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  1. extra salt for cv's apparently.
  2. just try and live without smoke, it's doable. and now the kagero and yugumo are better than ever.
  3. It's too hard to pick just one "best" cruiser at each tier..hmmm, at tier 3 most'd say the St. Louis though, and maybe the Bogatyr. Tier 4 I'd say the Kuma and the Duguay-Trouin. Tier 5...I have a thing for the Omaha, and second pick would be the Konigsberg. Tier 6, honestly that's the hard one, they're all decent. And as you might've noticed I was counting only tech tree ships in that list ^.
  4. ehhh....both the Algerie and Yorck are nimble, and the Fiji even more so. Only the Myoko is notably worse in that aspect. Well, in rudder speed the Pepsi has it on this I guess, Fiji has a tighter turning circle but still a worse rudder speed.
  5. 6km secondaries on alot of T10 cruisers, secondary build cruiser time yea? ;p
  6. The poor Maas's existence got ignored in any comparisons T_T best t7 lolibote.
  7. Yea, more or less cruisers in general aren't very tanky, but the german line once you each T7 is relatively tough. You'll have to get through the Free Devastating Strikes aka the Nurnberg first though, (good ship aside from the drawback of eating cit hits like almost nothing else.)
  8. Running on... Intel I7 4770k (stock clocks, maybe the cheap 4 phase motherboard is keeping it from or it's just really bad at oc'ing, could hit 4.2 with a fair bit of voltage but dropped it back to stock since I only have a so so cooler "tested in winter") Asrock B85 Pro 4 (originally had an I3 in this is why I didn't have something better for the k model cpu.) 8GB 1600 MHz G.Skill ram, 2x 4gb kit. Samsung 830 series ssd, 128gb. 1TB Western Digital Blue HDD. Sapphire Nitro RX 480 4GB model. (would still be using my GTX 770 from earlier this year but it went kaput) Asus VX 229 monitor. Seasonic 550 watt G series. Asus Xonar DG sound card. Sennheiser HD 595 headphones. Cooler Master Storm Xornet..< mouse. Some...generic ps/2 port HP keyboard with media buttons.
  9. Yep, Richy Louie looks better. But the...bags around where the main guns meet the turrets (I don't remember what those are called) are too big on them...kind of bothers me lookswise.
  10. From previous ones, something that will have either smoke radar or both, and is a class that shouldn't have one or either of these things.
  11. They did buff the rof just a tiny touch, from 15 to 14.3.
  12. lel, and then it'll be terribly mediocre at everything else, but yea I don't think we need bb's with a near 50% heal.
  13. It was obviously a joke lol.
  14. Oh snap..premium Gangut, (I don't want to type the longer name geez)...time for more stronk soviet battleship with sigma value of 2.1+ because that surely can't be op due to the small gun caliber right comrade? /wink wink.
  15. And tada...looks like she'll be back on the weekend of the 16th.