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  1. This is correct. GK has longest secondary range in game at 11.5
  2. Very nice...... seems obvious that you ran into many straight line drivers with that many torp hits, awesome! Running flood flag as well?
  3. This is correct I haven't looked at server average for a while but last time I did it was around 48% wr and avg dmg way lower than yours.
  4. Knowledge is king! I played mostly low tier DDs and some Cruisers almost exclusively for the first 5000 games or so then I started to get into BBs. As my experience grew I realized that the longer I could stay in the fight the more damage I could inflict. My average damage is relatively low over 9k games but has been on the rise since I hit 5k and have been playing more BBs. So ...recent?... I suppose so.
  5. Kind of hard to answer this multiple choice question with a yes or no answer.....
  6. This is exactly right, the way to make XP is to participate in the battle and do the things that give XP. Take caps, defend caps from within the cap circle, take hits from within the cap circle, kill planes and be active. Sitting in the back sniping isn't gonna do it, you need to get in there and scrap! Coopers example is a good one. He didn't need a kraken, it was a lower tier ship but I can guarantee that he was doing the things I stated. Here is another example, one low tier and one high tier without a kill:
  7. Good job Reymu, these were my first 2 games yesterday...I already had completed the mission and got the boat. Just wanted to show that we don't need high tiers to do it.
  8. Good post, yes all of my BBs are set for survivability. I just wish I had more than 19 pts per capt......say another 10! lol.
  9. Good credit earnings.
  10. Notice how Moskva's survival rate is worse than Zao?
  11. LOL my statement was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek.....not a stupid question, however I am glad you derived at least some entertainment from it. I own somewhere between 30 and 40 premium ships with no dedicated captains except Perth of course. They are all used for training and farming free XP and captain XP. I do have a couple of captains that are specd differently...for example 2 captains used in the same tech tree boat but with different specs. You mentioned MO, I love my mo she is captained by Mr. Segal who is dedicated to the NC and also drives my Ark Beta. Oops, forgot about Duca and now Caesar.....I just can't keep up!
  12. That is what the patch was for and it did fix the issue of not being able to select a task....however I still have not been awarded Yamamoto even though final task is complete. WG answered a ticket by stating that the micro patch should resolve my problem...it has not.
  13. This http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Commander
  14. People use dedicated captains in premium boats?