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  1. Torpedos, IFHE and secondaries were nerfed as well. Hell, AA has been nerfed. Radar, sonar and smoke. There have been adjustments to practically everything in the game. Does that mean all those people abused those things, or JUST rockets because you happen to not like carriers?
  2. Wow, what abuse? Using them exactly as intended? Should anyone with a Japanese DD apologize to anyone they torpedoed because they nerfed torp stealth way back when? Cruiser apologize for HE shells and IFHE? BB's for using their secondaries at all?
  3. The deadeye change effected BBs with the skill. This change effects virtually every CV in the game. I would see no problem with a respec.
  4. Airacobra

    Suggestion: Ogre mode

    I remember that game when it first came out. During the era of the zip-lock games, Metagaming came out with a great line of "Micro Games" as they were called. Ogre was their first and cost only $2.98! I still own the original copy. Probably the best gaming bang for your buck ever. Some kind of game mode based on that would be an awesome fantasy mode. Maybe involving Habakkuk!
  5. Airacobra

    Taffy 3, a Sea Lord Mountbatten video.

    I was visiting USS Iowa and ended up having a good long talk with Bob DeSpain, crewmember on the USS Hoel, one of the Fletcher class DD's in Taffy 3. The story he told is hair-raising. I just amazes me the heroism of those tin can sailors.
  6. Airacobra

    Activat Consumables

    I see DDs dropping smoke at the wrong time a lot, usually followed by a few choice words. I've reassigned my consumables to F4 through F8. F4 is damage control on every ship. The rest I play with. Being up in the function keys I rarely hit the wrong button.
  7. Airacobra

    Testing Marco Polo

    You aim at another ship with a better profile, or you use AP and try for anything you an get. I have Marco Polo and like the ship. Very good AP but I find the SAP underperforms all the time. It just cant handle a bow in BB. If alone in that situation I charge, orient my guns to the side when close and go for a point blank broadside. Marco Polo is pretty tanky bow in as well. Its kinda like Brit CL gunnery; no HE.
  8. Airacobra

    Worst ever CV strike, just ate a 83k chunkmuffin?

    My point was that things can end up just right and incredible things can happen. What happened to the op is not a normal outcome by any means, and was nigh impossible. I used an example of what happened to me to illustrate this. There is nothing wrong with that example. Take out the word "pristine" and the example still holds true, unless you think a Montana detonates nearly every time hit by a torpedo. Yep, FDR can put out some high damage numbers with torps, but 60K on a pass? That's got to be one of those outlier situations.
  9. Airacobra

    Worst ever CV strike, just ate a 83k chunkmuffin?

    Actually it's aimply true. Go back and read my post. Detonations used to be possible at any time. That's when this happened.
  10. Airacobra

    Worst ever CV strike, just ate a 83k chunkmuffin?

    Sometimes everything lines up for the enemy. Twice I've been in a pristine Montana and detonated by a single torpedo hit right under B turret. You just have to laugh it off and makes some jokes about new flags waiting in port. Back then detonations could happen even if you were undamaged. Point is all kinds of things can happen in game, and it IS a game so you just have to laugh it off and re-queue for another round.
  11. Airacobra

    Favorite ships

    Leander and Ark Royal. I run Leander with the spotter and flying lil Stringbags from Ark Royal is fun just from the visuals alone.
  12. Airacobra

    Game sucks now

    I completely agree. RTS I stuck with the tier 5 Bogue because I didn't like the higher tiers (had up to tier 10). Now I play them more than I used to, though my CV's still lag behind the ther three classes in terms of games played. I am enjoying the game more than before because of the new carriers AND the new captain skills.
  13. Airacobra

    Paolo Emilio build feedback

    This is exactly my thoughts and the build I use. Paolo is such a one trick pony that a lot of the normal DD skills I've shaved away. I use no prio target or incoming alert since I know everyone is shooting at me. I don't even use stealth..that's what the exhaust smoke is for. I traded stealth for dazzle for that end of the run getaway.
  14. Airacobra

    Big Bad CV...Little Ole DD

    Wow. This is an argument? Shooting down planes should sink the carrier? Please try again with something less moronic. Where does this even come from?