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  1. Airacobra

    Anyone noticed a lot of blind fire recently?

    Wow! Proving you always have something to learn! NOTED! 🤩
  2. Airacobra

    CV disparity quality in game play

    I wish that the fighter consumable when dropped would latch on to the closest friendly ship in its radius and follow to protect it like floatplanes. If no friendly in its radius it simply behaves like now.
  3. Airacobra

    Asymmetric Battles in testing?

    They did something like this in World of Tanks for a while. Fifteen Shermans, M-10s and Jacksons vs. half as many Panthers and Tigers. Was actually a blast to play.
  4. Airacobra

    A form of XVM now works in game.

    Yes, the mod that made World of Tanks so toxic.
  5. Airacobra

    Dear WG, Don't Mess Subs Up

    The snorkel was developed to allow the sub to recharge air and electricity while technically underwater but even that was done at periscope depth which seems to be "on the surface" in this game.
  6. Airacobra

    Naval Battles scoring change

    Its 300 xp for the first tier.
  7. Airacobra

    SO about California

    She won't be available during the current crisis. She is currently under forced lockdown.
  8. Looks like the date is set for May 20. I would not expect anything before that.
  9. Airacobra

    CV aircraft control keys

    Ive reassigned the aircraft controls to the arrow keys, as well as rudder to the arrow keys. They both work because only one can be used at any particular moment. You cant change your CVrudder while flying planes and vice versa. Also changed a lot of functions to the 10key pad.
  10. Airacobra

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank you so much for this. Just got the order last night to shelter in place for a month. Don't know what I'd do without being able to spend some of the time online, seeing others enjoying some time away from the troubles going on. Well done, Wargaming.
  11. Airacobra

    Ideas for mouse button binding

    I'm a lefty so most everything is bound to the 10 key, with arrow keys for movement. One mouse button has "push to talk" and that be it.
  12. There is actually a toggle in settings to "animate small objects". This used to turn AA gun animations on and off by your choice.
  13. Except that your premise is wrong. The game has always been about shipboard guns and torpedos AND aircraft. They've been there since beta.
  14. I always love adding friendly CVs in to the enemy side when whining about them. Let's face it, there are really only two CVs in those games to worry about. Though I have to admit virtually EVERY game I play is a 10 BB game! Nerf BBs, lol.