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  1. _cthulhu_

    Overview of the Economic Rework

    And the mission if I recall correctly, what about the JB Black?
  2. _cthulhu_

    Transformers are back...

    Are we talking v neck blouse and frilly skirt on a Japanese speaking Optimus?
  3. _cthulhu_

    Overview of the Economic Rework

    So, I have not been following this, what happens to my original bonus Missouri or my JB Black?
  4. _cthulhu_

    Tips for Agir in brawls?

    Don't do that...
  5. _cthulhu_

    Yuro on submarines

    Humble brag much?
  6. _cthulhu_

    Russian (CV) Bias

    You assume the devs didn't do it deliberately, but they did, a group of people sat down, discussed and designed this functionality. Like they don't know ranges for attacks and AA zones. It is completely obvious what would happen when implemented. They just need data
  7. _cthulhu_

    You CAN make credits playing the Superships

    Working as intended...
  8. _cthulhu_

    Matchmaker not being an algorithm

    You seem very ignorant of the MM If you go to a Bus Station and get on a bus with 23 other passengers, the Bus Driver doesn't know personal details of any of you. It's just a Random assortment of 24 people all interested in going to a similar place In this case the Bus Driver knows everything about you and your battle stats for short and long term, then makes you take a seat according to type and tier, sorted by what it needs and parameters like if you have been bottom tier too many times. Then kicks you off where it thinks is best. Your movie theater statement is irrelevant. Really, it's getting a bit embarrassing.
  9. _cthulhu_

    Matchmaker not being an algorithm

    I would have thought that was covered by the literal fact that they are queueing at all. But yeah, rock on!
  10. _cthulhu_

    Matchmaker not being an algorithm

    An algorithm is a process order of instructions to accomplish a particular goal. You need to deepen your understanding of the difference between programs and algorithms. So does the OP. That Randomness comes from the order in which players queue - This is the only item regarding MatchMaking that isn't controlled by the MatchMaker
  11. _cthulhu_

    Nelson Auction. What did you bid?

    Zero - 10,000 gold is way too much.
  12. _cthulhu_

    Game load times

    Hard drive would be my first guess. Older HDD have slower throughput which means slower loading. Unfortunately, to get the most out of a new SSD you will probably need a new motherboard, which typically means new processor and new RAM and at worst a new power supply. You can watch a process monitor for CPU/Memory/Disk Utilization to weed out the bottleneck.
  13. _cthulhu_

    PSA: Data collection

    If this portion is correct - Edit: If you want to delete your personal data that WG has recorded, you have to delete your account or contact WG where they will ask you more questions before they delete your account/clear your data -- This is not a provision of the GDPR. The GDPR specifies that all user data be removed upon request, not that there needs to be an account delete as well. Can you clarify this point please. Your flippant attitude is off putting to me. All user data is extremely important and everyone has a right to be EXTREMELY concerned about how companies collect, store and use our data. This point can be argued - We follow all laws just like any other business does https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2021/09/22/wargaming-is-accused-of-money-laundering/ Has this played out yet?
  14. _cthulhu_

    So about ignored users

    Hey now, you said you would take me off ignore!
  15. _cthulhu_

    Current Conflict

    I am pretty harsh on WeeGee for their business decisions, but it occurred to me that Belarus shares a border with Ukraine and that they may have friends and family in harms way. I hope they are and stay safe.