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  1. The same has happen to me .I Took A long break came back and was getting same message con not connect to sever.well A clan-mate and I spent most of the day trying to go thru this.Well 1)Downloaded the new web center thing.Well not going to go thru all the avenues we went down,in short we think it has to do with handshaking on their end.It's most likely their Authentication server(this a guess) Turn on windows firewall and turned off my payed internet security firewall and it worked.Aslain's mod pack couldn't find client but renamed World_of_Warships NA file,just took off NA and it did it was playing earlier with mod pack. Now their going to do update!lol Hope they(WG) address their new web center stuff. Good luck this what got me in. P.S. Aslain's mod pack still didn't find client but said yes anyways and worked.
  2. Just pointing out if it's a times 2 bonus it should be across the board. Yes?
  3. on everything except credits.
  4. Sorry no it works some what for me as can see posting didn't see this when made my post today pretty much same thing is happen to me.Yes I use Firefox it's not working with IE either tried it.When go herehttp://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/developer-bulletin-041/
  5. ok but thought it got delayed or something I read or seen in chat or forums can't remember. Thanks, I put post in forums issue about not working with Firefox and IE.
  6. This page when go their http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/developer-bulletin-041/ I click on a story and it loops back on itself. I mean that's all i see is the tile. I use Firefox tried IE and not going to download another browser to read few pages worked before why not anymore?
  7. not going to download another browser just to read few pages works with everything else.
  8. nope same with IE and Firefox
  9. I use Firefox.I'll try IE but have not used that in yrs. lol
  10. if can can you plz copy and paste notes I just can't read anything in dev-bulletin any of it I'll go to forms issues and post it to.
  11. That's the page was talking about can't go any farther then that page guess would say even when click on one of the underline category's.I click on story it tries to do something then right back on that same page?Like a big loop.
  12. Yea where? I did search and get dev. page that's has 4.1 patch and date that's it (Aug 12 th.)Are you allowed to post here on the NA or is it just for you super testers? So we can have little piece of mind it's getting worked on.So we can have some hope. lol
  13. This is fictional game make maps lots of them. Yall can make them anyway you want. Just throw them out there, yall have the basic idea,run with it DANGNAGGIT!Stop holding back! It's really hurting your image. In WOT this hurt yall a lot also.
  14. This good rule of thumb.
  15. And Arthur you being a cbt should know that unless not reading forms.