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  1. Viscount

    Return of Belfast?

    People underrate the Fiji? I thought it was pretty widely known as borderline op.
  2. I hear you only use the op ap ammo.
  3. Viscount

    Main Battery Monday - Top Shot

    38% in Queen Elizabeth, but that's in only 25 games played on it, for something with a higher number of games, it'd be Iowa, Montana, and Giulio Cesare at 35%, Gneis at 34%. cough, Mikasa hitting 28% in 24 games.
  4. Viscount

    Countering CL's in CA's

    Nothing really, as you said if they never show enough side they'll simply out dps an 8 inch cruiser.
  5. Viscount

    Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    Deutschland engineering is sekai ichi boat coming soon? hype time.
  6. Viscount

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Oh snap..premium Gangut, (I don't want to type the longer name geez)...time for more stronk soviet battleship with sigma value of 2.1+ because that surely can't be op due to the small gun caliber right comrade? /wink wink.
  7. Viscount

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Well then....right at the end of the event and my resources just...gone...