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  1. Cpu mark score is useless for gaming because its a synthetic benchmark that simulates a wide variety of tasks most of which have nothing to do with gaming performance. Single thread rating is what counts for gaming and intel still beats the pants off amd in that area which is the most important stat. Notice the i5 which is still cheaper than the ryzen by a large margin has a much higher single thread rating which puts it way ahead of the ryzen on gaming. Intel Core i5-7600K @ 3.80GHz AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Intel Pentium G4560 @ 3.50GHz Price $216.84 BUY NOW! $345.99 BUY NOW! $120 BUY NOW! Socket Type FCLGA1151 AM4 FCLGA1151 CPU Class Desktop Desktop Desktop Clockspeed 3.8 GHz 3.4 GHz 3.5 GHz Turbo Speed Up to 4.2 GHz Up to 3.8 GHz Not Supported # of Physical Cores 4 8 (2 logical cores per physical) 2 (2 logical cores per physical) Max TDP 91W 95W 54W First Seen on Chart Q1 2017 Q1 2017 Q1 2017 # of Samples 620 500 876 Single Thread Rating 2404 1866 1992 CPU Mark 9293 14653 5083
  2. But not for gaming which is why I made that comparison. For 1080p gaming which is the bulk of gaming that little two core pentium will game just as well as the ryzen on the vast majority of games. So why would you waste all that money on a ryzen chip for no real gain in gaming performance?
  3. Ryzen is ok for gaming but again you have to get the high end series to start to compete with intel when alternately if all you want is gaming performance and don't care about rendering a complex cad scenes faster or shaving a few hours off a video compile then intel has sub $100 cpu which game just as well as the higher end cpu for the vast majority of games. A cheapo pentium g4560 build with a 1050ti or 1060 or whatever flavor of amd gpu you like will do 1080p all day long for the price of just a high end ryzen chip alone. $345 g4560 system https://pcpartpicker.com/list/HZWFD8 $338 Ryzen 7 https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZjRtHN True. I think the choice is more along the lines now of if you need a cpu that is great at cad, encoding etc and gaming is secondary or low key like playing dota types then amd is your brand. For those that need uncompromising gaming performance across all price points then intel still rules the roost.
  4. Amd has always been weak for gaming unless you bought their high end chips which leaves the question of why would you spend a ton of money on an amd chip when the same ton of money gets you a higher performing intel chip. Saying that amd is great for basic pc tasks and if you are into encoding or other database and code stuff amd has very cheap alternatives to the i7 and xeon.
  5. Mine is boring to look at since its a crusty old metal full tower that weighs a ton and doesn't have a side window. I could probably drop it off a roof and it would survive.
  6. Frankenstein rig with its beginnings waaaay back in 1990 with a smoking hot 386dx 33 sporting 4mb ram and a 1mb trident svga card with a soundblaster 8bit sound card and 40mb hd running at a whopping 640x480 res on a then gigantic 15" svga screen with a .24 dot pitch. Bought it on a whim because I was in a mall and passed a babbages and saw wing commander in the display and was like Whoa! what the hell an interactive sci fi pewpew game? Never looked back after that. Over the years one thing after another was replaced or added on until the original machine was lost and the current one now resides in the den. Even now the case is almost two decades old and the rest not quite as old but still with years on the clock. Saying that the cpu is still perfectly sufficient and the rest is new enough to last me for additional years. i5 4670k oc 4.3ghz Stock intel cooler because stock intel cooler is stronk intel cooler. MSI GD-65 Z87 gaming mobo with custom uefi bios to fully unlock the timings and power states so the powermod on the 960 functions properly 8gb mushkin silverline ddr3 1600 cas 7 Soundblaster Z 24bit studio grade audio card 2x Seagate 1tb constellation es3 enterprise hdd in raid 0 w/400mb/s sustained reads and 4.1ms latency(these things are expensive but smoking Fast!) Samsung 840 pro 256gb ssd system drive w/600mb/s reads Rosewill 750w 80+ bronze modular psu Evga gtx 960 4gb ftw+powermod oc to 1988mhz(will eventually kill the card but I will have a new one long before then) Pioneer bluray writer Win10 LG 42" 1080p 120hz ips lcd Steelseries sensai raw wired mouse Generic logitech keyboard Runs everything ultra 1080p 60+fps.
  7. Can you sell ARP Takao?

    I'm almost to the takao myself. Not much of a fan of the glowy skin but if it's a solid ship with good performance why not use it? Are the skin mods for it to make it look normal like the anime port replacement?
  8. Eh I can see the shells origin so I can always shoot at that if they are annoying. Mechanics aside the only real issue I have is with the playerbase. Seems pretty awful even worse than wot at times where no one pays a lick of attention to the map mode. In this game it seems domination mode is like lakeville on wot. No one goes near the objectives and just wanders around willy nilly.
  9. I've ran across the ones who manual drop and yes they are near impossible to avoid even with proactive dodging. Luckily they are uncommon and most are just average or worse in cv with easily dodged attacks.
  10. Most Efficient Premium Ship

    The scharnhorst seems to be making waaaaaaay more credits than I could ever spend. Already to almost 20 million creds with little to use it for. On the other hand I'm only at tier 5 on two lines so far so I guess that will be money in the bank for when I unlock the higher tiers.
  11. Capping.

    That game I posted was me as about the only one diving into the caps to drive them out. Notice the 71 secondary hits?
  12. Capping.

    And another moronic stupid idiotic loss because no one wanted to get anywhere near the caps....... I see this game's playerbase is just as bad as wot...
  13. Capping.

    Granted I haven't played since beta but man is the playerbase in general really this bad? Target_23, on 03 November 2016 - 08:15 AM, said: Capping is situational. When you're in a DD in a game with CVs, capping tells the CV where to look for you. Not Good. Some caps are more difficult for some ships than others. I mostly play my fubi, and there are caps I won't enter, I may take my muts into the same cap. Sometimes it is better to wait until the enemy force has been trimmed a bit before taking a cap. Not talking about the standard battles where everyone plays deathmatch. I'm talking about the modes where capping is the goal and if your team tries to spread out to kill everything the enemy just beelines for the cap before you can chase them down. Most of the capping maps are pretty straight forward. Stay grouped and focus on one side them move up the cap chain killing as you go. But no they simply scatter like cats willy nilly chasing ships without a ship going near anything that's actually an objective.
  14. Capping.

    Why do players completely ignore the cap on maps where you have to cap to win? Anyone else getting team after team after team that simply won't cap and loses every time because they are too busy chasing dd and ca around the edges?
  15. The Scharnhorst is a BEAST

    I just started the game and am getting results like this.