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  1. Bellepheron

    German Carriers: Early Access

    Where does the idea of this come from. Third Reich only contemplated building two other 12,000 ton pre war carriers. I have previously loved speculative designs though..... But do Carriers encourage people to play this game?
  2. Bellepheron

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Your will to not buy it has no relevance as to my desire to show enthusiasm for my purchase. Its a free Country.
  3. Bellepheron

    Premium Ship Review: California

    I love this Ship! 19 planes down.....no torps......Just BB damage.
  4. Bellepheron

    Why Add Russian Battleships Line Now?

    I am actually looking forward to the introduction of the Russian Battleship line more than any other line currently in the game. Nothing WG has done in regard to the design of their warships has been historically inaccurate to the point of pure conjecture. The French BB line was a work of art. The in depth research and historical fidelity to actual French proposals and to what was then French state of the art weaponry was/ is pure artistry. I understand that the devs took some license but all within the above parameters. I always wondered how a Soviet Soyuv would look like under sail. That BB is as real as the Montana. It was proposed. laid down, partially constructed, and scrapped on the slip as was its US counterpart(s), the Montana class. Really, what fan of BB'S would not want the beasts as promulgated by Russian designers and Stalin in the game? These were actual proposals that I am sure sailed somewhere in a parallel Universe where a German Dictator did not precipitously launch a huge and primarily land campaign against Soviet Russia.