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  1. Passive CO-OP play!!!!!

    Instead of coming to the forums to complain about it why don't you help the newbies learn how to properly play. Everyone was new at some point and had to learn the way of the warships, they are simply pilgrims walking the same path we once did.
  2. So you're losing the scenarios and blaming the team? Sure its their fault, you're the best player in the game and could never make a mistake right? Meanwhile I very rarely get a team that doesn't 5 star the scenarios. Try looking for the common denominator here.
  3. Honestly the whole thing sounds really racist to me: "I cant stand how Japanese women sound, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
  4. There are 2 languages in this world: English and Not English
  5. You couldn't tell it was horribly unbalanced from its raw stats? Not to mention its a russian premium, what were you expecting.
  6. On the same side

    If you fire torps that hit a teammate its entirely your fault, if there is a slight chance that torp can hit a teammate do not fire especially with CA's and battleships, they have terrible agility and can easily be hit by torps that they are aware of simply because their ship cant turn well enough. Take responsibility for your own mistakes if you're willing going to make them.
  7. Its a USN cruiser, find your favorite island hide behind it and spamm HE.
  8. Decline of BB support role. Why?

    Cruiser mains trying to play BB's, they think you just sit behind an island and throw HE at everything that moves.
  9. I have no idea what you're talking about but you just got a song stuck in my head....thanks...
  10. When using torpedoes on a cruiser you need to remember that your guns are where the DPM is. Torpedoes are best used for when a pesky battleship gets too close or a DD decides to rush you and turn full broadside to fire his payload off. Especially with the IJN cruisers since they need to turn full broadside and then some in order to even get their torpedoes pointed at the enemy. If you're forgetting about your torpedoes its probably for the best, it will cause more harm to try to use them then to just not use them.
  11. "Mutsu" I am far beyond jealous...
  12. I worded that a bit poorly since I wrote it around 4 AM. I meant that their optimal range is 16km so you should never be fighting beyond that despite the IJN ships having superior range. When I was talking about the slow flight times I didn't mean I hate them because you cant fight at that range with them but it makes it very hard to hit destroyers and CL's. In my Bayern, konig, bretagne, orion, pretty much any non IJN BB I can easily land 3 or 4 hits on a destroyer 10km out, in my nagato or amagi by the time the shell lands hes already done a full 180 and is halfway across the map. And I know the solution is to just get closer but sometimes thats not an option.