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  1. Wittman39

    Advice for where to put Yamamoto

    Hmm that's a good point for the Zao on RPF. I'll hold off on investing the last 4 points until I've played the Zao a bit. I still have about 80k Xp to go before I unlock it. I'm going to put him on my IJN cruiser line since his skills make the most sense for me there and I've gotten pretty good at dodging shells in the Ibuki and the Zao is similar play. The SE and PM skills aren't a bad idea because of low HP and low armor on main turrets. I'm also thinking of maybe going Expert loader for the quick change for a surprise AP salve with the Zao's high velocity guns. We'll see how it plays out for me. Thanks for all the suggestions. IJN DD was a close second, but I'm not skilled enough in IJN gunboats to put him in and waste him on a line I'm still learning since I don't like having to respec unless I absolutely have to since I spend my commander XP on getting past the ship line retrainings.
  2. Wittman39

    Advice for where to put Yamamoto

    Yeah I agree. His buffs aren't that special and getting the Kraken boost would be amazing in the Yamato combined with AR to maybe get your reload under 20 secs. But the First Blood boost is probably the most tangible thing to take into consideration for using him. I think I'll probably use him on my Ibuki going to the Zao since I only have a 16 point about to be 17 I'm not losing out too much on skills and just adding training time to getting him up to 19 points. Plus on the Zao using both of his improved skills is possible for a build and is probably the best choice in my case I think. A Harugumo with a kraken and end game heal would be pretty nuts, but nearly impossible to get with the amount of CVs and other counters. My rough build I'm considering from what other people have said is probably: Priority Target, EM, AR, Demolition Expert, Superintendent, Concealment. For the last 4 points I'm unsure about. Why get Radio Location though? For hunting DDs or as a late game skill to find other ships because of the Zao's excellent Concealment? I use Radio Location for my Des Moines (also Gearing for DD hunting) because of radar and DD hunting, but I don't understand the reasoning for an IJN cruiser.
  3. Hello all, Looking for some best practices for where to put my Yamamoto captain that I finally earned through the campaign. I had originally though about putting on my Yamato because of his boosted turret rotation, but I'm hesitant because I already have a 19 point captain and don't want to down grade and lose some tankiness on the ship. I have two other Japanese lines where I think he could be useful and want to figure out what other people have skilled him out for. I have the Japanese cruiser line at Ibuki which he would be useful there for the turret rotation again, plus his bonuses can be activated on this ship in a good game and then on the Zao would have increased effectiveness with the triple turrets. I also have an Akizuki right now going for Harugumo and the first blood award is really nice for the extra charge and improved incapacitation are pretty good options for this destroyer line. Any advice would be appreciated and skill builds attached for what ship you use him for would be helpful. Thanks.
  4. Looking over what you have you should be able to get the PR as long you activate that seventh boost. It doesn't matter what time you activate it because the instant boost will carry you over the point mark. My rough math to show that you will make it: At the time of your screenshot you have 196 hours left or 11760 minutes 11760*1208=14,206,080 14206080+36985231=51,191,311 That's what your points will roughly be at the end of the event (the extra 4 minutes don't matter). So all you need to do is activate it and the instant boost will bring you over the threshold. Now at the time of the screenshot I'm assuming you got your daily done for the day, so you should be able to get the booster as long as you get the next 7.5 daily missions done. Hope that helps and good luck. I barely made my PR construction as well with getting it complete a few hours before construction ends.
  5. I finally confirmed I'll earn my Puerto Rico just before the construction time ends. Had a similar idea to you Admiral Thunder with using the Gorizia to grind out the first three directives easier, but I only activated the 1st Doubloon booster before the start after buying enough doubloons for it and then activated my second booster once I received the doubloons for the Gorizia earned at the end of Directive 3. Unfortunately I still had to complete Directive 4 which was a long stretch of pain and agony that I could have completed faster if I focused more on just each individual nation to grind. Similar investment of money at about $60 dollars for the Gorizia and doubloons for the first boost I got. Hope I enjoy this ship otherwise by next Christmas I'll probably give up on playing any WG games ever.
  6. Wittman39

    Shipyard Points Per Minute (PPM) confusion

    As an update to this thread I did earn the PR by getting boost number 5 today. If I didn't earn it today I would have missed the cut off time for construction. So hooray for that and F*** Directive #4 that was a horrible grind and that took 10 days of worth of grinding between work and my holiday vacation. If I had to try to get through directive 5 I would be done with Warships for a while. Another interesting note that should be mentioned is that it is possible to earn two boosts by just completing the daily missions everyday. You think that little caveat of information would help in planning out earning boosts. Good luck to everyone else trying for it.
  7. Wittman39

    Shipyard Points Per Minute (PPM) confusion

    Fair enough. 80k isn't a lot. I'll just go with the 927 for my numbers to figure out my completion time.
  8. I'm not sure if someone else has noticed this or WG is just rounding up the PPM on the ship for display purposes. The PPM in the shipyard doesn't add up to the total number of boosts activated. It shows it slightly above the correct amount. For example in my Shipyard it should be 927 PPM, while it shows 930 PPM. I'm just trying to know which one is accurate as far as tracking my own progress in a spreadsheet because that extra 3 a minute can influence a bit on what will complete when.
  9. Wittman39

    If I want Puerto Rico....

    Yeah I'm following a plan similar to using the completion of directive 3 to pay for my second booster because I bought the Gorizia to try and complete the things early. I am still behind schedule because there is no way I'm able to complete Directive 3 by tomorrow since I just opened it yesterday. I will probably be able to complete in time if I'm able to activate up to boost 5 from completing Directive 4 by the new year. I originally tried to get it with only one booster and grinding like crazy, but haven't been able to do that. Still getting the PR for around $60 invested from the Gorizia and doubloons I purchased earlier in the month. Honestly at this point OP you are probably better off trying to get as far as you can trying to get the free goodies from the building event or put your money in something else. Unless you have been able to figure out your spreadsheet to show you completing it on time then go for it otherwise don't try to pull your hair out rushing to complete this.
  10. Wittman39

    Shells glitching

    I'm unsure how to upload a file to show what is happening. This is the correct file I believe to show what I'm talking about. It happens near the end of the replay when I'm behind the island shooting at the Missouri. This only happens when I'm sitting behind an island with my ship and I am firing over it and sometimes it shows the hit terrain indicator while shooting because I know sometimes maybe a few will clip, but I'll still get a few shells through. While I'm firing I see shells hit the island and then shells fly over and go toward my target, but I swear some of them are not hitting the ship and just ghosting it and should be shell hits on the ship because I can see water splashes inside the ships render model on my screen. It's extremely frustrating thinking I can shoot over the terrain even with the indicator and seeing shells on target not hitting, but seeing splashes indicating they are making it over. Either I'm seeing things wrong or the server is rendering something wrong when I do this. Any explanation is appreciated. 20191103_112658_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_51_Greece.wowsreplay
  11. Wittman39

    Issue with Keyboard remapping

    Is anybody having an issue with the recent patches that doesn't have the keyboard remapping stay between logging in and logging out? I've been remapping my AA sector enhancement to a different key or mouse button every time I have to log-in and save the changes, but it always reverts back to the original O key. The keyboard was originally V, but since I've gotten a new mouse it's been on one of the additional buttons I have on my gaming mouse. Is this a bug or a just an issue with my account for whatever reason. I know I used to be able to save it in as early as 8.6.
  12. I've just started having this issue recently as of last Sunday. Either during a game or when I'm sitting in port my PC after maybe 20-30 minutes will just do a restart and try to boot back up. It will sometimes do a full restart and I'm fine other times it will continue to do a continuous reboot loop. I've been playing on the my 4 year old Alienware X51 PC for a few years with this game and have never had this sort of issue. I've played other games that would have as much or more of graphics use or processor use. Has anyone else been dealing with this issue recently with Warships because so far it seems to be isolated to this game only. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. This is a little bit of a rage topic, but I don't fully understand how it works. I hear about sigma curve on the upcoming RU BBs and how different nations have different strengths. How is it at under 6km with my Yamato w/legendary equipped and I'm shooting at a bow tanking Yamato that my shells from a gun will fly to either either side of him and miss? At point blank range and I don't hit god damn crap. Aren't you normally supposed to have to have the max value for accuracy at this range or is RNG the almighty decider in this stupid crap?
  14. Wittman39

    Future Coal Free XP Ships

    You don't need free XP for Alaska. You can buy it in the Premium shop for $80. So much for being able to grind out free XP for it or convert for it. WG wanted to be greedy and allow you buy directly with a credit card. Maybe Missouri will be available in the shop or maybe Stalingrad because to hell with all those people who try to grind towards a ship and participate in the game.
  15. Wittman39

    Holy Mother Of Ping 2k+

    At least they are trying to figure it out. Midwest ping was hitting 2k while I was playing. Please fix soon. Thank you WG