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  1. TacticalCheeseburger

    Thank You Wargaming

    That being said Will we see Corvettes in Game? I'd love to have Sackville in my Port someday
  2. TacticalCheeseburger

    Thank You Wargaming

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBvpJvjzJt4 This video, which names HMCS Sackville as a Naval Legend Warms my Haligonian Heart. My Grandfather served on her in the '60s when she was an Auxiliary Vessel in the RCN. She's been the Staple of Downtown Halifax in the Summer, Just a silent reminder of our part in the Battle of the Atlantic and our fight against Hitlers U-boats. Halifax is known for a few things Donairs, 1917 Explosion, Fairview Cemetery where the Titanic Victims are buried, Trailer Park Boys. But now Wargaming has added Another reason for people to visit my home town and to see the sights of it. If you get the chance to see Halifax in the Summer, Please stop by the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and HMCS Sackville <3
  3. TacticalCheeseburger

    Submarine Names

    Still curious why the Germans and Japanese are getting "Named" Vessels instead of Typed Vessels. Like I understand with the Germans naming the Subs as they are cause they're the first ones produced of that class But it still would make a lot more sense to call them Type VIIC, Type IXC, etc. Idk it's weird that America gets to have their Proper Sub classifications but Everyone else doesn't. Edit: Only U-69 is the first of a Class. U-190 was literally an insignificant Submarine LOL
  4. TacticalCheeseburger

    Player Support Glitch

    Trying to make a ticket and it will not let me log in at all to Player Support. Y'all might wanna get your Web Devs on this, could cause issues in the future for others.
  5. TacticalCheeseburger

    DevBlog 305 - Support Carriers Closed Conceptual Test

    >Imagine being excited for Stun bombs which ruins the game for others and gives Carriers even more of an advantage.
  6. So, when I log into WoWS, having fully downloaded the new Update earlier this morning It just sits there saying "Logging in" for about 45 seconds, then "game loading" for around 2-3 minutes before failing to log me in. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. TacticalCheeseburger

    is there penalty for hitting enemy afk player?

    >Dishonorable >objective is to sink enemies and win Shoot the wounded.
  8. TacticalCheeseburger

    I see all this hate for Submarines

    Speaking of, did you see Navy Field is getting a resurgence? Over 400 players again and still kind of growing.
  9. TacticalCheeseburger

    I see all this hate for Submarines

    And laugh cause anyone crying about them wouldn't have survived a single Match in Navy Field, Steel Ocean or Navy Field 2. lmfaoooooo
  10. TacticalCheeseburger


    I'm sorry you don't understand what SITREP, INB4 and Soon TM means. Sounds like a You problem my guy
  11. TacticalCheeseburger


    Whats the SITREP on them? When could we possibly expect them >Inb4 SOON tm
  12. [edited] Canadian Vets I guess [edited].
  13. TacticalCheeseburger

    Subs will be a good addition to the trinity of ships

    My Point is that In the Tech Tree, The Ships you can grind for are named as the First of their Class. Yamato is First of the Yamato Class. Bismarck the same Etc. So if the Tech tree for the Subs is U-124, U-571 U-995 It's gonna be dumb as [edited] because those aren't U-Boat Classes. They're U-boat Numeric Designations. It really isn't that hard to understand.
  14. TacticalCheeseburger

    Subs will be a good addition to the trinity of ships

    I just don't know why the chose to do that with Uboats. There is no Type U-69 Class. that' be like naming Missouri BB-63 instead of her name.
  15. TacticalCheeseburger

    Subs will be a good addition to the trinity of ships

    Personally I'm Curious what the Tech trees will look like for them. And I pray WG doesn't mess up the German Sub names with "U-124" instead of "Type XIC" Like they seem to want to do. Save Historical ship names like U-96, U-124, U-126, Etc for Premiums.