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  1. Xscout577

    NC Players - check in

    Just curious as to how many of us are from North Carolina, so check in. If there was enough interest, maybe we could have a gathering somewhere to put names with faces. With the Battleship Tour being cancelled or postponed, when this COVID-19 thing blows over , maybe we could possibly do our own Battleship Day? Just an idea ..
  2. Xscout577

    Any word on Submarines yet?

    like I said ... just stirring the pot.
  3. Xscout577

    Any word on Submarines yet?

    So, once again stirring the pot and I usually kill threads for some reason anyhow, what about PT Boats instead of subs? Patrol Boats would be quick, agile and hard to hit ... but since they were nearly all made of lightweight materials, a couple of hits by .. well, anything would take them out? Just sayin' ...
  4. So I was just starting a battle and everything freezes up and then I get kicked from the NA Server. Basically my internet crapped out for just a bit, but when I logged back in, I see that I've been 'Pinked" for 3 days for "Unsportsman like conduct". Really?? Come on, guys!!