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  1. MrExNavy

    WNN 57: signing off for the final time

    Been playing this game since before it was even in closed beta. Lots of changes since then but I don't see the problem. I just roll with the punches. Can't stand the know it all salties though so I usually stay away from the forums...
  2. MrExNavy

    How often people got coupon offer to them?

    I got a couple redeem codes that gave me some signals but nothing for coupons.
  3. MrExNavy

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    Mine is here but I haven't uploaded anything for quite awhile. Will be starting my Twitch stream again soon though and will have more content to upload and get my youtube partner status back.
  4. MrExNavy

    Where's the Missouri?

    I think you're probably right. Won't be coming back any time soon. Too low priced though? For the amount of free xp they wanted for it would be equal to around $100. Took me forever to get close to the free xp they wanted and then it was gone so hopefully they bring it back. Even if it's for more free exp is ok. I'll just keep building up free xp hoping they do bring it back.
  5. MrExNavy

    Where's the Missouri?

    I know it's been gone for a long time and that wasn't the question. My question is for the devs and asking them if they have plans to bring it back. Not all the ships removed were not brought back. Marblehead is one example of a ship that was given away at PAX and then offered to purchase later.
  6. MrExNavy

    Where's the Missouri?

    Uhm actually if you read the question, it is phrased that way.
  7. MrExNavy

    Why you like your username?

    Hey Prairie, I was raised in ND. Graduated HS there. Worked on all the local farms in my area and lived in a very small town named Windsor. Only had 13 people in the town (less than 10 people live there now), had a two room school for grades 1-4 and 4-8. Only business in the town now is a bar that all the local farmers go to wet their whistles.
  8. MrExNavy

    Where's the Missouri?

    I'm not just now realizing this. I just now decided to ask them if they have plans to bring it back.
  9. MrExNavy

    Where's the Missouri?

    Don't care about Musashi and I'm aware of the advance notice. I want to know if they have plans to bring it back.
  10. MrExNavy

    Why you like your username?

    My name just has the best description of who I am and I get a lot of questions in game about it and people wanting to know my experiences and asking my rate and what I did in the Navy etc. I'm well known in the gaming world because of my name and it's also branded by Google, easy for people to remember and do searches on. I show up all over the place for a lot of gaming mostly WoWS and youtube.
  11. MrExNavy

    Where's the Missouri?

    Where did the Missouri go? I was saving my free xp forever to get one and then when I got close, it disappeared. Are there any plans to bring it back? I really want to get the Missouri even though I mostly play DD's. Mainly for the historical value that ship has.
  12. Cut my hair for charity.


    1. MrExNavy


      You can see the post and pics on my Facebook page

    2. Jim_Byrnes


      Kudos to you sir for your generosity to the folks fighting cancer!