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  1. The best is scrolling through your ships and wearing out the mouse wheel until it moves.
  2. Actually the face palm was referencing your obvious triggering to a comment on these forums.
  3. Yes because "sky cancer" is a real life disease
  4. I'm sorry did you just blurt something out equating real life sea warfare to a video game?
  5. CV's have always been in the game since I started playing. I've never been anti-CV whether they are OP or not. But it will not change the fact that a ship can sit in the back and attack the enemy with no risk to their ship. CV mains will deny this and defend their ships no matter what. At the end of the day CV's are sky cancer like it or not.
  6. CV's have always been the worst part of this game. IMHO they should have left the RTS style of game play and worked from there. Limit the torps on a drop etc. Now CV's have never ending planes where before you had to play smart and not lose all of them to an Atlanta. Every CV player does the same thing. Launch rocket planes first, scout the whole enemy team and then harass the DD's taking half of their health. Lose a whole squad no big deal. Launch torp planes or bombers and by the time you finish the rotation your rockets are back up. The new CV rework isn't the problem it's the never ending planes and perma-spotted. Being up tiered against a Midway and you're done with no recourse.
  7. Perfect example: Me in the Edinburgh (3/4 health) a Massachusetts (1/2 health) a Shima (1/4 health). Enemy Midway is the only ship left all the way on the other side of the map. First rocket strike wipes out the Shima. Me and Mass sailing together for AA bubble. 4 bomb strikes later Mass is dead and I'm a one shot. So then you have OMGWTFBBQ CVS OP CANCER MUST NERF!
  8. CorradoG60

    Captain free respec

    You can also demount equipment for free
  9. CorradoG60

    Updates and install settings. Game Center

    I uninstalled that piece of garbage and ran the stand alone game. It messed up my machine badly, wouldn't allow me to update and other issues.
  10. Could care less. It's way to much grinding for a tier V ship which at the end of the day is what WG wants.
  11. CorradoG60

    Alaska opinions

    I'm sitting on a little over 2 million FXP at the moment. I was planning on getting Alaska and Azuma but after seeing a few Youtube videos I'm going to pass on paper armor Azuma. Be nice to get Jean Bart for FXP.
  12. CorradoG60

    The New Patch and CV's

    Works for me
  13. CorradoG60

    this is why no alaska?

    I'm sitting on 2.1 million so Alaska and Azuma will be mine.
  14. CorradoG60

    Moving GC to t6 east solution.

    Severely broken.
  15. The GC is fine at it's tier with the current meta. Just leave it alone.