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  1. I am curious to see what tiers these three ships would be. I’m guessing: Bretagne=5 Normandie=6 Richelieu=8
  2. Oh look! Another tale full of sound and fury signifying NOTHING!
  3. Premium Ship Review: Kii

    For all of my battleships I take Steering Gears 2 in the second slot to help with turning. Would that work with the Kii, or is the rudder turning reduction so minimal that it’s not worth placing in that slot?
  4. Brit BBs -- Astoundingly Bad

    How about something a bit more theatrical? "A review full of sound and fury signifying nothing"
  5. I'm an Arkansas B driver. I get it. As an Arkansas B driver I vow to not disclose the punchline of said picture.
  6. I don't think these officers have been mentioned, but they might be worth some consideration. U.K. Bruce Fraser: The British Admiral who fought the last battleship on battleship action for the Royal Navy at the Battle of North Cape, which featured the Duke of York versus the Scharnhorst. James Somerville: The best British carrier admiral in the Royal Navy. He sortied Force H with Ark Royal to chase the Bismarck, and led the British carrier force in the closing days of the Pacific Theater. However he is a controversial figure as the officer who presided over the bombardment of Mers el Kebir. Italy Angelo Iachino: An Italian Admiral who led the Italian Navy several sorties into the Mediterranean including the Battle of Cape Matapan. I know this one is a stretch since his record is dubious, but he nonetheless is noted as being the commander of the Italian Fleet through several of its actions in the Mediterranean Theater. Japan Chuichi Nagumo: Commander of the Japanese Carrier Force from Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal. He might also be too controversial because he did lead the carriers on the Pearl Harbor attack, but he is a decent counterpoint to Halsey, Spruance, or Fletcher. Germany Wilhelm Souchon: Might be a little too obscure, but he was the commander of Battlecruiser Goeben when she made her dash in the Mediterranean to Istanbul to join the Ottoman Navy. After transferring her, he continued to command the renamed Yavuz Sultan Selim on several operations in the Black Sea for three years. After he transferred back tot he Imperial German navy, he led part of the German battleship force in Operation Albion. Erich Bey: A destroyer specialist during World War II, he commanded the destroyers at the Second Battle of Narvik, and during Operation Cerberus, the Channel Dash. His last battle was North Cape where he led the Scharnhorst. After the battle Admiral Fraser declared: "Gentlemen, the battle against Scharnhorst has ended in victory for us. I hope that if any of you are ever called upon to lead a ship into action against an opponent many times superior, you will command your ship as gallantly as Scharnhorst was commanded today." Unfortunately I can't find anything about his background beyond his military service, so I can't say for sure if he is too controversial for inclusion. France Marcel Gensoul: Commander of the French Force de Raid, the French Navy's strongest surface force in World War II. Unfortunately it was his force that suffered the bombardment at Mers el Kebir. Russia-Makarov and Kuznetsov might be the best options. I would recommend Sergey Gorshkov, but we're getting too far into the Cold War era if we include him as a legendary captain. United States Jesse Oldendorf: The commander in the United States Navy's last battleship on battleship action at the Surigao Strait where several battleships that survived Pearl Harbor fired their guns in anger. Samuel Eliot Morison: Author of the 15 volume History of United States Naval Operations in World War II, which was the inspiration for the TV series Victory at Sea. What? I'm a historian by training, and I wouldn't be a good one if I left him out, plus it's 2330 as I'm writing this, and I'm getting a little loopy.
  7. I would prefer Brian Blessed. He's got a booming voice that would sound like a battleship personified as a human. Or Peter Capaldi as his Malcolm Tucker character from The Thick of It, but they'd have to censor him more than Gordon Ramsey.
  8. Hehe, that has made my day. Mahalo nui loa.
  9. Ship nicknames

    Dmitri Donskoi- Donkey
  10. whats your favorite port?

    Hawaii. Gotta support the 808.
  11. I'll take Jeremy Clarkson or Brian Blessed.
  12. My first and only Kraken was during the Emden missions around December/January in a Kuma. Most of the kills were destroyers plus one lazy battleship who failed to finish me off after a citadel shot. I repaid him with a full salvo of torpedoes near the end of the battle.
  13. Favorite Naval Quotes

    I have two: The fate of the Empire rests on the outcome of this battle. Let each man do his utmost.- Admiral of the Fleet Tōgō Heihachirō Gentlemen, the battle against the Scharnhorst has ended in victory for us. I hope that if any of you are ever called upon to lead a ship into action against an opponent many times superior, you will command your ship as gallantly as Scharnhorst was commanded today.- Admiral of the Fleet Bruce Fraser, 1st Baron Fraser of North Cape