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  1. The new scenarios are great!!! We can finally make some credits and have more than 3 people in a division. They are a LOT harder than normal co-op especially the first mission but that is what makes it more fun. The one thing that I and many in our clan have noticed is that many times the game will not load and you have to tab out and kill the game with task manager and restart it to get the battle to load. Sometimes this causes you to end up dead before you can get back into the battle. I started to notice the problem before this last build for and continues into I am also seeing a lot of times that when you first load into the battle waiting for it to start that your cammo takes a few seconds to show up on the ship and many times the scene is very dark and no colors show up for several seconds. The next time it happens, I will take a screenshot of it so you can see what I am talking about. I run a GTX-970 and never had these problems before
  2. Sorry don't have any screenshots of the skins. Remember these are not generic skins that people can pick from and decide if they want to use them. These are custom skins based on the needs of the specific player for a specific ship which can include their name, desired colors and designs, fonts and so forth. They are tailored to the specific needs of the individual and no two are the same. They are also not a camouflage and do not provide any cammo value just as no other skin from any modder does. They are skins that change the look of the ship for the player just as the skins you can get in any mod or mod pack except these skins are made specifically based on the needs of the individual and customized specifically for that player for a specific ship.
  3. Greetings fellow shipmates! Many of you already know that beside being the CO of Jolly Rogers Gaming, I do overlays and other graphics including headers, offline splash, buttons, logos and other such things for fellow streamers on Twitch that stream WoWS. They stream other games as well but mostly WoWS. You can visit my Twitch channel here. I have found myself in demand for all this and as a result wanted to give back to the community. I'm going to start making custom ship skins. The skins will be free of charge for all WoWS players and streamers. You don't need to be a streamer for me to make your skins although it would be nice if you are so you can tell your viewers who made them for you. I thought about packing them in a .exe file to make it easy to install them but there are people that install their game in a different folder than the default so I decided against that and will just include a readme.txt file to explain how to install them for those that aren't familiar with installing ship skins. Some people like to have their names and/or country flags or colors on their ships. Some like to be more historical. You decide what you want on your custom skin and I will make it for you. These take time to make so you have to be patient. Requirements: You must be a WoWS player. No vulgar or obscene image may be used in your skin. Limit one skin per player (exceptions may be made for Wargaming employees and partnered Twitch streamers for up to 3 skins) You have to let me kill you in battle.... LOL Juuuust kidding! Some questions I get: Q. Can other people see my skins in game? A. No. Not unless they have the same skin installed on their ships. Q. Does a skin add any cammo value to my ship? A. No. A skin merely changes how the ship looks on a cosmetic level. Q. Does my ship lose the value of any cammo I select in game? A. No. You ship still receives whatever cammo value for the cammo you select even though you yourself may not be able to see the cammo after the skin is installed. Others in the game will still be able to see your cammo. Remember. These are custom skins that are tailored to you, not the generic skins you can download from any of the popular mods or mod packs. How do I get my skin? You can send me a pm here in the WoWS forums but to be honest, I don't regularly check my forum messages. The best way is to jump into our TeamSpeak so you can talk to me in person so I can get all the info for creating your skin. Our TS connection is simply with no port or password needed to connect. You can also visit our clan site where there is a TeamSpeak button on the right side of any page there that will open your TeamSpeak and bring you directly into our clan's TeamSpeak. You must have TeamSpeak installed and a headset with a mic to be able to talk to me. Have in mind the ship you want your skin for. I am also on Twitch just about everyday and you can send me a whisper there. Have fun and see you soon!
  4. Oh come Dort. You know you couldn't have done it without me!
  5. This is not a big deal but it would help a lot of people or clans that run their own web sites. I can accomplish what I will talk about here by editing my own registry on my own pc but that would only help me and not do anything for our clan members or target audience. Here is what I would like to see the game do when it is installed or updated. As many people know, when you install certain programs such as Team Speak, it creates a registry entry in your pc so that links and buttons can be created on your web site that will open Team Speak and bring you right into the TS server that you want it to open. I have several buttons and links on our clan site that will bring people right into our clan's Team Speak when they click the link or button. This is possible because when Team Speak is installed, it adds a registry entry on your pc that understands the code for creating TS 3 links and treats the new code just like a normal html link except it will only open Team Speak. What would be nice is if Wargaming would do the same thing when any of their games are installed so that a link could be created that would open the game launcher when somebody clicks the link. Anybody that does not have the game installed could be taken to a link at any of the Wargaming sites specified by the person creating the link. For example, I could create a link or button that would open the WoWS launcher and if the person clicking the link did not have the game installed, I could then make it so they are taken to my invite link at Wargaming. This way it makes it easy for people to open the game right from our site and brings new people into the game that don't have it installed and get some pretty cool freebies as well for signing up using my invite link. Just an idea but a pretty good one.
  6. I think I posted this in the wrong section so please feel free to delete this post.
  7. Thanks Fodder4U.
  8. My clan was finally fixed and it shows up in the game including the clan interface but there are a bunch of people it shows to be in the clan that are not members of the clan that were invited into the clan by the deputy commander and recruiters that are also not official members of the clan. First thing I did was to modify everybody's positions to line officers so no more invites could be sent out. Next thing will be to exclude all these people it shows in the clan because none of them are members of our clan. Problem I see now is that I don't see a way to send invites from the clan interface in the game. Do we have to go somewhere online to send the invites?
  9. Still haven't gotten a response on our clan Jolly Rogers Gaming (JRGC) being on the wrong server. We were put on the EU server and none of our clan except myself has an account on the EU server that I rarely use because we are a US based clan. All of our ships that we have built up are on the NA server. This problem and others could have easily been averted if WG had unified all the games like they promised us long ago. Just wondering how long it will be before we are put on the NA server. We can't take part in the closed beta until this happens.
  10. Not just the wrong clans EricKilla but clans on the wrong server too. If they has unified the game like they promised long ago, we wouldn't be having any of these issues now.
  11. Can't submit feedback if you can't fix our clan and put us on the right server. Our clan members don't even have accounts on the EU server. Jolly Rogers Gaming (JRGC) has ALWAYS been located in the US and plays almost exclusively on the NA server. When is this going to be fixed? Also you guys PROMISED us in news and forum posts including during WoWS closed beta that all WG games would be unified and that has not happened. Are you guys planning to keep those promises?
  12. I see others with this same issue. They put our clan on the EU server!!!!!!! Most of our clan does not even have an EU account. I and one other person in our clan have an EU account that is never even used because we are a US based clan that plays almost exclusively on the NA server. Why would we want our clan to be on the EU server when our members do not have an EU account and the only ships we have there are the beginner new comer ships? Are ALL the clans in the closed beta being put into the EU server for the closed beta? If not, how are we supposed to do ANYTHING pertaining to the closed beta? As it stands now, there is NO WAY that our clan can even compete with those that are based in the EU and play on the EU server and have their ships built up like what we have on the NA server. This test is not going to go well if WG can't get this fixed.
  13. I see a lot of people asking about getting an email for the closed beta and not getting one. Let me try to clear this up a little. The people on the list including my clan ARE in the closed beta but only a select few are in the MINI closed beta to test some things before they role it out for the rest of us in the MAIN closed beta. I thought the same thing as a lot of other people here but if you read Pigeon's post carefully, you will see that the people on the list ARE in the closed beta but we are going to have to wait until they finish with the MINI closed beta before they role it out for the rest of us. Of course Pigeon can correct me on this if I am mistaken. As for being put on the wrong server, I can't comment on that.
  14. One question that I didn't see asked. Will we be under any kind of NDA for the closed beta?