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  1. Did someone just say that taboo word? also I like the picture of the two trying to take off into outerspace.
  2. Yep, rebuild looks better. The original hmmm, how do I put it...doesn't look like a warships bridge, and I like the way the multi decks look on the rebuild.
  3. I'm with the others here, hold onto your free xp for some other future use, the Roon was a fine ship to play through.
  4. Number 1 DD thing of importance, gain superiority over the enemy dd's. That is either outright killing/gettting them killed, or critically damaging them so they're forced to retreat. Once that's done you can gain caps or freely bring hell upon the enemy's larger ships.
  5. My brother once suggested that the game add subs as a randomly placed ai that sinks anyone who happens to come around that area of the map. Which I think is about as good an idea as our current system for detonations is...
  6. Getting to fight the high tier "boss" ship in randoms with a much lower ship was fun
  7. It's extremely alike to the kagero + having the F3 and Type 93 Mod 3 torp options.
  8. blasted doubled that post.
  9. To quote a certain youtube video "why do germans like convertibles so much? because they hate having Hoods"...lel
  10. inb4 dx11 crashes half the playerbase.
  11. Eh, just the normal "insert whatever descriptive terms here" players that talk crap about the players who aren't dying in the first 2 minutes of the game. Reminds me of the NoZoup vid he did on playing dd's and getting bossed around alot :)
  12. I actually like the Yorck, I do wish they would buff the ap arcs to at least be alike to what the Algerie / Indianapolis and others are though, certainly don't think that would make it anywhere near op.
  13. extra salt for cv's apparently.
  14. just try and live without smoke, it's doable. and now the kagero and yugumo are better than ever.
  15. It's too hard to pick just one "best" cruiser at each tier..hmmm, at tier 3 most'd say the St. Louis though, and maybe the Bogatyr. Tier 4 I'd say the Kuma and the Duguay-Trouin. Tier 5...I have a thing for the Omaha, and second pick would be the Konigsberg. Tier 6, honestly that's the hard one, they're all decent. And as you might've noticed I was counting only tech tree ships in that list ^.