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  1. I don't comment on the forums often, in fact, this is the first time in well over a year since I've posted anything. In regards to CV and surface ship interaction, it truly is such a chore to play against a CV as any ship trying to conserve HP. When you play any ship in this game you want to exert as much control as possible on how your ship loses HP, how it fights off enemies, and how it dodges incoming fire. This control is what gives the player agency and scales with his skill level, all of this is somewhat in jeopardy when regardless of what AA is on the ship, the CV is able to output any amount of damage reliability to a target (anything that is a non-zero value). I'll be focusing on DD-CV interaction as it probably is the most important. When I play the Haurgumo or the Udaloi on a flank and the CV focuses on me, it is a chore especially since all my ability to mitigate damage from the CV is completely null. It is further exacerbated by the low HP and often unhealable damage dealt to the destroyer. The control of how I am spotted is also something that is incredibly egregious ever since the new CVs were released. Back in the RTS era, if you had defensive AA you could mitigate 90% of all damage done to you by the carrier for 45 seconds at the cost of being spotted or alternatively be very difficult to spot by turning off your AA and the CV needed to make a concerted effort with multiple squadrons to find you and even once he found you, you could activate defensive AA and be immune for 45 seconds. With the current generation CVs there is no such thing, you get spotted by the CV you activate defensive fire and practically nothing happens, you cannot mitigate the spotting he does to you and you most certainly cannot mitigate the damage he does to you. There is no period of reliability on the DD's part where he can try to get back to his allies or try to run away in this scenario without suffering through the first wave of planes. I find that as a CV main myself for O7 over both the RTS and rework era that many of my cohorts, these so-called CV apologists, really need to understand that no amount of grandstanding and absolutism in your arguments will help you improve this class's interaction with the other ships in this game, nor will it ever endear you to the players that main other classes. I would highly encourage CV players that fully believe with absolute certainty that CV interaction, especially with DDs, is an equal playing field between the CV and the DD to reevaluate their opinion. I have always believed in allowing the player the greatest amount of control over how their ship takes damage, especially in CV interactions. If that means buffing the air detection of all ships and incorporating new mechanics into the game to compensate the CV player as you have seen in the dev blog then the game is going in a positive direction. One thing is certain though, I do not find the current CV-DD interaction to be anything but a disappointment, then again the whole rework in my opinion has been nothing but a disappointment. Bring back RTS?
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    CVs in CBs, yay or nay?

    Wew, this post is truly unbiased and balanced in its appraisal of the situation. Simply because you don't like something is not reason enough to say you don't want something implemented.
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    It was fun playing the Midway