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  1. I opened 10 crates and all I got was 8x10 shadow lurker, 1x10 type 59, and 1x1250 dubloons. NOTHING else. I feel so ripped off.
  2. If you aren't getting the reward, even after twitch tells you that you've claimed it, go to your WG account page and unlink then relink your twitch account. That worked for me.
  3. The best thing to do at this point is to eliminate CVs entirely. Replace them with subs. Guy has a tier X CV, take it and give him a tier X sub. Done.
  4. I find the idea that you don't have hardware to be 64bit capable to be incredibly unlikely. 64bit CPUs have been around since the AMD Athlon 64 and Pentium 4 era. Certainly your hardware is newer than that, otherwise I wouldn't think it would be able to run WoWs at all. I would be incredibly interested to see your specs, if possible As an aside, I would say that putting together a system that would be able to run WoWs at an acceptable framerate would cost only a few hundred, even starting from scratch.
  5. What do we have to look forward to with this move? Better physics like varying sea conditions would be incredible.
  6. Yeah I figured it out. You need to make sure that "Special Ships->Decorative" are not hidden for the camo to show.
  7. The Atago is really nice, I'm glad I got it as I don't think I'd have ever bought it. Gonna start up the IJN Cruiser line now because of it.
  8. I bought the same package and got the Mass B and Atago B, plus 80 shadow lurker, 2500 dubloons (2x 1250), 10 type 59 camos, and 25000 free xp My Mass B and Atago B don't have the permanent black camo though, I thought that was a thing
  9. jondread

    0.7.9 Public Test Bug Reports

    There's a typo in the Arms Race text during gameplay which goes "Capture the kea area" I assume that's supposed to be "key"