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  1. Busy Sunday, just saw this.
  2. As long as it's their money. What right do any of us have to tell someone else they can't buy a ship they want? And if you think you have the right are you going to guarantee it will be available for them to buy when they meet your standard? Maybe it should be that only unicums can buy premium ships?
  3. If I wanted to play a space game I would not have gotten WOWS.
  4. If they change the game to shorten it I will leave. Then they can make the games all open sea, with 2 battle lines 5 km apart at start and I won't care.
  5. It sounds like everyone is experiencing it. I restart game after 5 battles.
  6. I will not spend another penny in WOWS or WOT as long as the Capt John Doe is in the game. This is a major insult to all American players.
  7. But only if one of escort carriers was the USS Petroff Bay.
  8. If it is an urgent reason then I will not waste time telling people in a game that I am leaving.
  9. just about the same chance as getting a super container.
  10. To use the name John Doe is an insult to every player in the U.S. If that your intent then there will be no more money from me.
  11. French Collection???

    same here except no t7
  12. Play the game the best that you can but above all have fun. You don't have to make others happy. And turn off chat.
  13. Can I shut off badges?

    Thankfully the mods are now out to remove them.
  14. Cyclones fun anymore?

    think having one major luck factor (RNG) that there is no need for another. Get rid of one or the other or preferrably both RNG and Cyclones. The two combined totally ruin the game,
  15. Can I shut off badges?

    Having the badges show up at the end is a horrible idea. If you are not going to remove them then give the option for us to remove them.