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  1. Do you know how many potatoes bought that thinking that they got a Musashi and WG is laughing all the way to the bank.
  2. CorradoG60

    Why so many Petropablosk in matches?

    Because Russian bias comrade. And OP crazy Stalinium shells and Stalinium armor.
  3. If you google unhandled exception WOWS players have been having this same issue since 2017. For me it started happening this patch.
  4. Since this patch the game is completely unplayable. It freezes either right after you get into battle or a few minutes into battle and sometimes it freezes in port. There's nothing in the crash file except one report and the game has been crashing all day. I've run the WG check tool, uninstalled the game and reinstalled and even uninstalled my graphics drivers and reinstalled and still the same issue. I've tried windowed full screen, lowering the graphics settings. I'm completely at a loss. It seems this has been an issue since 2017??? Really WG??? You still can't get your CIT together? This is the only game I have an issue with. I can run any game is my library at 3440 at 144mhz with not one problem. Just another reason for me to not spend any more money on this dumpster fire of a game and to stop playing.
  5. CorradoG60

    Holy Freeze Crash Batman

    I'm getting an "Uhhandled Exception". Nothing in the report.
  6. CorradoG60

    Holy Freeze Crash Batman

    I went to Nvidia's website and checked that the 461.92 driver was the current driver for my card and that's what Experience installed. This is the only game that I have this issue with.
  7. CorradoG60

    Holy Freeze Crash Batman

    That program installs the proper driver for my card. There are no options.
  8. CorradoG60

    Holy Freeze Crash Batman

    The Geforce Experience
  9. CorradoG60

    Holy Freeze Crash Batman

    Already did. It's not a driver issue it's a game issue.
  10. CorradoG60

    Holy Freeze Crash Batman

    I'm getting the same problem. Hard locks my PC to a black screen. Only way out is to reboot the computer and log back in. sometimes it's in port sometimes like the last lock up was in the middle of a ranked battle. Logged back in to a sinking ship. Looked at the crash file and there's nothing in there. Ran the WG check tool and everything is ok. I have no antivirus on this PC either. WTH WG???
  11. Go on Fleabay an buy yourself a cheap set of make up brushes for around $4. that's what I use with a dog and 2 cats.
  12. CorradoG60

    Why did they change skills in the first place...

    MONEY!!! That's the reason why and the only reason. To get people playing the game. The more people playing the more likely they are to spend $$$$$$$.
  13. CorradoG60

    What Did Everyone Use to Get Through Bronze?

    I got angry, a headache and endless rage. so I'm done at bronze rank 4. The garbage WG gives you is not worth it.
  14. When do I get that team because I never do. I get team potato and team meatball all the time.
  15. CorradoG60

    Behold the mighty reward for bronze Rank 1

    I'm at rank 4 bronze and I'm already done. Too many trash players.