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  1. As the title states I am wondering if there is a version of static cross-hairs that are set to 30 as opposed to 20 knots. Recently I have switches from long time use of dynamic cross-hairs to statics and I have to say I feel like I am in way more control than with dynamic. However, I hater scrolling ships out off of my screen when at certain ranges so I was wondering if there was a static cross-hair that does this. Also I think WG should allow us to customize what speed our cross-hairs are calibrated out, at least for their standard cross-hairs like 20, 25, 30, and 35.
  2. QWERTYEel89

    Getting higher Damage with HE rounds

    177 shells aimed at superstructures with up to 16 pt captain and I only got 45-60k damage. This can't be normal for tier xs and fires seem to be really rare. where as a salvo sets my ship on fire with easy. is the fire prevention skill that potent? Even with the brit bb line I seem to barely go over 5k 2 or 3 times in a battle. I don't understand. I've tried the base of the super structure, the mid and top of it but average 3-4k on a good savlo. I mean like getting 6-8 pens. That's with IFHE or at least some high cal shells. Same happened with the friesland. 200 hits 100 pens and 45k battles.
  3. QWERTYEel89

    Getting higher Damage with HE rounds

    You get a fire! You get a fire! EVERYONE GETS A FIRE!!1!
  4. QWERTYEel89

    Getting higher Damage with HE rounds

    I do that. And for that I almost always aim for the superstructure.
  5. QWERTYEel89

    Getting higher Damage with HE rounds

    I'll try and spread my shells a bit more often then. Anything else I should consider?
  6. So, yeah, as the title says. I mean I figure it's the superstructure that helps with that and I understand the bow and stern gives some good points though there's the damage fall off after a while. How else can I achive max damage from my HE salvos. I know it's possible. I regularly get 6k ripped out of me consistently when in a bb if I'm not careful.
  7. Thing is that's the way to get burnt out easily. Constantly switching tactics instead of seeing which will stick. I mean I'm like halfway through the Edinburgh and all but my dmg per salvo is wonky so I have doubts as to what I should hit. I've heard about the mechanics but they're so inconsistent it makes you question if you should even consider listening to them.
  8. QWERTYEel89

    Smolensk is a disgrace

    A freaking joke with the way fire works in wot. 40K gone in 30 seconds in a bb. And you'd think those small cal guns would shatter mostly but nope, consistent 5k salvos every-time.
  9. I fell into this trap like in wot. Grinding numerous lines instead of focusing on one or two. Now I'm at the tier 7 brit bb, brit ca, us bb jap bb jap ca us cv jap cv and ru ca line.
  10. Just got out of a battle with my Des Monies in which 75 percent of my HE shells did nothing as it rained down on a Lenin. Down, not into, even. I understand HE follows a different mechanic for pen than AP but too many times in so many ships I have seen this happen. Only being up close seems to mitigate that be even then no more than 2k salvos at best. Lot of inconsistency. Whereas other players who drop HE on me are getting 5k salvos constantly. I'm aiming for the superstructure or at least I think I am. I've been watching vids of everything regarding pen and damage mechanic but that seems to fly at the window in battle. I fire into broadside bb along the waterline and half my shells ricochet. There's gotta be something I'm missing. Also dodging fire seems to be a lot harder for me than anyone else can't seem to reliably hit anyone beyond 10km with them knowing it's coming but slowing down or trying to drift still seems to lead me into their fire. Just a tad frustrated right now. I know this was supposed to be a question about one thing and I'm kinda ranting but I don't wanna shelf this game like wot again since there's a lot of opportunities for fun here.
  11. Yeah, I seem to get penned from the front by all bbs while driving any bbs. Just happened against an NC in my Georgia. Thing is I can't seem to help but bounce anything slightly angled. How does one even do ap damage to a bb front on? I hear aim for the superstructure or use he (no bb uses he against my when we're face to face I notice and I ended losing 7k to their 1-2k yea my shells fly past it up close or overpen for no damage. As for turrets I get a lot of no dmg pens (in general actually). It's annoying. Seems to be a lot of inconsistency with the mechanics. Georgia was the latest incident but I've had in ships where you're supposed to stay perfectly straight when brawling (NC).
  12. QWERTYEel89

    Friesland Captain Skills

    I considered this and probably LWM the best as far as versatility.
  13. QWERTYEel89

    Friesland Captain Skills

    Sounds about right.
  14. QWERTYEel89

    Friesland Captain Skills

    How about the AFT?
  15. Picked up the burger and Friesland a few days back. Hard to get used to but an interesting experience. My question is captain skills, namely the 4 pointers. I haven't seen so many suggestions for the HE pen skill which is surprising since I seem to avg 65 percent of my shells shattering on superstructures. The range increase looks good but that's probably gonna make the flight times unreal. RDF seems a bit iffy and possibly above my skill. CE, well who wouldn't want to be stealthier?