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  1. What is poi?

    Oh come on fodder, you know you want to
  2. You do not understand business. Follow the money.
  3. WG could not care less about these threads. They release ships when they want to and no thread is going to change that.
  4. Why is Hood T7

    I am confused - The Hood has turtleback armour, so does the Nagato, Gneis etc?
  5. Why is Hood T7

    Yeah, I find the AP is wonky, good against lighter ships, struggles for BBs, I normally just aim at upper armour belts and it works.
  6. Why is Hood T7

    I wonder if that is a factor in their decision, it would still Bismarck as a T6, but people have provided compelling arguments as to why it fits in T7
  7. Why is Hood T7

    Considering you know what it takes to get into SIMP, you would think that when I say my question does not regard the skill level of the user and only the stats/design of the ship, I would mean just that. My skill with regard to proper armour angling / aiming and position is irrelevant on why the Hood is T7. Now, go read all the responses and you will see how this has evolved.
  8. Why is Hood T7

    Not too be a stickler, but I can not find the 32mm armour you mention There is the citadel armour belt - 75 Armour belt - 305 Armour belt - 178 Armour belt - 127 The Warspite has - Armour Belt - 330 Armour Belt - 152 Both ships have bow and [edited] plating of 25mm. Super structure on Hood is 16mm Super Structure on Warspite is 25mm It looks like the Warspite has turtle back-ish armour with a 127mm deck It looks like the Hood has turtle back armour of 51mm Hood has a citadel deck of 76/51/38 Warspite has a cit deck of 127 Thanks
  9. Why is Hood T7

    I knew that HP was based off of displacement already, thanks for that. Others have filled in more blanks as in the degree of speed, armour in upper belt and horizontal decks etc. Thanks for this though.
  10. Why is Hood T7

    Yeah, I wasn't considering the Hood vs contemporary ships, I was looking at raw numbers and wondering what they did to fit it into T7. I guess another question is this, what makes a T7 ship T7?
  11. Why is Hood T7

    LOL yeah that too ;-)
  12. Why is Hood T7

    That is a pretty good summary that I have observed. It relies on AA and HP to get the job done. The displacement correlates to HP factor seems a little silly, but I don't make the game. You can always work with a large pool of HP as sometimes you can just outlast another boat, but really, I would reckon there is an argument for dropping it a tier. I was looking to get more info on the boat.
  13. Why is Hood T7

    Is that 32 mm armour value historical or a balancing item that WG uses? I will take a look, thanks for the info.
  14. Why is Hood T7

    It is not a matter of learning a ship my skill level in a ship is irrelevant. I am not complaining about the ship, I couldn't care less about how strong or weak it is.
  15. Why is Hood T7

    This isn't an argument about strong or weak really Just wondering the T7 choice for Hood, the HP pool / speed is the are the only things I really see as a qualifier, but the HP pool is decided by WG. I wasn't aware of horizontal armour being any more or less resistant to HE fire.