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  1. No. That is what should happen, train the captain for at least one tech tree ship of each type. But no. Only to sell more premium ships
  2. WarStore

    Positive thread to restore Balance

    Most of these "positives" are only things necessary for us to test things for WG. The negatives far outweighs the positives. And I also can imagine how much money WG is gonna make when people finally reach 21pts and have to respec everything all over again, but this time without the free respec, cuz you aren't even allowed to test things with the two "extra" points, which are simply a scam as WG made several skills cost more.
  3. WarStore

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    This is the diversity WG is pushing with this update. I got the Georgia exclusively because of its secondary fun, but now I've taken everything out, put range mod, concealmente and deadeye and simply ran away from any enemy trying to get close. Watching all 6 shell hit the same spot. Talk about not promoting sniping gameplay.
  4. WarStore

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    This update is just terrible. I can barely find the will to keep doing the dockyard after they dumped this awful rebork all over it. Alaska seems soaked in gasoline, catching permafires left and right. No reason to play it. I feel for the idiot who falls for the trap of paying real money to get this ship now. Secondary ships are in an even sadder state, after WG thought it was a good idea to buff HE spammers and snipers, remove survivability of anything else trying to push and still keep the nerfed secondaries as expensive to spec as they were before. And go try the Georgia with Deadeye. Why even spec that ship with secondaries if you can land all 6 shells in the same spot from a distance? Pathetic. WG balancing team is run by monkeys.
  5. I know during the last EU streaming, the staff didn't pick a single one of the tough questions submitted in the chat. They prefer things like which ships are gonna replace Smaland, to which the answer was always "we can't answer that", which prompted many in the chat to question why even pick those questions if they can't answer. Nothing about the skill rebork. But I guess you guys are gonna prove me wrong today, by picking the tough questions, right?
  6. WarStore

    I stand humbly corrected. Thnx !!

    Pretending that ship isn't blatantly broken because bad players are bad
  7. WarStore

    Why did WG pick wurst skills?

    Lol If they knew how to play their game, they wouldn't release blatantly OP ships, the FDR or this skill rebork. They are so clueless that they recommend some builds that require more than 21 pts. Yup. That is WG.
  8. WarStore

    New Commander Skills battleship Guide

    I see that Battleship skill tree and makes me wonder what is even the point of playing the GK now. There wasn't a lot of incentive to play it before, but now that its survivability has been completely destroyed and its secondaries are nerfed, it is hard to imagine any reason to play it. And please, stop pretending a nerf to dispersion is a buff.
  9. WarStore

    Why did WG pick wurst skills?

    Tomorrow there will be a link to reset all of your captains.
  10. I will be demounting upgrades from ships I don't use for later use. Also demounting from ships which had their secondary builds killed by the rebork.
  11. "We'll go over patch 0.10.0, we'll answer questions you'll have, show off the new content," It should be more addressing awful and unwanted changes to the game. Changes so bad that even WG can't deal with them. And if you consider answers like "we can't answer that question" as answering them, then sure. But I don't. I consider it picking non-questions to waste time and avoid answering the real ones.
  12. I can already imagine the answer questions part. The EU streaming was a pain to watch, with the staff picking questions which they couldn't answer and completely ignoring relevant questions. Business as usual I guess. Here is good question: why add recommended builds to the UI if the recommended builds require more than the illusionary 21pts? I fully expect that to be ignored in favor of some useless question you will actually pick like "when will Missouri be added to armory?" just you can answer "never".
  13. WarStore

    How to prep for the commander rework!

    The problem with this rework is that WG is giving the illusion of having 2 extra points and most people won't be able to test the builds properly. I wanted to test full secondaries with the new BFT and another hybrid with new BFT/concealment/deadeye, only extending the range on secondaries but without manual fire, cuz it still is a 4pts even though WH heavily nerfed it for no reason. I won't have a 21pts captain for that and will probably have to rely on youtubers and streamers to do the testing. Anyways, gonna recommend this video to my brother, as he doesn't have time or the interest to follow the forums.
  14. WarStore

    WG giving out free level 10s now?

    How exactly does game balance affect PvE? Bots simply charge at you firing randomly.
  15. Bourgogne is a bit different though. I suspect it is not accessible to everyone