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  1. Yes the Bismarck, Scharn, Gneis would look great in the Kriegsmarine flag
  2. Considering WG thinks so poorly of the customer base they are trying to grab all they can of fools anf thier money. WoWs is already pay to win, just sell oil and go for it.
  3. OMG really?! I had no idea... yes! cash grab confirmed, now back to oil for sale
  4. But, they can't grab cash without selling oil. The Sovs are missing a great opportunity
  5. Yeppers... so if you need to pay to get one thing, why not pay for another thing...
  6. You have captured my disappointment when loading the premium shop looking to buy Oil for SIMP
  7. Just because you may or may not have the skillz to utilize the tools available, does not change the fact that it exists.
  8. It is P2W, premium camos that can only be purchased with real money The best in tier ships are premium in many tiers Now a clan structure that is gimped unless you pay Might as well add oil also. Also - as you can see - most people can recognize sarcasm...
  9. It is already pay to win - this would just seal out any doubts
  10. I hope you said D'oh while doing it