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  1. SgtSpud

    Please Stop Changing My Port.

    It changes every new patch to promote said patch.
  2. no research required
  3. SgtSpud

    The Last Night

    Yeah premium time .......the gift that keeps on giving.
  4. Seems a bit labor intensive......just open game center, navigate to replay folder and double click on the replay file starts like its supposed to. Just remember to not have the game running and just game center open.
  5. SgtSpud

    I'd like the option to sell these

    Yes they are optional for those boats but as you stated they are part of the whole and cannot be sold individually.....they are also interchangeable without paying a mount/demount penalty so technically in use all the time.
  6. SgtSpud

    I'd like the option to sell these

    What he said...looks like you still own the ships to me so if you sell the ships the modules are included. The graphic shows you that the modules you want to sell are mounted on those ships and you cannot sell them.
  7. Reset the line now for x2 .....research with fxp...do not purchase or play, wait until end of this month reset again for x2 now do the grind you will get 10,000 for first timer then x4 so around 52,000 pts. I have reset and free xpd thru up tp 9 times.... stacks as many as you want. One does not need to grind thru each reset if you use fxp to research.
  8. Wiki https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Research_Bureau
  9. SgtSpud

    Black or Sherman....that is the question.

    Black is the only "mine layer" in the game....references ultra slow torps.
  10. SgtSpud

    WG: You are driving players away.

    Funny thing, talk to any veteran of this game or almost any and we will tell you that there have been too many changes too fast, and we just want it back the way it was when it was simpler. But imagine this........player just discovers this game and is talking to his pal Billy......"hey Billy!" "You should see this new game I found" " It's a naval warfare game, has everything.... Battleships, Cruisers, Carriers, Destroyers and even Subs!" "And even better man, it's free to play!" I can see new users drooling over this game initially.
  11. Yeah we have all been there, but then the reverse is also true ...this was last Friday night....
  12. LOL this is exactly what happened in WOT as soon as mm monitor was introduced. I never used it and still don't.
  13. Lets add UK cruisers to the mix