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  1. _KKrusher_

    Lag spikes

    Sorry to break it to you guys but this has been going on a LONG time. I am on Comcast / Xfinity. Started back in the summer. Very intermittent but the same thing you are describing. Game starts to lag / suffer latency as the match progresses to where I have a 5-10 second delay and positional errors. I did troubleshooting with Comcast and WoWS to no solution in the summer and then later in the fall. WoWS says it is your ISP. ISP sees no issues to WoWS servers. WoWS says it is your equipment. I have now switched out both my modem and router to much improved equipment. I can go days where things are fine and then suddenly games are laggy as hell. Modem and router resets with full release of IP config and DNS servers sometimes helps...which I have noticed caused changes in the hops to WoWS servers and the ports for the hops into WoWS servers. So I cannot say that is ISP or WoWS fault. But this has been going on for a LONG time... KKrusher
  2. _KKrusher_

    What the hell is going on with lag

    I have some updates and new observations to my lag / latency issue and I am hoping the community has some ideas. WG Support doesn't that is for sure. So I have been suffering lag / latency since July. Randomly. I will have days that are fine and then I get into matches where I am lagging behind everyone else by 5-10 seconds. No rubber-banding, no stutter...just a serious positional delay for me and all ships. It starts once the enemy appears. Once the match ends all is fine. Until the next match and the enemy appears, then the latency builds again. This problem is sporadic...will last for a couple of days, disappear for a couple of days, then come back. FPS and ping are both always fine. I have been on with WG Support for weeks...tons of trouble shootings, WGC files, PingPlotter and other stuff. All other online games and online functions are fine...this just happens in WoWS. So today, it happens again...horrible lag / latency...after 6 days of playing fine. I tried restarting, resetting modem and router (will still connected to computer, just unpowered and disconnected from cable) and nothing helped. PingPlotter showed no issues with ping or dropped packets. I tried something different. I removed my router completely from my network, completely unplugged and reset my modem, plugged my modem directly to my computer and rebooted. Got into WoWS and there was NO LAG/NO LATENCY. Checked PingPlotter and the ping numbers were the same but the hops were different. So now I went back to my original configuration. I returned my router to my network but this time I reset the router once without it being connected to anything but my modem. Then I reset the router again with it connected to the computer and reset the modem, then rebooted. Got into WoWS and there was NO LAG / NO LATENCY! I checked PingPlotter and again the ping was fine...and the hops were the same as when I was plugged directly into the modem (plus the router now). So an aggressive reset where both the modem and router are completely isolated will fix the problem (what I did today). Just a simple power down reset of the modem and router will not fix the problem. WTH is this? If the router was failing, why is the problem intermittent, why does it only hit WoWS, why does a normal reset not fix it but a hard reset does? Why did this problem start after the July update? Both my router and modem are older but my ISP connected to them remotely today and said they saw no issues with communication from them. Any thoughts or suggestions? I do not have an extra router or modem to test for hardware issues. Thanks in advance for any help! Sincerely, KK
  3. _KKrusher_

    What the hell is going on with lag

    So now for the second time Support is saying my OC settings could be causing a problem... My OC is stable and has been since I bought the computer YEARS AGO! I run background apps to monitor performance - no change in any parameter in years! The lag / latency problem started last month after an update...but somehow my OC is now a problem? This topic was already covered once by Support. I tested without the OC being on...still had lag / latency one night. Next night it was fine running with and without OC. Hello Support...not the OC and not the easy way out. I am seeing a lot more posts about lag / phantom shells / rubber banding and stuff like I am experiencing. I think WG has a network / bandwidth related issue and they need to actively monitor their traffic to ensure customers are getting the performance from the game as expected. KK
  4. _KKrusher_

    What the hell is going on with lag

    Well I am still working with Support on this. They think my hardware is the problem but seeing I am having no other issues in online games (including their games other than WoWS)...the problem is not my machine. They have already evaluated my network and hops to their servers - which appears to be fine. This has got to be something since some patch in July. Gameplay tonight is not bad at all so problem remains variable. Very frustrating! KK
  5. _KKrusher_

    What the hell is going on with lag

    I have been dealing with a bad latency / lag problem off and on for over a month now. Posted many tickets about this. I have had WoWS since it came out. Game has always run without a hiccup on my computer. Starting after the update in July, I got terrible lag / latency. My PING and FPS numbers were all fine...never jumped up. During matches however, once the enemy appears and the shooting started, I would get this cumulative lag and latency that everything was behind or delayed by as much as 5 or 6 seconds. It was ridiculous. Nothing I would do would fix it - restarting, resetting modems and routers, turning off firewalls, closing applications or messing with the settings. All my other games were fine...including WoT. I sent in a bunch of support tickets but they were no help. Then 2 weeks ago it stopped...for no apparent reason. Today it is back...WoWS is totally unplayable. WoT and other online games (including FPS) are just fine. The last support ticket I sent in I was being asked questions about my computer. Seeing the game ran fine for 2 years and this problem is not constant and not hitting other games, seems like WG should really check their own stuff out. I have submitted another ticket tonight so lets see what they say now. Any thoughts on troubleshooting would be appreciated. KK