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  1. Steam ships in Premium Shop

    Damn. 1 day too late. Oh well.
  2. Steam ships in Premium Shop

    Cant seem to find them in the shop. Are they still available?
  3. Good Match Making Monitor link

    I'm still getting no connection on mine. I tried multiple browsers/devices and wasn't able to get connected unfortunately.
  4. Good Match Making Monitor link

    Looking to revive this thread as it appears the MMM no longer works since the site is down and wont retrieve player stats. Anyone got a replacement monitor in the mean time?
  5. Thanks. I made sure to update we're in typhoon for this season now too :D
  6. Didnt even notice till you mentioned it. 10/10 cant unsee ;)
  7. We got a new french casual clan for those who are interested in joining our community. :D
  8. Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice long weekend! Here's your daily bump <3
  9. Afternoon all. Clan Wars week 2 bump comment. Best of luck to all teams playing this week.