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  1. Do well or exceptionally well and the free Xp adds up. I have been using flags from the last few campaigns and Dragon, Hydra Ouroboros and red dragon, yesterday and the day before I racked up over 200k free xp and capt XP both days combined. Nelson here I come!
  2. Wow all this complicated stuff.... Step1. make sure game and launcher are both closed step2. navigate to replay folder find replay desired and double click and that's it, no fancy stuff nothing else nada just doubleclick, launcher will open and go to login screen ...no need to login it will simply start after a few sec and thar u go!
  3. Awesome, now were getting there!
  4. Good job Murryhawk, one should always strive to improve. Many players find success by divisioning with better players or at least...... players of their own skill level.
  5. Without knowing your computers specs any answer would just be a guess. My guess is overtaxed Graphics card.
  6. Try this link, scroll down to Retraining Commanders. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Commander
  7. No kidding, last night had a battle where red player was pissed cause we had 2 radar boats and they had none...they smoked us, badly.
  8. Yes it does happen, thought we had it for a bit there.
  9. Minny was my girl before the change and will always be my first love, but her torps just don't cut it anymore.
  10. Modules yes .......with icons that look like consumables, my mistake thank you for clearing that up.
  11. I too am Canadian, eh...yer welcome.
  12. They are "special" consumables that boost performance of others.
  13. What he said ^