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  1. This whole thread is....... amusingly hilarious!
  2. If you join a clan, there are *always* clanmates online ready to div-up and you don't have to post these threads anymore searching for friends to battle with.... you will already have them in your clan! ;-)
  3. My avatar pic is a representation of me.... my military service, Branch and MOS.
  4. Thanks for all of the input guys! Yeah Teahee.... I am feeling your pain!
  5. Agreed.... the Devs need to take a seriously hard look at that achievement! The last time I shot down 31 planes... it was about a year ago, before the requirement was changed. Back then, it was just a flat "Shoot down 30 enemy planes". Nevertheless. I still did not get the award. Getting rather discouraged with these awards. :-(
  6. Thanks guys... I read the award criteria. How many planes does a tier VII Hiryu carry?
  7. Why did I *NOT* get the "Clear Sky" achievement for destroying 30 or more planes? This is not the 1st time that this has happened to me. About a year ago, I destroyed 31 planes and did not receive the award. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a screenshot, but I remember feeling just as angry and frustrated then as I am now.
  8. If you are in Melbourne.... I'm not too far away from you! I'm down here in Fort Lauderdale! TSG4!!
  9. I would *love* to have my Kitakami back!! It was very thinly armored... but it was GREAT FUN to play!!
  10. Hey guys (and gals, if there are any)! I am 1/2 Native American (Quahadi Comanche) and 1/2 Caucasian (Scots-Irish) Through my extensive genealogical research, I found that some of my bloodline is rather interesting. My grandfather was Baldwin Parker, Jr. whose grandfather was Quanah Parker. I also found 3 Confederate privates, 1 Confederate Sergeant and 1 Confederate Captain (All of which allowed me to join the SCV (Sons of Confederate Veterans) and the MOSB (Military Order of the Stars and Bars)). Being that my Grandmother was a Morgan from SC, I traced that back and found that I am also descended from the American Revolution's General Daniel Morgan. Education: AA in Respiratory Therapy, BA in Psychology with a minor in History I'm currently working as a Respiratory Therapist in the capacity of a Polysomnographer (sleep Disorders Technician). I hold 3 credentials (CRT, SDS, RPsgT) Founder & Owner of Vintage Impressions - Custom wax sealed documents (www.facebook.com/VintageImpressions) www.vintageimpressions.net) I'm a classically trained percussionist (but consider myself more of a drummer) that has been studying & playing music since 1980. I'm prior Army Feb 2001 - Sep 2006 as Infantry 11A. Last assignment was as S-1 with HHC/5/1 as an O-4 (Major). I'm an AVID military history buff and well versed on most military conflicts (some a little more than others) Some of my hobbies include: The Performing Arts, Gaming, Paintball, Large-scale (1:16) Radio-controlled Tanks, Writing Calligraphy, Wax Sealed documents as well as Dancing at Powwows and being active in other facets of my Native culture. Organizations in which I hold membership: American Association of Sleep Technologists (www.aastweb.org) Sons of Confederate Veterans (www.scv.org) Military Order of the Stars and Bars (www.mosb.org) The Syndicate (www.LLTS.org) A.C.E. (www.tankace.org) World of Tanks clan: 23rd Regiment, 7th Armored Division (7AD23) Ok... well, I think that's enough on me for now. There's more, but I don't want to bore everyone. ;-) I look forward to seeing you on the high seas!