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  1. Clan Closed Beta Bugs

    I first heard that it would be around mid-late december but things always change and it can always be delayed and moved to different times pending bugs are squashed.
  2. Clan Closed Beta Bugs

    Got switched with the person who was originally in charge of the clan so we got manually switched over to that. Cheers. As for a quick bug I found. I noticed when the "clan search" tab is open and you are typing a message to someone else in the box below, both text boxes will type whatever you are typing to the person in the bottom box so it appears twice. Not a game breaking bug but something to mention. Edit: Similar bug, when the "My Clan" tab is open and you open a conversation with a friend up, when you start typing in it, it switches tabs to the "Clan Search" tab.
  3. Clan Closed Beta Bugs

    Hey there. I am the one who filed for TOHA. I sent you a PM in-game. As a main note to report a few bugs. Two of the members that I am looking to invite into the clan are not receiving the invite to the clan, was there a certain spot to accept the invite or is there a reason nothing it poping up for both of them? I got one to join so far but the other 2 are not having any luck. Was there any way to retract an invite or would it only be in the works currently. When inviting a member that you already sent an invite to, the game says "The user account does not meet the requirements." even though an invite was already sent to the player.
  4. I have a cv and my friend and I were both able to get it. Were not too sure which makes more sense but our theory that worked for us was when attacking a cv "Run Admiral Run: Set fire to a cv deck/ If doenst work then keep doing damage to it." That is our theory which has worked so far.
  5. You wouldnt happen to know how you got the Manners Maketh Man achievement would you?
  6. Did you happen to be facing only 1v1 in the battle when you won?
  7. I highly doubt its other achievements as I am still yet to get the Manners Maketh Man one.
  8. I Just got King of the Party, Seems to be unlocked when I got an unofficial krakan perhaps? I was in co-op in my ARP Ashigara when I unlocked this. I've attached a few screenshots in case it helpes people figure it out how to get them. I was top of the team in case that may matter. Edit: Here is a pic for proof I got that achievement. https://i.imgur.com/x180zsw.png Edit 2: My division mate pointed out it may be related to how I was the leader of the division when I earned the achievement.