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  1. SgtSpud

    Odd game visuals

    Generally speaking a problem with fps can be traced back to your computer graphics and a problem with your ping or latency can be traced back to your provider and the path to the server.
  2. SgtSpud

    Odd game visuals

    How can you possibly play with 18 fps?
  3. The Kidd or the Cossack.
  4. SgtSpud

    Top five commander skills

    Yup I'll let her burn just to get the quicker reload.......... I don't use it on DDs with 3sec or less reload, the gain just isnt worth it, however I use it on all cruisers and battleships that I can. I suppose if a player is a long range sniper waiting for perfect shots then not often. I don't play that way and the rof of the republique is it's best feature....I use it as such.
  5. SgtSpud

    Top five commander skills

    16 second reload on a 1/2 health Republique?
  6. SgtSpud

    T5-8 to consider keeping

    Did you lose your camos?
  7. SgtSpud

    Solo Warrior Time

    Awesome game , may there be more to come!
  8. SgtSpud

    Looking for a Tough Cruiser

    Yeah I too dislike this kind of gameplay, it's not for me, probably why i don't live long in these Cruisers.
  9. SgtSpud

    Reroll 2+ accounts

    Just start completing lines now, you have a head start.
  10. SgtSpud

    Sorry for being trash

    Please don't get caught up in the...... "my self worth is judged on my performance in a vid game"...... trap, It's just a freakin game!
  11. SgtSpud

    Who have you seen in game

    Said hey to @Davos_Seasworth on the red team while running my PEF .....the red team prevailed!
  12. 150 total = 1 in every 79.64 random games.