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  1. Toiletduck

    Player base getting more caustic / abusive?

    Yeaaaahh.. I hate doing that, but I have thought about it. I feel like that only takes the nice people out of chat leaving the bad people in chat. That would be a bad impression on new players which is my main concern.. Maybe I'm just being too sensitive..
  2. Toiletduck

    Player base getting more caustic / abusive?

    I don't actually get that reference.. +)
  3. Toiletduck

    Player base getting more caustic / abusive?

    Yeah I'm starting to take the "feh and block" route at this point because once they start getting abusive and personal I'm no longer interested in them or their righteous opinion.. Oh and it's always a dead person with terrible stats...
  4. Toiletduck

    Player base getting more caustic / abusive?

    No see this is the kind of thing in chat that would have everyone laughing.. I mean REALLY caustic and abusive stuff. heh And I am NOT malodorous.. pretty much spot on with the rest of it though..
  5. Has anyone else noticed recently a trend towards more and more caustic / aggressive / unfriendly and abusive comments in chat? People just being jerks to be jerks? It didn't used to be that bad but it seems lately people are very angry and prone to the kind of interaction in chat that will likely to hurt the game. I have taken to just muting/blocking folks who behave in this way (since I doubt reporting does anything) but it's starting to get out of hand. It seems every game there is 1 or 2 people who didn't get enough hugs from daddy or something and are absolutely going off on folks in an abusive manner. Thoughts?
  6. Toiletduck

    The Single Worst Ship for the Game?

    Wow.. I can't agree. I think the shim got hit pretty hard with the nurf hammer a while back and now it's pretty fair. The radar additions to the game make it much harder to play as you're pretty much alwasy spotted. The hardest thing to deal with is all the folks screaming at you for not rushing into the cap (and dying).
  7. Toiletduck

    Are servers down right now?

    Awesome! Thanks =)
  8. Toiletduck

    Are servers down right now?

    Howdy all.. I'm getting constant errors to connect to server.. was playing fine then bam.. did things die?