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  1. I cant remember the last time I saw one. Maybe back when the Yamato was still a baby Katori.
  2. Airacobra

    Omaha Citadel Avoidance

    Omaha is one of my favorite ships. Best way to avoid a lot of shell fire is end-on. You are thin and most dispersion will lay most of the shells on either side of you. Use that rudder. Omaha also can fire 6 of its guns directly fore and aft. Coupled with high fire rate you can close or kite and keep steady damage pouring out.
  3. Airacobra

    Bad Snow

    It looks like baking powder because it IS baking powder. It's just preparation for the roasting the HE shells are about to bring. Yummm yum. Country fried BB with a side of DD spears. Lightly sprinkled in dive bombers.
  4. Airacobra

    WOWS. Needs. Hamsters.

    So far. I log in, check the Armory or Naval War tab. They won't open. Reboot game - stuff works again. Never have had to turn any settings off or on.
  5. Airacobra

    WOWS. Needs. Hamsters.

    Yes, you don't even end the change a setting part. It's the reboot. Every time I log in that bug hits me and I just reboot the game and I am fine. I don't understand why it always seems to take two log ins to make the game work right and how it knows to reset back to stupid mode the next day.
  6. Airacobra

    New Patch - can't get into Armory and Premium shop

    I've noticed that if you quit the game and log back in everything works. Dont know why that works every time for me and then the next time I log in everything is wonky again.
  7. While I may not be fully on board with your premise that AA is completely worthless and does not protect ships, I fully and ethusiastically endorse this post Miss Mouse. How can any rebalancing be done if every gunbarrel is different fron another when based on the zodiac sign of the third guy who worked on producing said gun was born under. standardize the guns, place them historically and start balancing other statistics from there.
  8. Airacobra

    Having a Maxwell Smart morning....

    You stole his one Easter Egg! Easta Bunny gonna have a word with you!
  9. Airacobra

    You can dodge submarine homing torps

    People, read the original post. The entire and only claim is that it IS possible to dodge homing torpedos. Coming up with 10K situations outside that statement does not invalidate it.
  10. Airacobra

    Things in the game that make you feel like a winner...

    A 16km shot on a Yamato from the after turret on my Minotaur, AND SCORING A CITADEL! Didn't sink him or even really make a dent but I was wow, where in the world did that shell hit!? Maybe it was very polite and asked to go see the engine room.
  11. Airacobra

    Bearn Tactics

    Also, bear in mind that if they ARE interceptors, they ignore all fighters and only attack strike aircraft. I use that skill on Bearn because the fighter are blind anyway. So fun to watch them bull right through enemy fighters and hit the bombers hard!
  12. Airacobra

    Skill-Based Matchmaking, I beg of you Wargaming.

    Seems that an SBMM would be in a continuous process of rounding people's winrate toward 50%, and as that happens it loses the ability to asign true skill evenly across the teams. At that point you can still end up with blowouts because people are in essence being randomly assigned to teams again. The system looks like it will only help at the beginning of its inception and gradually become useless.
  13. Airacobra

    Ugliest ship in wows.

    I'll have to vote for Zieten as well. That bridge, brrrr!
  14. Airacobra

    Premium Ship Review - Marlborough

    Fist time I have chimed in on a LWM review. I love reading your reviews, Ms Mouse, and funny enough a lot of the ships you really dont like are ones that I do like. That doesn't mean I think the mounds of work you do are wasted on me, quite the contrary I learn about weaknesses that my playstyle might be able to overcome. Then there's Marlborough. I have to agree with you. I cannot make this garbage scow do ANYTHING! I've tried, and will continue trying for a while but I think you hit every point dead knock on. so good to keep hearing from you!
  15. Airacobra

    Invincible AA and 2ndaries Going Away

    If I get in one of those ambush situations facing a DD, I always aim for the torps trying to take them out before they can bear. No wonder Ive not been able to recently. I'll be happy when the bug is fixed!