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  1. Well it seems to just be a combination of BFT, AFT, and MFC.. but maybe I wasnt selecting in time or something .. I have no idea.. hahaha
  2. Okay so .. as I understand it the captain skill "Advanced Firing Training" should extend the secondaries range for the Ark B and according to the mini map, it did. But the guns themselves don't start firing until ships get into the closer (original) range. For funzies (trying to build a secondaries build) I gave my captain BFT for the faster reload, AFT for the 20% range increase and MFC for the -15% dispersion. Secondaries didnt fire until the ships were at the original range. EDIT: yes I was selecting the ships per the MFC requirement =) Thoughts?
  3. ^ this. I don't think the previous game play was complex at all. In fact can someone link to me where WG said they made the change because the previous game play was too complex?
  4. I really cant understand the "too complex" argument. Most players adapt to new gameplay and succeed or would just continue to fail their way to the top as they have now. Nothing changes. It would allow skilled players to continue to be skilled and give them more to play with. And if you're concern is that it would widen the gap between skilled and unskilled players.. I don't really follow. How is that a concern? It's not my fault someone else doesn't know how to play. I'm more than happy to answer questions and help but usually when I make tactful suggestions I am righteously told to go piss up a rope.. Dumbing down the game to the lowest common denominator just seems a terrible idea for the longevity of the game, but I will admit I haven't ever run a game company so maybe that's what you have to do.. I dunno.. (it makes me said if it is..) But done correctly I think it can be completely opt in. You can have a single key that "unlinks" guns so that only the one you're on moves. Using the C key to switch between each as you do now, and you control them individually or in zones.. I like the front/back idea too. I will concede that on some ships (Atlanta comes to mind) having individual control would be not just pointless but down right painful...
  5. Expecting skill... the horror!
  6. Agreed.. front back would be fine... And I'm a [edited].. I think I could figure it out =)
  7. So I did a poll over the course of several games and this idea was received positively but I wanted to throw it at the forums and see what you fine people have to say... I wish like hell I could unlink the guns and aim/shoot them individually. Whole turrets, not individual barrels obviously.. But it'd be pretty awesome if I could aim the front turret at that pesky DD I'm following and the back one could swivel and shoot that damn BB that is coming around that island..etc... Thoughts? Is this a bad idea? Why?
  8. Toiletduck

    Why do people "bot"?

    Hi guys, I don't understand why people run bots. It's become very clear to me that some people play bots. Quite a few actually. You can look at their stats and see they have a PR of 500 or below and to be honest that's tough to do if you're a real person. (real people arent that stupid) But more than that, you can just watch them and see how they behave. One of the most recent bots I have seen will turn from it's starting position, and go to a different starting position so that it knows how to play and then will proceed to drive through an already recorded route shooting at whatever never dodging torps, friendly ships or planes never talking and certainly not shooting at the "smarter" target. It's a pretty dumb bot. It's very clearly a bot. Some might be some ones kid playing the game, but I am seeing a pattern that indicates automation. So my question then is.. .. WHY?! Why the hell do this? It's not like there is any reason to do this. You can't get real money out of it or something.. You can rush up to T10, but then what.. if you botted your way there you have no idea how to play and I'd argue that some lower tiers are a lot more fun that T10 anyway.. Why do people do this? Now a more interesting question; How does WG catch/police this? It certainly seems like they don't try to. But more importantly, should they police it?
  9. Toiletduck

    Does the Atlanta need to be buffed now?

    While I really want to agree with this, simply because I own one.. I think an argument can be made that it was too powerful before.
  10. Toiletduck

    Does the Atlanta need to be buffed now?

    ^ this. It seems like previously my T7 ATL would always be in T7 or T8 matches.. now I'm always in T9 matches... bleh.. And now that CV's are 6 or 8 means I typically only see 8's.. so that might just be the RNG gods playing with me.. but there needs to be something around the level gap.
  11. Toiletduck

    Premium ships you would like be added

    I too would love to have my Kitakami back. Hey I bought it during beta =) I should be allowed to have it! Back then it was crazy, but by todays standards I think it would fit right in.
  12. My question is to those folks who actually own the Atlanta. I have always enjoyed the Atlanta as a premium, it's a fun little fire starter. For years people have complained about it being too powerful in that regard which I have never agreed with. More over if you take into account it's completely lack of survivability it's anything but over powered. I swear the hull is made of glass.. I think the main issue is that it's one of those annoying boats that people hate to see (sorta like the harugumo), but it's primary advantage previously was the absolutely devastating AA it brought to the match. If you were playing a CV, you knew to not fly near the ATL. Now the AA seems down right bad (even with Defensive Fire 2). I used to kill every plane as it flew over me in the ATL prior to the CV update, now it's no where near as good. Like not even close. In fact, I have had whole flights go over me back and forth not downing a single plane. That's fine, its probably balanced in that regard now. But that brings me back to the glass hull. If it's no longer the AA overlord, then what does it bring to the game? Does it need to be buffed a tad now? Maybe make it's armor a bit stronger? The guns aren't that strong, they are annoying. But not strong. Right now it's the quintessential "hide behind a rock and throw HE" boat with zero ability to take a hit. I have been one-shotted more than enough times to account for that heh By today's standards of lower AA performance, Other CA's that have heals and smoke, and other ships that can out shoot the ATL in terms of speed, calibur, distance..etc.. the ATL seems really weak now, or very situational at best. So.. that's my question; Do you have the ATL? Do you feel it needs some love at this point? Thoughts welcome. Quack!
  13. Toiletduck

    Player base getting more caustic / abusive?

    I have had that same experience. I play DD a lot and people will try to tell me how to play because I suck or am a noob or don't know how..etc... basically, just I'm not playing how they want me to... I usually out live and out score them.. Kids these days are very angry.. I wonder what the cause of that is.. I dont remember being that angry in the 70's.. I really really miss CoH. I was pretty devastated when it went away and Champions can suck it.. "failed their way to the top".. yes.. this! I wish match making also took players skill (PR?) into account when matching..
  14. Toiletduck

    Player base getting more caustic / abusive?

    Yeaaaahh.. I hate doing that, but I have thought about it. I feel like that only takes the nice people out of chat leaving the bad people in chat. That would be a bad impression on new players which is my main concern.. Maybe I'm just being too sensitive..
  15. Toiletduck

    Player base getting more caustic / abusive?

    I don't actually get that reference.. +)