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  1. World of Warships Blitz

    The one thing that pisses me off the most, is the fact I can use my Secondaries in Blitz but not in the main game.
  2. English isn't my first language and I actually didn't catch taht until you pointed it out. Thanks x3
  3. This is your Formal guide to the Ships of World of Warships. Lets start with the Japanese. JAPANESE : Japanese Carriers : The Japanese Carriers pride themselves on excellent Torpedoes and Fighters, though their planes are weak, they are significantly faster than Americans. Japanese Battleships : Japanese Battleships enjoy excellent Armour Piercing shells, as well as exceptional Citadel, Belt and Upper deck armour, later tiers American shells can do some good damage if the Japanese Ship isn't angled correctly. These ships suffer from Long range detection after Tier 6. Japanese Cruisers : Japanese Cruisers from Tier 1 to 5 enjoy excellent speeds, long range Torpedoes and mediocre High Explosive. They have mediocre to Poor Armour. From Tier 6 to 10, They Enjoy excellent High Explosive, Belt armour and Torpedoes. Japanese Destroyers : Japanese DD's (destroyers) enjoy exceptionally low detection range and incredible long range torpedoes. The Cons to this line is poor gun Rotation, poor gun Reload time, and slow torpedoes. AMERICANS American Carriers : American Carries pride themselves on strong, high speed planes. They have poor Torpedoes but excellent Dive Bombers. Their fighters are currently unmatched. American Battleships : American Battleships enjoy 14 inch to 16 inch Cannons through the entire line. From Tier 7 and up, at an improper angle, Japanese, and German Battleships can punch through their bow armour due to it being poor. The Tier 7 Ship, Colorado also suffers from whats known as "Turtle Syndrome." It's very slow moving and makes for easy pickings from Cruisers. Their AP is almost Unmatched. American Cruisers : American Cruisers enjoy high rates of fire for their Cannons, as well as Alright AA. Their AP is almost unmatched. Cons of this line are that only 2-4 ships carry shipboard Torpedo Launchers. American Destroyers : Poor Torpedo Range though excellent Torp Speed. Pride themselves on being able to bring a Gun to a knife fight. Excellent reload time on ship board weaponry as well as turret rotation from Tier 4 to 10. GERMANS German Battleships : German Battleships pride themselves on what they were, Technological superiority. These ships sport excellent turtleback armour to protect their Citadels, Excellent Armour Piercing rounds, but poor Range. They are Brawlers. The Tier 8 Battleship, Bismarck, and up can be built with a Secondary build, allowing them to fight at a range of over 9 Kilometers from a target. These ships come with Hydro-acoustic Search. These ships suffer from Long range detection after Tier 8. German Cruisers : Pride themselves on excellent maneuverability as well as speed, Their AP is almost unmatched in their line, only being beaten in some aspects by England, Japan and the US. They sport a rather serious problem of a Large Citadel though, much like the American Tier 9 battleship, Iowa, Missouri and even the Tier 10 Montana. These ships come with Hydro-acoustic Search. German Destroyers : Fast, Maneuverable little ships, Priding themselves on the ability to sneak undetected through rather hostile water. Torp range and speed is mediocre, some of these ships come equip with Hydro-Acoustics. USSR/RUSSIA Russian Cruisers : These ships EXCEL on High Explosive spam, alright short range Torpedoes, and pretty ok Armour. They're a formidable opponent for any Destroyers who thinks of sneaking up on them. Their AP seems sufficient, though it lacks in the penetration department most times. Russian Destroyers : USSR Destroyers pride themselves on alright guns, short range torps and a very low detectability range. Towards the higher tiers, gun rotation, reload and torp range become much more sufficient. These ships make excellent scouts for lighting up the enemy team. aka NO RUSSIAN BIAS HERE TOVARISCH )))))))))))) (they're actually pretty much stealthy, smaller Light cruisers lmbo) ENGLAND British Light Cruisers : British CL's pride themselves on their incredibly fast turbines, getting up to full speed within the opening seconds of a match. These ships all come with 152mm Cannons, minus I believe the Tier 1 and 2. The British ships enjoy Timed Fuse Armoured Piercing shells, meaning they dig in then detonate, causing damage more so than just a simple penetration. Cruiser Belfast, the Premium Tier 7 British CL does come with HE. All ships minus the Belfast come with the ability to repair, as well as Torpedoes which can be fired as a Salvo, or individually. they sport excellent AA, Maneuverability, but suffer from poor Armour, so stay out of the line of sight of Battleships. FRANCE French Cruisers : French Cruisers are kind of a mash of up everything. They sport mediocre armour, alright guns, alright reload times, somewhat ok Torpedoes, but after Tier 6 and up, I believe they become Heavy Cruisers and are outfitted with Speed boosts, much like on the Destroyers. I will not get into the ARP ships, The Commonwealth, Poland, Pan-Asia or Italy just yet. As every ship in those nations is a Premium, some which you cannot buy any more. DEAR FRIENDS WHO READ THIS. If you see anything that is wrong, please don't hesitate to correct me. This is by my own experience within the game. By TacticalCheeseburger.
  4. lmbowat.

    Understandable, but I mean, It isn't Fun. I get off work and I'm like "WOAH SON A SUB HOLY DAMN. ILU WARGAMING" And it's like "Nah Bruh, You can't play this." Am sad.
  5. lmbowat.

    Yas Haelo. I am of the most Tacticool of Chesseburgirs
  6. lmbowat.

    So for the past what? two years? you've been giving us playable ships to piss around with, Like the Space Battles one, and the Bathtub warfare last year. Yet this time around it's literally "LOL HERES A SUB BUT YOU CANT DO ANYTHING WITH IT ))))))))))))))))))))) HAHAHAH HAVE FUN!"? Really? I'm sad now WG. y u do dis.
  7. HMS HOOD to have rocket launchers

  8. Learn Situational Awareness and you won't have to worry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Two Supercontainers in One day

    >inb4 hit by Car doing 90
  10. :> Enjoy my slight Lyrical Changes to this song. Standing on the edgeof the Torp DamageLike the Admiral once saidAnd the ashes are all cold nowNo more Anti-Airand the HE Spam is deadChatbans in the airtell the talesOf the Players goneDesolation, devastationWhat a mess we made, when they went Broadside Watching from the edgeof the TimerFor the game to beginBattleships range their Guns nowForm their divs for Armageddon I'm nuclearI'm saltyI'm breaking up insideAn inventory ofBroken ConsumablesDeep insideThe abandoned DD Players. Standing on the edgeof the underworldLooking up from the abyssAnd I'm hoping for some miracleTo breakout, to escape from all thisChatbans in the airtell the talesOf a player that's goneDesolation, devastationWhat a mess they made, when it all went wrong I'm nuclearI'm saltyI'm breaking up insideAn inventory ofBroken ConsumablesDeep insideThe abandoned DD Players. I'm nuclearI'm saltyI'm breaking up insideAn inventory ofBroken ConsumablesDeep insideThe abandoned DD Players.
  11. Clans abusing Ranked MM mechanics

    Alls Fair in Love and War.
  12. Dear All Ships of this game~

  13. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/at-least-commenters-like-me/ Why is this guy not CEO yet? every time something gets posted There's some witty as hell URL and I dont' think WG has given this guy the dues he deserves.