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  1. QWERTYEel89

    Thoughts on Nueve de Julio?

    I know this thread is a bit dated but I wanted to say this ship is surprisingly interesting to play. The heal makes or breaks this ship and usually I go through one of those before I get my bearings. It can do some solid damage and I just love firing all five turrets at bbs at range. It doesn't get citadel as much as you would thing though I would make use of kiting and watching what ships can hit you and how. I didn't buy her outright but rather one of the random bundles which also earned me the Lazo. As it stands out of the two the NDJ is more fun to play. Since I am still relatively new the heal is rather forgiving despite the armor. Just try to avoid citadels since from what I read there is a limit to how much vital damage a heal can manage. Oh, by the way, the heal is FAST got back like 6-8k in like 8 seconds (though I may have had a corresponding signal mounted). At this point I am rather pleased I happened to get a hold of it, though it wasn't my intention.
  2. QWERTYEel89

    How to Tirpitz/Aim

    There's no implication of a reticule bloom like in wot but I'll keep that in mind.
  3. QWERTYEel89

    How to Tirpitz/Aim

    Thanks for the responses, keep em coming. Also I never thought too much armor would be a bad thing. Bigger they the harder the fall?
  4. QWERTYEel89

    How to Tirpitz/Aim

    I've looked up some vids recently and have tried to apply this knowledge tentatively. I try to use straight AP aside from the "straight at em" BBs that come my way but lately the Tirpitz has become kinda iffy. I thought I was getting the hang of her (and bbs in general) but over the last few days I've had some ugly matches. Doing my best not to rage at RNG though I know there's always that factor I've had some bad experiences with the Tirpitz's AP, especially today when I splashed the broadside of a Hipper (at less than 10 KM) at least 6 times and got overpens or just plain bounces. I stick to the script when aiming: for the belly area of broadside cruisers and pray but when they hit it seems to either overpen or bounce, even got a few no-damage penetrations (shoutout to WOT). I try to close the distance (>15 KM) seeing as German BBs accuracy is suspect. Meanwhile same caliber guns on ships like the Bismarck have landed some juicy hits on me so I figure either I'm not using the Tirpitz's AP effectively or I'm putting too much stock in citadel hits (perhaps I should aim a bit higher for more consistent damage?) and falling flat with respect to damage. I avoid wasting shots on ships that are angled in the 50/60 degree region since that's autobounce territory unless I have the patience to pepper their superstructure with it. Perhaps I should put some more faith in the HE of the Tirpitz (and bbs in general) however upon reentering this game the rule seemed to be AP for everything in a BB (aside from a lurking DD or a super armored BB). I'm not gonna fall into the "OMG THIS SHIP SUCKS PLZ BUFF!!11!" crowd just yet as I've heard this ship in particular has received a few buffs recently, also I had a similar experience with a certain German premium vehicle in WOT that I felt was trash. Long story short it became my go-to premium about two years ago, even brought my 45% WR up to like 52%. I would like to have the same confidence in the Tirpitz and learn this game sooner than I did with WOT. The game became far more interesting when I knew what the hell I was doing. Also, for bonus points: how on earth do you calculate when your target is roughly at a 45 degree angle? I though I got a feel for it but eh, it isn't as consistent as aiming horizontally. Yes speed and course changes have effects on that but it just feels very shaky at this point (granted I'm still a hyper noob at this point.) Here's a waifu for your troubles.
  5. QWERTYEel89

    New Orleans/USN cruiser Help

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I finished up with the New Orleans and now I got the Baltimore. Dismissed my CO by accident so I'm waiting on a WG ticket I made. In the meantime what setups do you recommend? I checked the wiki but I'm a bit leary of it.
  6. QWERTYEel89

    New Orleans/USN cruiser Help

    I think I remember playing the pensacola at tier 7 (?) and hating it but I was an ultra nub back then. I notice things seem to get better as the game progresses but only if I conserve HP for when ships start breaking away and other cruisers start prodding. I teamed up with two Japanese cruiser in the last match, didn't do much damage but it makes the enemy choose "better targets" when you aren't the only target.
  7. QWERTYEel89

    New Orleans/USN cruiser Help

    Had a pretty good game. Got three kills and did some good damage. Didn't expect to win that considering I got citadeled for half my HP in the first 60 seconds. I switched from propulsion to Steering since a lot of times I find myself getting smacked at the worst angled because I turned too slow.
  8. QWERTYEel89

    New Orleans/USN cruiser Help

    Yeah, so since I wasn't around for a while I received both the NO and Cleveland in my port. Like a fool I sold the Cleveland for some silver but stuck with the NO. Been trying to take the recommended tactics to heart in this but I can't seem to make it work. I have some issues with dodging I notice and I don't think it's the ship however I find the range to kinda gimp me often. With the RU premium Lazo I'm able to sit at a comfortable range and rack up some damage, with this I always seem to be too sloe or stuck rotating turrets. And bbs even manage to dodge that half of the time whereas with me I seem to get smacked pretty easily. I guess I'm asking two thing in this thread. First how does one effectively play the NO? Yes I've heard of using islands for cover but they seem to obstruct my view more than anything and when I pull back I'm out of range, if I try to peek out I get screwed because the ship takes to long to go in reverse. Second, how does one effectively dodge? Seems that shifting at a 45 degree turn, and briefly going to 3/4 does nothing but slow me down. Thanks.
  9. Then perhaps it was just a matter of me improving or landing some solid hits.
  10. It feels a bit more comfortable in a BB, but thanks for the clarification. Perhaps sequential fire help by adjusting ever so slightly with the distance to target? Like how when we're locked on a ship it adjusts for how far it should fire to reach the target's overall distance. Since it changes in real time (such as when the target moves diagonally) maybe that's what "helps" with the dispersion.
  11. I was told in a game recently that the former helps to mitigate horizontal dispersion. Is there any truth to this? I played a game in my Turpitz and tried it. It felt like it did, though, that might have been anecdotal.
  12. I mean I didn't start smoking because of WOT, but if you're not careful you definitely break your record...especially if you're have too much time off.
  13. Speaking as a vet WOT player focusing too hard on your stats -especially when you're getting back into the game after a while- is a great way to pick up smoking. Nothing wrong with watching yourself grow stat wise but that will take the wind out of you when you see teams with strange stat alignments. Nothing worse than a team damage padding for stats rather than attempting a cohesive game, especially when your ship or tank is team-dependent.
  14. QWERTYEel89

    Shell Arc Chart

    Great, thank you. And for something like a BB or a ship that I am trying to gain citadel hits with what angle/ would be optimal for doing such things? For something like the Tirpitz it seems within 14km seems reasonable. I believe I heard of a significant change in AP shells so using HE on something like a BB is more commonplace besides against DDs or bow-in BBs.
  15. QWERTYEel89

    Shell Arc Chart

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a topic that listed the shell arcs and how distance affects that for ships ingame. If so I'd love a link.