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  1. Play the game the best that you can but above all have fun. You don't have to make others happy. And turn off chat.
  2. Can I shut off badges?

    Thankfully the mods are now out to remove them.
  3. Cyclones fun anymore?

    think having one major luck factor (RNG) that there is no need for another. Get rid of one or the other or preferrably both RNG and Cyclones. The two combined totally ruin the game,
  4. Can I shut off badges?

    Having the badges show up at the end is a horrible idea. If you are not going to remove them then give the option for us to remove them.
  5. I think this is the worst thought our campaign so far.
  6. 75k xp mission bugged

    working as intended.
  7. 1 Billion Credits :D

    Awesome and I like your fleet also.
  8. 32 19pt captains.

    And I now have...hmmmm..... oh yeah....0
  9. He put the cellphone over the touchpad now.
  10. and it was his thumb hitting the pad.