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  1. Kind of like the idea of the Lexington class battlecruiser for a t7 bb premium, with a what if modernization maybe.
  2. Voted for tea sipping destroyers, but would also like a heavy cruiser line for them too.
  3. From the sounds of the videos I've seen on it probably busy getting beaten with the nerf bat before release.
  4. Makarov?

    didn't say a thing about turning time, should mention maybe that half the torps thing only applies if you aren't on Nurn's C hull. B and A hulls have 2 triple launchers on each side.
  5. Makarov?

    worse torps because it's got half the launchers.
  6. Harekaze in Ranked?

    I think the kagero and harekaze will be great in ranked with reload boost and their stealth, just avoid any matches with cv's when you have no smoke.
  7. Whoa....whoa....hey......no....that...no. Great vid again Zoup.
  8. Those original complaints about them were because the stupid big gun bloom they had just before open water stealth fire nerf, so other dd's could get away with shooting more. And yes, the german dd's are amazing, especially at bullying other dd's with their hydro / smoke combo, abuse that as much as you can.
  9. Apparently a Kamikaze can bounce

    I'm no pro to say if it is or isn't but that perfect of a plane outline on the side of a ship looks so fake.
  10. Am I the only one thinking the sigma and dispersion numbers for Richy seem underwhelming. Are they trying to make Tirpitz and Bismarcks stop complaining about their accuracy by saying "hey look, the French are just as bad!"
  11. Ashitaka now spotted

    oh boy, stock amagi at tier 7 get hyped.
  12. STUKA SIRENS!!!!!!!!

    And suddenly all of the problems Zeppelin has had in game don't mean as much. whiiiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiOOOooooo......not sure how to make an onomatopoeia for the stuka siren lmbo.
  13. QE vs Warspite

    What is QE's sigma? because mine has been grouping shots like a boss and is making my Warspite look bad. And toughness, Spite's got a bigger heal obviously, but the Queen seems to sit lower, and is missing some extra..pits I guess I'll say on the hull that house some of Warspite's secondaries and eat extra pens. All said QE has felt tougher to me. I feel like the Queen is just trying to make a good early impression on me or something.
  14. What to Sell? Mahan or Benson?

    pretty much as already said, if you have to get rid of one rid yourself of the mahan, as the benson has more use and is a beast.