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  1. Bikk

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    you have to go to twitch wows or utube and claim it at the top of screen. But so far nothing has shown up.
  2. Bikk

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    Two days and nothing has shown up
  3. When they put subs in co-op I will opt out. I have already limited myself to co-op and ops. I started in beta testing but will end with that.
  4. My avg number of tokens per box was 7. Based on this If I was to think about puchasing any they would have to be priced at 5 for a dollar or less. And to think a few years ago i was telling my friends how different this game was from WOT.
  5. Bikk

    Question for Hapa or other WG staff on Moskva

    If you going to reply to his question, why not answer it? Now you have me wondering if WG is dancing around it?
  6. Congrats on reaching a great goal.
  7. 5653 co-op battles. When there is no more PVE/Operations there will be no more me here and WG will have seen the last penny of mine.
  8. Bikk

    Who will buy Smaland?

    NO, nor any day after.
  9. I have both, Kidd is best
  10. Bikk

    Are Narai ships coded to focus an Atlanta?

    I was wondering about that the last time I played it. No matter where I was they all concentrated fire on me.
  11. Bikk

    I missed just 5 British Tokens :(

    eactly the same thing that happened to me, 15 tokens and the T6 Devonshire the next box. there seems to be a pattern.
  12. Bikk

    Your thoughts on British heavy cruisers

    I only have the Hawkins and see no reason to play it. Or to go further in the line.
  13. I have finished all 4 directives and got the T5. To say that I'm underwhelmed with the way that WG has changed.
  14. Bikk

    What Flag do you fly on you ships ?

    I fly the"Battle of Leyte Gulf", I was born during the battle as my dad served on the USS Petrof Bay, escort carrier
  15. It's a gambling system, clear and simple, to suck people in.