and every thing to get cash... You are being foolish Yes, if WG can make $$$ subs will be in the game despite any promises or previous comments by people who do not make decisions.
  2. This game doesn't require enough skill to warrant the term unicum...
  3. Ahhh you have come to pollute WoWs too? To set matters right he instrumented the nerfing of underperforming german tank lines across the board to satisfy his fanatical need for "historical accuracy", ignoring game balance. At one point reveled in the fact that he also instrumented the historical tiger being released in the Jap tank lines, not German. It seems that you are keeping up your lackluster quality level of accuracy and posting. Just go away and stay away. You have done enough damage with you fanaticism.
  4. The launchers are made by British Leyland and the parts have to be replaced after each torp is fired
  5. Its in the Torpedo Unions contract that the sailors can only fire one at a time or they go on strike!
  6. The electrics are made by Lucas and are a bit fiddly, they actually are firing them all at once...
  7. Because of the traditional British 4 pints of lager lunch, after that, they arent up to firing all the torps at once!
  8. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/update_918_common_test/
  9. Also, the lord almighty SerB himself has said winrate is the stat they work with. Git Gud == better win rate. How is that not skill based? Even if you platoon, bads platoon and make things worse Guds platoon and make things better...
  10. It has been announced that it was implemented. People like to think these games are in a vacuum, but what Wot has WoWs has and vice versa. Since MM is part of the game engine, it has been implemented. For example, sigma was denied as a parameter for Wot even though it is seen in the code before, but well known in WoWs, it is part of the game engine, if one has it, both have it. To ignore that is to embrace ignorance.
  11. Has anyone posted the MM patent that explicitly states that as you win it starts giving you harder battles? Search WoT, that team announced it a long time ago. Now they have a crazy 3/5/7 spread in which you are mid to bottom tier 70%+ of the time (I haven't looked it up so that number is probably wrong, it's probably higher) Search for dev diaries, they discuss how MM works, like if you are in queue past certain time points it starts loosening up the rules to make battles. MM tracks your win rate, all that info is tracked, MM has access to all your stats. It seems like WoWs uses the older version of MM and doesn't do the 3/5/7 yet.
  12. How do your BBs split up when you are one of them? Stick with the other BB. It does sound like you contributed to the loss.
  13. OMG! They did a hack that is unsupportable long term. Quality coding at its best. Freaking typical. Let's not do it right, let's subvert a core mechanic, who cares if it doesn't make sense, we will fix it later, but for 99.9% of companies, later never arrives. I have been in meetings that generated this kind of b.s. They already have line of sight mechanics for aiming, they could have used that, but no, use this hack. This is just buffoon grade hacking.
  14. Sorry to necro - Pope, do you have replays you can post? I would live to get some tips
  15. I believe you are on point there