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  1. manon45

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    Is there going to be post-apocalyptic ship skins for other classes in the future. They look great but I would much rather have a post apocalyptic yamato or heavy cruiser.
  2. the marketing department is not working on the game anyway.
  3. Yeah I can definitely imagine all the complaints about the commanders being locked behind RNG mechanics in loot crates, honestly I cant imagine what WG was thinking not allowing people to just outright buy the commanders which would probably be more profitable since more people would be willing to do it. But I dont think WG is struggling at all, they are still a multi billion dollar company and world of warships is their most popular game, even if it starts going down hill they aren't just going to let it die and they certainly wouldn't push through a loot crate mechanic to try to squeeze a few dollars out of people, I think maybe the opposite is true that the game is actually going so well they thought they could get away with it and hopefully learned that they cant.
  4. Ill just outright say I am complaining about it. Like if they're gonna do the collab they might as well go all the way. People cant even complain about historical accuracy because I can assure them ships didnt have cloaking devices in world war 2. Wargaming needs to stop trying to appease the few outliers in the community who get upset at the mere existence of anime, these people are frothing as the mouth just from the collab alone so its not like they have to worry about these people getting more angry over making some cool skins like with the arp collab (even though those were seperate ships not just skins).
  5. manon45

    PSA: Azur Lane Mission (Have to Opt In)

    They should make it automatically opted in and make it an opt out for the people who dont want it. Most people whether they like anime or not are going to do the event for a free 10 pt captain only a very very small minority of people are going to actually turn it down just to make a point that they dont approve of it.
  6. manon45

    Do NOT Buy Azur Lane Containers

    Dont tell me what to do with my money, you can say why you dont think I should but dont tell me not to do something.
  7. Most likely we wont be getting the cool skins mostly due to the fact that this games community are pretty big cry babies whenever anything anime related is added. Despite the fact that they dont have to participate in it and can disable seeing the skins they still feel the need to spamm the forums for the next week or so to make sure everyone knows that they dont approve of the colabs and start insulting everyone who likes it.
  8. manon45

    Throwdown Thursday - Indianapolis vs. Myoko

    In a cruiser duel the USN cruiser will always win, however in just performance in a battle one cant deny the sheer power of IJN HE spam. Its a tough one but I have to give a slight edge to myoko for performance but if indy finds myoko then she could take her out easy and remove that threat.
  9. the bonus from the smoke comes from the massive increase to dispersion when a ship is firing at another ship it doesnt have a lock onto, once you spot a ship it makes no sense for smoke to have any benefits since all it does is make it harder to initially detect.
  10. You cant even begin to talk about realism until you remove the least realistic mechanic in the game: massive warships turning invisible even when you are staring right at them.
  11. Izumo, I just love burning to a crisp.
  12. manon45

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    I can name alot of them, lets start with every single IJN and russian cruiser. Yorck, pensacola, hindenburgh, cleveland, des moines, HElanta, boise, konigsburg, nurnburg, la galissioner, graf spee, algerie, fiji, edinburgh, belfast, leander, neptune, minotaur, emile bertin, charles martel, saint-louis. Theres probably more but I haven't used every single cruiser yet, those are just the ones that I know can. Then learn to aim without your grey "fire here" line.
  13. Seal club, what else do you do with an overpowered premium?
  14. manon45

    Why is the Izumo the trash can of Battleships and a T9

    The only problem with the Izumo is its hard countered by the meta of HE spamm, the Izumo is nicknamed the tinderbox for a reason, its extremely vulnerable to HE and at high tiers thats all you'll ever see.
  15. Its just a combination of: Fire Indivdually does way too much damage it should be a base amount not a % Fire chance on all ships is way too high Fire is the #1 damage dealer in the game nothing else even gets anywhere close Everyone spamms HE because its consistent high damage + extra damage from fires, even BB's are doing it now. HE negates armor entirely. The damage control party recharge is far too long. Invisible ships.