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  1. KatiyaKomova

    Tier VIII Premium Battleship Lenin

    Preliminary impressions in co-op: Bow tanks quite well and seems able to protect her above-water citadel while angling enough to use all 3 main gun batteries. Main guns are quite accurate and effective at closer ranges. Painfully slow reload time and low top speed. Overall, a tough ship when pointed toward enemies, but can easily be out-flanked or cross-fired upon if not careful. The front turret armor has only a little angling, so I took Preventive Maintenance after a couple of main gun battery incapacitations. You only get 3 damage control party consumables (4 with superintendent, of course) and her overall health pool is on the low side. However, neither of these were much of an issue in my limited co-op experience, because most of the damage you receive is from fire and can largely be healed back. Co-op battles seem to have two contrasting outcomes: (i) they end while you're getting "warmed up" due to the slow travel and reload speed; or (ii) you're the last one standing, fighting two or more red bots (and surviving with a thousand or less hp) because Lenin can be really tough with proper positioning (but glacially slow). Lenin is a slow and deliberate battleship. Kind of a Russian Bear version of Nelson, without the super heal, but with better armor, and favoring AP over HE. Overall, I like her much more than the Vladivostok and hope the coming tier 9 and 10 Russian BBs are as viable and distinctive too.
  2. Abl96, see if they'll return the difference to you. They should have a record of your date and time of purchase.
  3. Also still waiting for the discounts. 3:00 a.m EDT here.
  4. KatiyaKomova

    What happened to the 1 for 35 FXP today?

    It does seem like the discounts aren't in place, even after the announced time. Tried relogging several times and still no discounts on xp conversion or upgrades.
  5. KatiyaKomova

    Soviet T10 BB Problem

    "Whose opinion would be more legit?" a) an angry person who doesn't respond to the specific points of a helpful reply, but who instead insults the population of an entire nation (after losing to a ship 2 tiers higher); or b) someone who offers useful suggestions that person "a" might benefit from? Notably, person "a" did not (and could not) disagree with any of the "legit" advice from person "b".