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  1. Game crashes constantly now

    Same ratio of crashing for me since last patch.
  2. salty gets salty :D

    I have a very thick skin so go for it. Trying to turn something back on me won't work. SALTY is one of the few clans that I regognize. And that is because of their bad attitude. The other clans that I recognize are the opposite. Defend who you want, maybe they will take you.
  3. Free Commander Retraining

    I think with every patch you should be allowed to respec.
  4. Congrats. I will put in the cookie request for you.
  5. salty gets salty :D

    My only contact with SALTY players has been negative. Bad mouthing other players.
  6. lag today

    Worst lag ever in this game. Anyone else having problems? Steam related?
  7. I was going to but $14.95 is rediculous, it is just looks, it already has premium camo so no diff there.
  8. My smoke

    to all those that think the DD should play to save you. What did you do to support the DD when he is scouting or fighting for a cap. If you didn't really try to help him then you dont deserve anything. And a lot of DD players have come to the conclusion that in random battles few will help but many will complain.
  9. WOWS screenshots

    I can take screenshots in WOT and all other games, except for WOWS. With WOWS I just get a black printout. Can you tell me why? ty
  10. thanks all, I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something.
  11. Is there a way to purchase premium consumables, say a 100 when on sale? or to purchase modifications in quantity? ty
  12. Actually I think that he has a valid point. The reason that you are able to spot the ship in the smoke is because of the blast from his guns being seen. Why not both ways?
  13. Each mission was stand alone. Did you finish the 3rd mission before the deadline? If so it sb fixed they are doublechecking.