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  1. Someone mad they don't have a Belfast This is the worst idea ever put forth on the forums.
  2. CorradoG60

    Really not a rant but...

    As of today I think I'm officially done with this ranked. Never in my life have I seen the dumpster fire of teams this time around. I still think they should rename it to "RANKED POTATOES" because the players are complete and utter trash. I firmly believe that mommy sits them in their seats turns on the computer for them puts one hand on the mouse and the other on the keyboard and says "have fun honey", they are literary that stupid. I've played I think 28 battles between yesterday and today and I'm still on rank 15. It's gotten to the point that the game is more frustrating than fun.
  3. OP try rank 14 rank 15 rank 14 rank 15 rank 14 rank 15. 12 battles last night and only 1 win. Every loss wasn't a "WOW great battle GG" it was a complete blow out with 3 or 4 team mates dying in a matter of 5 minutes. All the DD's going the same cap, BB's sitting in the open mostly broadside. WG should rename it to "RANKED POTATOES". I just don't understand how there are so many players that are complete and utter trash? And why they always wind up on my team?
  4. CorradoG60

    Well, I knew the good teams could not last

    On the next season of ranked potatoes...
  5. CorradoG60

    First Ranked Battles, 3 Wins in a row!

    I'm not really sure if I can take another season of ranked potatoes. I have one win and 5 losses so far. Players are complete and utter trash. Congrats on your win and happy sailing.
  6. CorradoG60

    Well, That's About It For Me

    I've gone back and forth from rank 3 to rank 5 for a couple of days. I quit today because OMG POTATOES!
  7. CorradoG60

    I ground out Bull Halsey

    Congrats. I run Halsey on my Mass my Georgia and my Iowa. He works great with the BB playstyle.
  8. CorradoG60

    Waste of time.

    4 years and 1800 battles. Me thinks a troll is a foot
  9. Maybe I'm rank 3 IDK. What I do know is it's not worth the flags or whatever WG is giving out versus the frustration of the entire team dying in the first 5 minutes every game
  10. It's not ranked or this season or even the arms race format. It's the epic garbage loser worthless players that are ruining it. I've made it to rank 2 and now I'm back to rank 5. Why??? Because the players are complete and utter trash.
  11. CorradoG60

    General rant about being purple, chat ban with memes

    Try no you're wrong they sent me the chat record and that's the only thing that was on it.
  12. CorradoG60

    General rant about being purple, chat ban with memes

    I got a 9 day chat ban for saying moron and STFU in chat. It's asinine.
  13. I received a 9 day ban for saying moron and STFU is chat because 2 players were spamming the automated responses.
  14. CorradoG60

    Tier X blowouts

    LOLOLOL tier X blowouts??? It's every battle is a blowout. This is the reason I quit playing WOT. The player base is complete garbage and that's why it's a blowout almost every match. You have players with 300 battles in an Alaska? Under 1000 battles in a Georgia? It's WG's way of sucking as much $$$ as they can out of the new people. Rush them up the lines so they have to spend more $$$. The problem is it ruins the game for those of us who know the ships and mechanics.