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  1. Dasha being added as commander

    Neat! So is that 7 Dashas, 1 Dasha for one of 7 lines (you pick) or 1 Dasha fits all?
  2. The Most Roma Match Ever

    THIS! Exact same story only with only 8 hits with 8 ricochets...on a broadside NC. Captain America and his shield were busy that day!
  3. Submarine Watch - Update

    "Push the button, Max!"
  4. Brainstorming the CV Rework!

    Wargaming already has a system built that could be used to control aircraft. Some time ago they actually built and tested a system for guided missiles lauched from Russian DD's. You rode the missiles in first person to guide them. Such programming could be adapted for aircraft control..making it more "action based" instead of RTS.
  5. IFHE for Alsace and Republique?

    Remember, Bismarck has improved HE penetration built in. Testing the German 105s and comparing to the French 100s is apples to oranges without some scaling math in between.
  6. A Thank You to (some) BBs

    !!? In backwards land?
  7. Yes indeed. Especially since there is always a Yamato sailing in reverse to farm all 150 shots off of.
  8. Is Leander good in operations?

    Leander is my number one go to ship for operations. I dont use smoke at all..scout plane or fighter all the way. Leander is super nimble to avoid torps, decent AA and fast guns makes it a real killer. Add in good torps and even some heals and you have an awesome all-arounder. I do far better with Leander than Cleveland. Leander dances around shellfire much better than Cleveland. I never stop moving..you can keep up a hail of fire and torp ships that get close.
  9. There is a shell flight time counter on binocular view. If the time gets shorter and you are not moving closer yourself he is moving to you. Its not foolproof but can be used in some cases.
  10. The New Division Tab is AWFUL

    The darn thing is in the way of all the other windows too no matter where you move it due to its size and the fact that it sits in the foreground. I hate having to redo a UI to get anything done.
  11. Major changes needed.

    You need to try tier 1. Its virtually all very experienced players and it's all about maneuver on the strategic scale. A very thoughtful and differently-paced game than any tier above it. Its like chess vs whack-a-mole.
  12. Best Use of Jack Dunkirk

    Jack jumps between Neptune and Gallant in my fleet. Bought all his special skills and CE as well. Fits well in both ships. My Minotaur doesn't need faster turrets.
  13. Radar could only spot for the equipped ship and place a location on the map for everone else. There is already something like this in how spotting during a cyclone works.
  14. If you want to take advantage of all his special abilities, he is perfect for the CLs, till Neptune (Minotaur doesn't really need faster turrets). As a bonus all his skills work well for Gallant.
  15. Except Scharnhorst, Missouri, Alabama, Tirpitz and Belfast all have representatives in the tree (mostly). What is wrong with two tier 7's that both lead to one tier 8?