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  1. 189 - ships played 164 - in port including 66 premiums, sold all of the ARP duplicates just kept one of each tier.
  2. Actually some of us do set smoke for team mates, also if I am running TRB I do tell my team at the outset, so no one expects smoke.
  3. Republique question

    I run mine with manual full secondary build, she is fast becoming my favorite BB. Take a hit or 2 or let the fires burn, get health down to about half and enjoy the 14 sec reload on main guns. This was a COOP game but check out the main battery and secondary hits all this in a short COOP game!
  4. One of my best games :)

    Good game, I particularly liked the sneaky Fiji kill...well done!
  5. Emblems

    If you go into the emblem section and click or hover (I forget which) on one, it will tell you what u need to get it
  6. I don't even notice it anymore.
  7. You assume that everyone is as hung up on stats as you are....when you started playing this game was it because you wanted to have fun? or ...........
  8. Finally got Kraken!!!

    This is almost always the way it goes though neg reports are handed out freely, I really think that we should be allowed to compliment only ....no reports! (mama always said if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all!) Almost forgot...congrats to OP well done and may you get many more!
  9. LOL methinks that anything east of British Columbia is a downgrade......(tongue firmly in cheek!)
  10. High Explosive shells that.....shatter?
  11. Who have you seen in game

    Played a game with Reymu last night, we won. He was in his Missouri I in my republique. After I died he asked me if I potatoed on purpose.
  12. destroy differences

    The link I provided above has all the info you want including pros, cons, recommended capt builds and modules.
  13. destroy differences

    Here you go! WoWs Wiki
  14. Heres one.......