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  1. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    Deutschland engineering is sekai ichi boat coming soon? hype time.
  2. I might just have to start playing the Ognevoi now to get Grozzy.
  3. This....doesn't feel very well thought out, aside from all the other things mentioned this will also hit german dd's as well, probably make them overpen every dd they fight.
  4. Whoa never knew that was a thing.
  5. I don't, because I've been stuck at rank 8 limbo, win / lose win / lose. ;)
  6. It was for sale in game with doubloons (gold) for quite awhile I think, unless I'm brain farting.
  7. Ranked T10 DD: Your pick?

    I have this suspicion tier 10 ranked is gong to bring out some cv players, which would change things drastically if they were in matches often. Buuuut....that probably won't happen, I mean who plays cv's right?
  8. I vote we get + - 3 tier mm back and remove the low tier protection.
  9. This Torpedo Mission ‘Vent’

    Took me 5 tries for the torp mission, 1 kagero game, 1 yugumo, 2 Z-52, and finally did it with 1 shimakaze game, (4 hits total, 2 of which were into an enemy shima.) Did the remaining modules with the Des Memes in two more game. Not too bad.
  10. Kind of like the idea of the Lexington class battlecruiser for a t7 bb premium, with a what if modernization maybe.
  11. Voted for tea sipping destroyers, but would also like a heavy cruiser line for them too.
  12. From the sounds of the videos I've seen on it probably busy getting beaten with the nerf bat before release.
  13. Makarov?

    didn't say a thing about turning time, should mention maybe that half the torps thing only applies if you aren't on Nurn's C hull. B and A hulls have 2 triple launchers on each side.
  14. Makarov?

    worse torps because it's got half the launchers.
  15. Harekaze in Ranked?

    I think the kagero and harekaze will be great in ranked with reload boost and their stealth, just avoid any matches with cv's when you have no smoke.