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  1. I found something on the website that said we could submit for a refund for buying a premium boost for the puerto rico. How does one apply for that refund?
  2. duckchow

    CV Rework First Impressions Poll

    By far, this is the worst update and worst change in the game. This is worse than the introduction of the Graf Zepplln CV.
  3. duckchow

    Found the first bug?

    I think I beat you to a bug. My tier 7 hiryu was removed (as I had expected,) and replaced with nothing (was expecting the teir 6 cv.) there are no japanese cvs in my port.
  4. I've only done 2 cv matches so far...that being said my initial impressions are that this rework is nothing short of awful. It is so difficult to do any damage now...scouting is more difficult too. Playing cv's wasn't necessarily easy before. It seems that the rework is helping everyone that doesn't play CVs, and thats about it. I used to enjoy playing cv's though. Didn't look forward to matches with a large number of high AA ships, but it was doable. I had great matches and terrible matches. This is just frustrating now. My enjoyment of the game has taken a serious downfall. It doesn't help that my tier 7 Hiryu was removed and replaced with nothing. I should have gotten the tier 6 Ryuju, but I have no japanese carriers in my port. Wargaming, it is too early to draw a solid conclusion, but this is looking like you made a mistake.