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  1. [edited] Canadian Vets I guess [edited].
  2. TacticalCheeseburger

    Subs will be a good addition to the trinity of ships

    My Point is that In the Tech Tree, The Ships you can grind for are named as the First of their Class. Yamato is First of the Yamato Class. Bismarck the same Etc. So if the Tech tree for the Subs is U-124, U-571 U-995 It's gonna be dumb as [edited] because those aren't U-Boat Classes. They're U-boat Numeric Designations. It really isn't that hard to understand.
  3. TacticalCheeseburger

    Subs will be a good addition to the trinity of ships

    I just don't know why the chose to do that with Uboats. There is no Type U-69 Class. that' be like naming Missouri BB-63 instead of her name.
  4. TacticalCheeseburger

    Subs will be a good addition to the trinity of ships

    Personally I'm Curious what the Tech trees will look like for them. And I pray WG doesn't mess up the German Sub names with "U-124" instead of "Type XIC" Like they seem to want to do. Save Historical ship names like U-96, U-124, U-126, Etc for Premiums.
  5. TacticalCheeseburger

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    I can only name off a few naval battles where Surfaces ships fought one another Two of them are A. the USS Samuel B.Roberts and her fleet engaging the Japanese Task Force 7 And Bismarck with Prinz Eugen against the HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales.
  6. TacticalCheeseburger

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    HMS Barham, Battleship, Sunk by U-331. Akitsu Maru Aircraft Carrier, Sunk by USS Queenfish. Taiho Aircraft Carrier, Sunk by USS Albacore Shinano, Converted Yamato Class Battleship turned Aircraft Carrier, Sunk by USS Raton Ashigara Heavy Cruiser, Sunk by HMS Trenchant Shokaku Aircraft Carrier, Sunk by USS Cavalla Chuyo Aircraft Carrier, Sunk by USS Sailfish Unryu Aircraft Carrier, sunk by USS Redfish Kongo Battleship, sunk by USS Sealion Shinyo Aircraft Carrier, sunk by USS Spadefish USS Indianapolis Heavy Cruiser, Sunk by I-58 HMS Royal Oak Battleship, Sunk by U-47 USS Juneau Anti Air Light Cruiser, Sunk by I-26 USS Liscombe Bay Light Aircraft Carrier, Sunk by I-175 HMS Courageous Aircraft Carrier, Sunk by U-29 HMS Avenger Aircraft Carrier, Sunk by U-155 Atago Heavy Cruiser, Sunk by USS Darter Maya Heavy Cruiser, Sunk by USS Dace This list in and of itself is a Section of What most would call "Capital Ship Fleet ships." All sunk by Submarines Before you go off to state that they never took part in Active Naval Battles, you need to remember that from 1939 to now all Decisive Naval battles will be determined by Aircraft. THUS, These are large ships sunk during Active Naval Engagements as a Submarine engaging a Surface Vessel is considered a Naval Engagement.
  7. TacticalCheeseburger

    Question about German Subs.

    (Move thread if not Appropriate place.) In regards to the German Submarines, Will they be designated like U-126, U-405, U-124 etc Or will they be Typed properly as the Type VIIC, IXB etc?
  8. TacticalCheeseburger

    Anti Sub People

    While it is dead because of the severe amount of Chinese hackers during it's first 6 months alive, Steel Ocean, which is kind of the WoWS Clone, had DDs, CLs, CAs, BBs, CVEs, CVs, and SS/Submarines was exceptionally successful. "But Tact, it's dead now, you just said that." I hear you stating, again, because of Chinese Hackers. That being said, their Implementation was incredible with everything. manually controlled AA, Manually Controlled Secondaries and main battery. Subs at Tier VIII (which is where the line stopped.) Had 5 mins of breath, and it would take another 7 1/2 mins to completely come back from empty. Hell the night battles gave us Starlight Flares for searching for enemy ships. I wish WG would put all of this in honestly. =/
  9. TacticalCheeseburger

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Not gonna lie This is kind of Retarded and this ain't it Chief.
  10. TacticalCheeseburger

    2018 Santa Crates

    Anyone know if this is gonna be a thing this year again? Still holding out hope to get my Imperator Nikolai I ;; On top of that I'd love to get my Wife a few crates and teach her how I taught myself By Immediately throwing her into a high Tier battle with no Idea what she's doing lmbo
  11. Can we has back Space battleship Event? :>

  12. Someone should explain how someone was able to drop 12 torpedos from 5 planes, please.

  13. Carrier players are Cowardly Scum. Kojiak's Planes are undetectable and 5 planes carry 12 Torpedoes :3

    1. _Sang


      Agreed, so annoying getting sunk by them in my BB