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  1. CorradoG60

    Santa didn't deliver that ship you want?

    Out of 20 medium and 20 small crates I got: Crispy donut ship Huanghe (played one battle, will never play again) Marblehead (MEH) Nuevo De Julio (awesome ship) Camo after Camo after Camo.
  2. I will definitely agree with the overpen. I have been seeing way more than usual.
  3. CorradoG60

    What happened to Crap talking?

    Snowflakes and thin skinned cry babies are to blame. If a team mate does something stupid like torping behind me or yolo rushing 4 tier X BB's I'm gonna call them on it. I have numerous chat bans to prove it.
  4. CorradoG60

    Cheer up, Buttercups

    21k + battles and you keep complaining about the same thing
  5. CorradoG60

    Captain builds

    I run PT AR BFT AFT CE and IFHE on my Mahan/Sims captain and also use him in my Atlanta and it works well for me. You have to adjust for the arcing floaty shells but in Atlanta you throw enough $%#! at the wall somethings going to stick. With Atlanta you don't want to get spotted because every gun in the game immediately turns and shoots at you.
  6. CorradoG60

    Aslain Mod Pack.

    I use it but only pick a few things here and there. I never go for the whole shebang. Nice thing about his modpacks is it gives you a visual of what the mod looks like.
  7. The Jean Bart bundle is already 20% off. If you add the 30% coupon that 50% off and makes the bundle cheaper than the ship by itself. So what WG does is smart business sense.
  8. CorradoG60

    IFHE on Massachusetts

    I've been playing around with different builds and of course I'm going secondaries. Just didn't understand the IFHE being X'd out. got it now thanks for the help.
  9. CorradoG60

    IFHE on Massachusetts

    I just bought the Mass and I was going to respec my captain for IFHE on the secondaries but it's blocked out? Did something change in the patch or am I missing something?
  10. CorradoG60

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    I haven't pulled the trigger yet but I'm thinking Massachusetts also.
  11. CorradoG60

    Radar Bug

    Someone post the dead horse GIF please. I can't find mine
  12. CorradoG60

    Hockey guy missions?

    I think Denis Potvin and Mike Bossy would like a word too.
  13. CorradoG60

    Halloween Mission

    Yeah 14 or 15 try's and only one 4 star. The rest were
  14. CorradoG60

    Tired of losing.

    I find it's usually the first 5 to 8 battles my teams are total potatoes. Depending on what I'm playing I'll get 2 to 4 kills and a good amount of damage done but still lose horribly. I think MM messes with you to either rage quit or push on for the sweet win.
  15. CorradoG60

    East Coast Museum Ship Tour 8/17-8/27 (VERY Picture Heavy)

    We went to Baltimore to visit family and they have in the harbor: US Sloop-of-War Constellation, the US Submarine Torsk, the US Coast Guard Cutter Taney, and the Lightship Chesapeake. The ship tour is pretty good. The constellation is massive.