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  1. As predicted, went 8 losses 1 win Friday night tier 8 to 10, had to drop to tier 4 to win a few!
  2. SgtSpud

    How many First Bloods do you have?

    You mean 1 for every 5.52 battles....kinda hard to get 5 first bloods in 1 battle.
  3. LOL as i stated...the night before was the exact opposite.
  4. Thursday night I watched a Shima try to torp another low health Shima 4.5 k away then miss with three full gun volleys at 2.5 km in another match same night our tier 8 CV committed suicide (in a tier 10) game cause he figured why waste the time? As it turned out him spotting in the end would have won the game. Just a couple of the standouts .........
  5. Yeah it is an odd thing...day before yesterday I couldn't win a game no matter what, then yesterday in the AM the switch flipped with similar results in the evening. I fully expect the opposite to occur tonight!
  6. Everything else aside ^ this is the real problem, we all know that A CV at tier 8 in a tier 10 battle will struggle to have an impact in the early game as it's planes get decimated rather easily. If we just limit CVs in the lower tiers the vast majority of perceived problems will go away. The AA in the lower tiers (particularly DDs) just isn't adequate to deal with multiple CVs in a match.
  7. There really are many articles and posts concerning this subject...the wiki is a very good source of information. But what @RipNuN2 stated is exactly right.
  8. SgtSpud

    How to lose in less than 10 min...

  9. SgtSpud

    Do you get XP for kills?

  10. If you are so hung up on "stats" then focus on damage done, K/D and PR and not so much on WR.
  11. SgtSpud

    Second Round Of Directives

    Yeah these directives are super easy....almost boring!
  12. SgtSpud

    First Kraken Unleashed !!

    Great work keep er goin!
  13. SgtSpud

    Okinawa map is borked = all red

    It's happening to many folks this morning and not just on okinawa.....
  14. SgtSpud

    How do you convert steel to coal?

    You cannot convert coal to steel or steel to coal...you may use steel to supplement the purchase of a coal ship but not the other way round.