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  1. Yes, the amount of people that couldn't or wouldn't accept that using OP, unavailable ships was anti-competitive was pretty startling.
  2. _cthulhu_

    I'm becoming an Italian weeaboo

    Yeah, I lust after the 4c something awful...
  3. _cthulhu_

    I'm becoming an Italian weeaboo

    For some crazy reason I love them Alfas, but I also have experience with Italian sports cars... So, yeah, if you have one, you will know the truth of what I said
  4. _cthulhu_

    I'm becoming an Italian weeaboo

    You can try - Sports_Cars_that_look_Fantastic_but_spend_most_of_their_time_awaiting_repair_aboo - too long?
  5. _cthulhu_

    I'm becoming an Italian weeaboo

    If you get a chance to read Rommels documents/diary - he held the Italian soldiers in high esteem, the Italian Leadership - not so much
  6. This only days you do things... there is nothing but word salad. Incorrect word salad at that. This part is a conclusion - an affect to explain the natural progression/movement to a random WR% You assume a natural progression in a human behaviour and that WinRate (WR) is random. This is deeply flawed and complete bollox. But you do you.
  7. The data was never going represent anything that would be applicable to be used with Newtons laws. Your psych approach is also flawed as it is multivariate data you are trying to map to an inappropriate model.
  8. Since the deviation is so high, I harken back to my bollox comment. It means your assumptions about the system are flawed. Newton's laws are not constrained while the game aspects / mechanics are and thus Newtons Laws are not applicable. Which is the case so many people are trying to tell you.
  9. What the hell are you on about, these aren't physical systems and what you are saying is complete bollox. Getting a 60% WR is a learned set of skills, that includes how to maintain that WR despite what MM throws at you and random team mates. The psych portion is also skewed, sure they may get overconfident at times, but at least 60% of the time, they aren't.
  10. While your advice is sound, I reckon the word "invest" is incorrect in this case.
  11. I didnt say they dont keep coop and random stats separately. I said it is each battle type. Devs have said both things, by battle type and not battle type. Keep in mind, devs said no subs, wont sell T10s etc. Keep a tally and find out which is correct. It is what was done previously to demonstrate MM behaviour. If their track record holds T8s will be bottom tier about 60% of the time.
  12. Yes, it's for EACH battle type and ship tier. So, 20 standard, 20 domination, 20 x, 20 y. I was trying to point out that it isnt just all randoms combined and is quite a large number of battles for calibration that can span multiple play sessions.
  13. You are reading that wrong - After a short calibration period that will last up to 20 battles for each battle type and ship tier A battle type is normal, domination, x, y, z. Not Random/Coop. as people seem to be thinking. In that calibration time, anything goes. The calibration period gets reset at server restarts.
  14. _cthulhu_

    Georgia: To be or not to be?

    Get it for coal, it is only 6 guns but they are very comfortable to use.