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  1. SgtSpud

    Confess, have you ever

    Had my best game ever in my Konigsberg, kickin butt everywhere killin ships then at the end of game saw i was in Nurnberg! Went to battle in a ship with a 19 point captain with no skills set.....and led the team.
  2. I'll give it a try, if you have FPS of at least 30 you can play just fine ....mine is capped at 60 using vertical synch. If I uncap it I get up to 120 but it jumps all over so I cap it. A higher number is better but less than 30 becomes very laggy, some will play with that but it is difficult. My ping is around 35ms, I can play with anything up to 130 to 150 without too many issues if I need to but a lower number is desirable.
  3. SgtSpud

    Who have you seen in game

    LOL was fun, sorry I wasn't alert enough to recognize another forum dweller.
  4. SgtSpud

    Best game

    Sorry to hear you are having such a horrible experience.
  5. Here are the actual economics Watch a video.
  6. SgtSpud

    Crap, is there a way to decline a daily shipment

    Not that I know of...it states this on the opening page.
  7. SgtSpud

    Why do people hate the DD so much

    Now this is funny! cause Cruisers "never" camp islands and spam radar or HE!
  8. SgtSpud

    Who is the Biggest Whale?

    Yeah I've tapered off a little too! (edit) just looked at receipts since christmas....I think I have a prob.....$1,600 and change.
  9. SgtSpud

    Who is the Biggest Whale?

    I honestly believe that if there is a whale that has spent more on this game than me....they must be making 7 figures a year or more. Conservative estimate would be around $2000 a year since closed beta, around the same for three years of WOT before I found ships. Fortunately I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or pay alimony
  10. SgtSpud

    Who is the Biggest Whale?

    Yes seen one last night ...an Australian paid $250 for it.
  11. Played a few tier 8 CV games last night ....definitely having planes shredded more and damage cut by 2/3. Easily getting deplaned even while dumping a squad or 2 early. So I was relegated to spotting and cleanup on aisle 6!
  12. SgtSpud

    Why tier VIII is such a Challenge?

    Agreed tier 8 is bothersome at best but the Irian? Easily my favorite tier 8=10 Cruiser! She can compete at any tier.
  13. SgtSpud

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    Sorry man ....not trying to be argumentative but I'm still not seeing what you see. Yes CVs dominate in base defense , spotting and K/D ratio (they are usually the last ones killed) but after all they are the first ones on the scene ...spotting, the first ones to defend and the last ones killed. In the right hands CVs are powerful, but when the average player uses them ...like me....they are not. I am a DD guy and yes they have made life tougher for me. The goal of WG as stated before the rework was to make CVs easier for the average player to operate. I think they have done that. Are Carriers game breakers? I don't think so or at least not as much as they once were. Personally as DD the biggest beef I have with CVs is the ability to spot early which is weird cause it is also the thing I like about them when I am in a BB. There are still way more average CV players out there than Unicum level players toasting everything in their path. Stats from the site you chose......
  14. SgtSpud

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    I get what you are saying but the site you are citing (see what i did there!) is for individual player stats not over all ship stats. Super Unicums will always top the charts in whatever ship they are in. This site here has overall ship stats and they do not support CV dominance. Pretty simple really.
  15. SgtSpud

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    Do people just pull this "propaganda" out of.....thin air?