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  1. Kitakami_KaiNi

    A proposed new direction for the CV rework.

    I was referring to the current in-game spotting mechanic with the multiple squads. Not the rework spotting. My concern from the rework was the multiple attacks a single squad will be able to do on just 1 target.
  2. Kitakami_KaiNi

    Turkey Rewards got 2 where my other one

    Logged on the other day and got my rewards but only managed to get the rewards for 1 kill yet I definitely remember killing 2 birds. Kinda bummed but at least I got the flag. Now if only to get the corgi flag.
  3. Kitakami_KaiNi

    A proposed new direction for the CV rework.

    For the fact I think this post show be viewed by some more people, heres a friendly bump to it. Also I really wanna stress that there should be that fuel limit because a big worry of mine is this perma harassing(3+ min constant fires or floods if the enemy rework cv has it out for you). Which stands to have almost an equal potential of harm as the current spotting from the cvs.
  4. Kitakami_KaiNi

    A proposed new direction for the CV rework.

    I agree with some ideas, disagree with other ideas I've read from this post but the important thing I see from the spot and many others is that this CV rework is something complex and hopefully WG will be able to hear out the playerbase on what works and what doesn't work instead of just tweeking a single idea. I don't want what happened in EvE when they made jump drive changes for this to be that in WoWs. It's what made me quit Eve because they went to dumb down and simplify something, instead of actually having a proper look and reworking the issue with multiple revisions and tests. Once I read the devblog posted the other day about odd-tier CVs and the utility the plans have if this goes through, it's not addressing the underlying reason for the CV rework. It's CVs being able to do everything and rewarding the skilled ones team and harming the unskilled ones team still. To put it as flamu said, "Its unfun having a match decided in the loading screen and knowing there's nothing you can do." I'd also just like to tag on that I'm +1 for the fuel addition being a balance factor. We already see a similar situation of time with the submarines and their oxygen limit.
  5. Kitakami_KaiNi

    [DAKI] Because fluffy waifu's are all you need!

    Dont Mind me. Just here bumping a post. :)
  6. Kitakami_KaiNi


    With the way JB was released, it looks like this statement cannot be a certainty anymore. Now it makes me unable to get the JB for coal because I want the Alaska more and since there's a chance it could also go for only coal, I gotta make sure I get the ships in the most efficient manor.
  7. Kitakami_KaiNi


    The Prinz is being hinted as being this years christmas ship since its in the photo for the christmas event. As for the Jean Bart, there was a post on reddit yesterday showing it within the arsenal for 228k coal which just about confirms that itll be coal/freexp ship. Meanwhile im sitting here wondering if I will wanna spend my coal on Jean Bart, Salem, or wait and hope Alaska makes it to arsenal for coal.
  8. Kitakami_KaiNi

    [DAKI] Because fluffy waifu's are all you need!

    I dont have any great pics to bump... but uhh... OwO Bump :)
  9. Kitakami_KaiNi

    Kron worth 750k free xp?

    Its been mentioned a few times before on here. I would advise as others holding a little bit to wait and see where the Jean Bart and Alaska are going to be priced in at.