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  1. Tyranthrax

    Yesterday night Full server

    do it you seem to like craptastic games
  2. Tyranthrax

    Yesterday night Full server

    game is full with a pitiful 12k players. . .well people still love star wars the old republic and claim its doing phenomenal.
  3. kinda ran on there in the end but this is exactly the problem. Wargaming decided it was a brilliant idea to put in ships that destroyed surface to surface naval combat forever for mankind and some how they thought this was a [edited]amazing idea to put into a ship warfare game. the reality is far worse than that, The reality is that this was a cash grab to try to recover lost funds on no one purchasing the cvs they spent time and money on making. You dumb [edited] bought it up and gobbled as much of it as possible. just so a company that screwed us over by having an amazing sale on a year subscription right before such a terrible change. The best part of watching this crapshow burn, is that the company is as pompous as the rest that have crashed and burned. I'm pretty sure the player base that is not in some craphole 3rd world nation where you have to boil drinking water that plays, looking at you asia and south america, are so categorically stupid they eat this up like it was the cure for aids and poverty. And you better not forget it that this was the best idea wargaming ever came up with or they will chat ban your [edited]faster than they steal your money. no maps in ages, more stupid mediocre garbage ships to buy thank god other games are a click away
  4. Tyranthrax

    3 days left for zeep apocalipse.

    I had them all before the cv change. I know what they are supposed to be now, ( differences or quirks, but none feel any different from the tech tree line. did I do my research? bro please I bought them specifically for their gimmicks back in the day. the resell. .for what in store currency. . please.
  5. Tyranthrax

    3 days left for zeep apocalipse.

    I've never said premium was "pay to win" if I spend that much on a digital boat that I basically don't own, just get lifetime rentals, it better feel like it was worth my money and time. I bought them for their gimmicks they had, which none of them have a discernible different feel.
  6. Tyranthrax

    3 days left for zeep apocalipse.

    they are all tier 8's
  7. they are ap, but honestly don't feel any different nor are as "OP" as the old days, I get like 3 cits a match with it.
  8. Tyranthrax

    3 days left for zeep apocalipse.

    I have all the premium cvs, was a huge fan of the rework, but honestly save your money on ANY premium cv, 2 reasons, tier 8 will be useless and frustrated most of the time since you end up in more tier 10 matches than tier 8. The biggest feeling of being ripped off though is that NOT A SINGLE premium feels. . .premium. There is nothing that feels different about a zep, or enterprise or any of them that feel like I got my money's worth. Feel free to buy whatr ever but you'll kjnow what I'm talking about once the new ship smell wears off and you are left with the same pos you been trying to grind out of.
  9. Tyranthrax

    Camping Prevention Idea

    I play tons of games and this is what I can suggest on a big picture scale. the reward has to be higher than the risk. The problem is if you push a cap or objective no one wants to be the one getting focused fired on. No one wants no support. So they school up like a school of fish waiting to see who gets shot at first. You need incentives. Caps should be worth more xp and money. closer you are the more you get. objectives should be far higher in terms of rewards, than damage. Damage tanked should be worth something. I know one game that gives points and pay for a "savior" kill. basically if the guy is shooting at one of your team mates and you kill that guy you saved him. Roles should be encouraged. One thing that has to be considered is you can't just charge in. You need bits of cover, you need to play smart, you need reasons to go there, that's what the supply lines matches are about. We have to understand the player mentality is to survive as long as possible, not get shot at and hope your team wins. Spam HE and let the fires do the work. One thing I know for certain. anything you do in a game, the playerbase will abuse the heck out of that meta or mechanic until something better comes along.
  10. Tyranthrax

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    Thanks. You would think with all the schooling i have had in my life I would have been able to comprehend this. Your explanation is FAR better than the write up on the page. I thought it was a clan battles type of thing, the "compatition" word threw me off! So if I'm understanding this correctly its goign to be similar ot the hall of fame you get points for achieving "X" stuff?
  11. Tyranthrax


    I saw where he said "scam" but I pointed out that the "underpowered" cruiser is fine. Its like the le terrible. you have to play it differently than the norm. lol speaking gamer. loosen up that ego, I assure you I'm pretty old school, I've been gaming since the 80's kid
  12. Tyranthrax

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    and if we can't do the clan battle part? Monday-Thursday: Clans complete a mission to qualify for the week’s Engagement. Friday-Sunday: Eligible clans compete against each other. I've gathered many players who are all over times they can play, I can get the most 5 on at the same time, hence why we kinda said screw it lets get the benefits but can't do clan battles
  13. Tyranthrax

    The one really broken part of the economy

    I've encountered some asian clans who have a handful of battles in some ships like under the old way had a midway in approx 88 battles from tier 1-10. I got to talking to several of them. What has happened is that when cross server stuff opened up a ton of them come to the NA server to play and stream. they pay the money to free up the xp and in turn advance. they have it down to where it looked like cheating, but its legit.
  14. Tyranthrax


    I forgot to mention I got like an extra month and a half of premium time
  15. Tyranthrax


    I paid to get this, I'm extreamly happy with it and wouldn't consider it "underpowered" I don't think you are using it right. Some ships have to be played different than the "norm"