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  1. Viscount

    Return of Belfast?

    People underrate the Fiji? I thought it was pretty widely known as borderline op.
  2. I hear you only use the op ap ammo.
  3. Viscount

    Main Battery Monday - Top Shot

    38% in Queen Elizabeth, but that's in only 25 games played on it, for something with a higher number of games, it'd be Iowa, Montana, and Giulio Cesare at 35%, Gneis at 34%. cough, Mikasa hitting 28% in 24 games.
  4. Viscount

    Countering CL's in CA's

    Nothing really, as you said if they never show enough side they'll simply out dps an 8 inch cruiser.
  5. Viscount

    Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    Deutschland engineering is sekai ichi boat coming soon? hype time.