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  1. CorradoG60

    Just ranked out, Warsprite was my best choice

    Warspite was my go to also. She kicked some serious butt for me. Hit like a freight train. Hatsu was my second. Spicy torp beats with her.
  2. CorradoG60


    I can make 3 crates in a little less than an hour
  3. CorradoG60

    Premium Missions

    You could buy the PEF and get the masters of steel or something like that campaign.
  4. Until they nerf IFHE and you can't pen anything
  5. CorradoG60

    Buff German BB's

    The only German BB that needs anything is the FDG. I enjoyed the Bismarck so much that it's been in my port since day one.
  6. Before I even start this post I want to make it crystal clear I am by no means a super unicum Flamu/Flambass player. I am middle of the road average. The last few months have been nothing but epic fail potatoes battle after battle. I can understand tier 5/6/7 but once you get to tier 8/9/10 the quality of the player should get better? The first 2 minutes of the game a DD a cruiser and a BB are already dead! How is it possible that I am some sort of magnet for terribad players. I go 10+ battles before a win. Last tier X battle we had a Montana parkbehind an island and never moved 5km from that spot. He got 2nd to last on the battle results screen. I just don't understand how it's almost a rout every single battle and the red team just steamrolls through? Maybe it's time to take a break because this is no fun in any way shape or form. If someone has some idea why this keeps happening let me know. I know "git gud" and "carry harder" etc, etc.
  7. CorradoG60

    3 losses in a row...and exit

    The loss streaks have been way more prevalent in the last few weeks. I just don't understand how I can get so many epically terrible players on my team battle after battle? 35% WR in the last 20 battles or so.
  8. CorradoG60

    Halsey In Georgia?

    I run Halsey in my Mass full secondary build. He works well for me.
  9. CorradoG60

    Why have so many good players.......

    For me it's mostly that WG shoves XP flags down every players throats and you wind up with noobs that have 600 battles in high tier and they don't even know the proper mechanics yet. You can only blame the players to an extent when WG is pushing everyone to high tier play knowing that's where the $$$ is. I play for 5 or 6 test battles and if every team is boiled potatoes then I log off.
  10. I've always thought the Bismarck was a great ship for tier 8. The FDG on the other hand I firmly believe needs a sigma buff. It's guns are like Marty Feldman's eyes.
  11. I played WOT from the beta and finally got fed up with WG and their nonsense and quit playing years ago. After reading the DEV blog I believe this is going to make me leave another of their games in disgust. I cannot believe that WOWS is this hurt for money that they are going to implement this garbage. The game will crash and burn.
  12. I run Ovechkin because of the turret traverse buff and the survivability expert work pretty good in the mid to high tiers for a little more tanky build.
  13. CorradoG60

    Another BB?

    Me in Queue for battle: 22 Carriers 68 Battleships 9 Cruisers 2 Destroyers
  14. CorradoG60

    Finally some container love : )

    I wish I had any sort of RNG luck like that. I opened 86 of the Russian BB containers and only got the tier 5 BB mission.
  15. CorradoG60

    CV's need CAP fighters

    Maybe you can drop a fighter squad in a certain spot and hold shift to select another area and have it patrol an area back and forth. Sort of like with autopilot.