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  1. Can they join after the div commander dies? That would just be.........
  2. Agreed Lert....they should at a minimum have to ask to join. It really is an annoying feature...random player joins div, leaves without ever saying anything, feels like I'm being violated.
  3. Finally Broke 300k

    Awesome bud...well done!
  4. The 100 Club

    Guess I'm a DD main......... BBs Arkansas beta-608 Fuso-282 Yamato-124 Tirpitz-123 Bismark-147 Ishizichi-117 Imperator Nikolai-148 Kongo-124 Cruisers Konigsperg-221 Murmansk-188 Atlanta-144 Aurora-195 Cleveland-156 Kuma-176 Atago-110 Tenryu-100 DDs Minekaze-761 Fujin-792 Gremmy-400 Isokaze-542 Umikaze-449 KamikazeR-305 Kamikaze-305 Old Mutsuki-156 Old fubuki-134 Shimakaze-149 Z-46-140 Sims-123 Blys-128 Gearing-107 Clemson-203 Wakatake-186 Benson-108 Shinonome-104 Nicholas-107
  5. Final task New Years Raid problem

    Play PvP...you wont do it in COOP
  6. Playing primarily in CooP will take forever as the gains are minimal if you are FTP. I applaud your effort and perseverance.
  7. LOL I choose to believe........
  8. This is correct and I am licking my lips....Mmuuuuuaaahhhhhhhaaaaa.
  9. Yes your average XP is a bit low but as senseNOTmade stated, you get more base XP for: -Hitting ships that are capping. -Taking hits in a cap zone. -Capping. -Killing a DD amounts to the same gain as killing a BB. Mounting flags or camo does nothing for your average base XP, it adds the modifiers to the base XP. I see you are a BB main. High kill counts do not necessarily equate to high average XP, if we are standing back taking potshots at range ....we may get high damage and kills but we make more XP getting up in the reds faces and contesting caps. Here is an example of a zero kill game with relatively high base XP. The plane kills helped but I was contesting caps in this one and may have capped a zone as well.
  10. Blacklist ?

    Got a neg karma point the other day cause I killed a Nelson who was trying to get dreadnaught....during the fight, me in a DD, he was losing so started screaming that I shouldn't kill him because he was trying for the task.....all the while doing his best to kill me...... funny stuff.
  11. Bull$&#¥ pink status

    In internet speak he did say please.........space out your pings and you probably wont get reactions like that.
  12. You ships in Port?

    I have almost 3 times as many just in premium ships.....141 total.
  13. He was insinuating that he is the missing DD.