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  1. manon45

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    I can name alot of them, lets start with every single IJN and russian cruiser. Yorck, pensacola, hindenburgh, cleveland, des moines, HElanta, boise, konigsburg, nurnburg, la galissioner, graf spee, algerie, fiji, edinburgh, belfast, leander, neptune, minotaur, emile bertin, charles martel, saint-louis. Theres probably more but I haven't used every single cruiser yet, those are just the ones that I know can. Then learn to aim without your grey "fire here" line.
  2. Seal club, what else do you do with an overpowered premium?
  3. The only problem with the Izumo is its hard countered by the meta of HE spamm, the Izumo is nicknamed the tinderbox for a reason, its extremely vulnerable to HE and at high tiers thats all you'll ever see.
  4. Its just a combination of: Fire Indivdually does way too much damage it should be a base amount not a % Fire chance on all ships is way too high Fire is the #1 damage dealer in the game nothing else even gets anywhere close Everyone spamms HE because its consistent high damage + extra damage from fires, even BB's are doing it now. HE negates armor entirely. The damage control party recharge is far too long. Invisible ships.
  5. manon45

    Warships is now Cosmo

  6. manon45

    Warships is now Cosmo

    I saw the article and was like "meh" and closed it, but I definitely didn't feel the need to make a thread about how much I didn't care for it and suggest that they should stop making it so other people dont have the ability to care for it, theres just things in life you don't like, suck it up buttercup.
  7. manon45

    So I don't get Queen Elizabeth...

    If you used the warspite first then I would find it hard to believe you enjoy any tier 6 battleships. The big seller on the warspite is that its got pin point accurate guns, that thing could probably snipe a needle out of a haystack. The QE requires a very active playstyle its one of the few UK BB's capable of damaging heavily armored ships with AP but it still doesn't have as good of AP as the other nations so you often will be switching back to HE. I cant think of anything negative to say about the armor, its does its job and keeps you from getting blapped in one salvo, it can even effectively shrug off tier 8 BB rounds if you angle correctly. I see alot of hate for the QE but honestly its never given me problems, just feels like another seal clubber like the rest of the british line.
  8. manon45

    KGV Versus Gneisenau

    If the torpedoes aren't use KGV will destroy that gneisenau at all ranges. With torpedoes used you probably will die before you get close enough do to the HE spamm but if you get close enough then you can just torp him and thats the end.
  9. manon45

    The New WGC Launcher

    People just refuse change, when I redownloaded world of warships I got the launcher and other than the fact that I had trouble getting it to work with steam overlay it seemed fine. Monitored it for about 12 hours of being on and never did it hog any more resources than steam or discord.
  10. manon45

    Passive CO-OP play!!!!!

    Instead of coming to the forums to complain about it why don't you help the newbies learn how to properly play. Everyone was new at some point and had to learn the way of the warships, they are simply pilgrims walking the same path we once did.
  11. So you're losing the scenarios and blaming the team? Sure its their fault, you're the best player in the game and could never make a mistake right? Meanwhile I very rarely get a team that doesn't 5 star the scenarios. Try looking for the common denominator here.