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  1. Khab...

    It's a Soviet Power Fantasy (SPF for short).
  2. Oh no! The OP Soviet power fantasy might have a contender?! Ummm.. nope Khab still has armour / speed and agility... It is funny to see sov fan bois lose it
  3. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    A year of premium
  4. With that many triangles it must be true!!
  5. Did you get the missions done?
  6. 3 losses in a row, quit for the night.
  7. Sharks vs Eagles?

    Those eagles are just playing, #1 - Notice me senpai! #2 - the woman is having a cuddle =) #3 - Yeah, sorry, I had beans for lunch
  8. Pro Tip - 3 losses in a row, quit for the day. Sorry to hear about your carp storm day
  9. You mean off the new system? I choose flags now and randomly get coal.
  10. I think that also, they over value what they have. But you know WG, a company for Soviets by Soviets... If I am honest, if you have a family of 4 and working a McDonalds, you have bigger problems than in game crates.
  11. So, coal / steel - new currancy Another way to reduce payouts First 5 flags, now 4, now less... The cheapest flags in the Arsenal - 3200 for 20 or 160 coal per flag Standard crate payout in coal - 400, that is a little over 2 flags worth of coal, of the cheapest flags offered... Thoughts / Comments
  12. I want a refund for Roma!

    That is pretty [edited] logic... Hey I will purposely put false information in my review because I want to devalue my own ranking system. Seems legit. I reckon that is what he did, no boat with these cons could be considered a good boat. Citadel sits well above the waterline. Short ranged for a tier VIII battleship at 18.1km. Her guns misbehave, with poor dispersion values, overmatch problems and overpenetration after overpenetration. Awful HE performance with low alpha strike, poor fire chance and mediocre module damage. Anti-aircraft firepower is short ranged with only modest DPS. Large turning radius, mediocre ship rotation rate I would not buy a premium with those cons.
  13. Reported and I know why this time

    Not even a little, WG implemented the system to cut people. There is no one watching and fewer of them care. You get a copy paste response and like it.
  14. It was to prove to WG Cyprus that WoWS could pull in enough players to continue as an ongoing business and not get funding cut even more.
  15. This will come into effect any time you want to fire more than a single volley... It happens more than you think. In the situations you are considering, anything reasonable for reload will work. Multiple targets moving to cover, tracking fire on an enemy ship, knife fight for a cap, not everyone is a sniping camper.