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  1. SgtSpud

    How do you spot bots in Randoms?

    I've only seen 1 or 2 actual bots in higher tier random, first they are generated by players not WG . Typically they either sit still and dont shoot or target anything until it is close enough ...or they drive in a straight line until they hit something then never move after.
  2. SgtSpud

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    My brother found this........Greyhound Best movie I've seen in a while, action from beginning to end was riveted.
  3. Typically it takes 1 game for 1 container 3 to 4 games for 2 containers and 5 to 7 games for 3 containers, so I usually get all 3 in a session....usually! If I have a mate to play with, a session could run 10 to 20 games. I play 4 days out of every 8 cause work.
  4. SgtSpud

    The 1500 Doubloon Bundles

    Couldn't resist the first box, was Atlanta which i already have so paid 1500 dubs to get flags a port slot and 3000 dubs.
  5. SgtSpud

    Zeroed by CV

    Crazy huh?
  6. SgtSpud

    Zeroed by CV

    Wow , never said that at all, what I said was, when we get "zeroed" 3 times in a night by anything OTHER than a CV most of us don't feel the need to come to forums to gripe.
  7. SgtSpud

    Your professional opinion please.

    ^This in a nutshell. The caps with an island in the middle are just traps to waste time, nothing worse than to sit in a contested cap watching time tick, knowing an enemy DD is just on the other side of the island. Knife is correct, go wide in these situations and torp the other side of the island while spotting for your team. At least early game.
  8. SgtSpud

    Zeroed by CV

    Just curious, if you had been "zeroed" by a cruiser or another DD or BB in 3 matches would you come here and rant?
  9. Or do you just see it after you have made a purchase?
  10. Hmmm I don't see it in the store...i wonder if you are viewing a cached page or summin?
  11. SgtSpud

    Slow Down, WG!!!

    Yeah I remember when we were all begging for new ships and content.....now I just can't keep up!
  12. SgtSpud


    LOL ...all clear!!
  13. SgtSpud

    Tier 9 ships and losing credits

    Yup at tier 10 we can't just sail around taking potshots...to make any sort of profit we must participate, do damage, take damage, cap, defend caps and actually play like we want to win! Good luck and I will float you a loan of ...oh i dunno....70 million? at 5% interest?
  14. SgtSpud

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Finally beat my old damage record of 320k in COOP just had this game: