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  1. I know. I am just adding that part of the "math" they never take into consideration somehow. Even the few AA DDs have their defences obliterated in a single strike.
  2. CV mains tend to forget that AA mounts get destroyed over battle. Sometimes it is sad to see that you have 7% of your AA left after taking a salvo from a Thunderer. Do the math, they say
  3. The sheer arrogance of the typical CV defender is incredible. Some of the most unknowledge-able players talking about knowledge and thinking better.
  4. Even the arguments of the pro-CV camp is not fun. They are actively saying that you are not allowed to have fun. And the worst part is that doing everything they preach also doesn't guarantee a victory. It only guarantees a miserable and unfun experience.
  5. For some reason, I was going to include Musashi divisions knowing that a smart [edited]would cite it as a counter, but it is so easily dodgeable if the CV simply decides to move (plus it doesn't work against armored decks) that I didn't bother including it. Looking back, I should have mentioned it because somehow some people think that being stupid is also a counter to the capabilities of a mechanic.
  6. Then show me a replay of you returning fire to a CV. I am not talking about finding it when the battle is already decided. I am talking about you returning fire everytime a CV decides to go for you. Why is it so hard to get some evidence of that? It shouldn't be so hard with many CV defenders saying it is possible, and yet no one seems to provide the footage.
  7. You are wrong. He is well aware of the problems CVs bring. He just can't say them and has to come up with all sorts of rhetorical tricks to defend. If he wasn't aware of problems with CVs, he would have tried to do the video I asked for ages ago, instead of bringing even Warcraft to deflect and avoid saying CVs have no counter.
  8. So, to counter a DD playing well, we just need a CV, doesn't matter really how it plays. You seem to forget that while the DD "drags" the CV, the opposite is also true, with the exception that DDs move far slower and have very limited range. So, what we've learned: don't pick a DD you like. Pick something with good AA and smoke, so I you can at least survive for a few more miserable minutes.
  9. This is going a bit off-track, so in order to acknowledge a fundamental problem in this specific PvP game, I am gonna deflect to another PvE game to make a useless point. That is the typical pro-anti PvP mechanics crowd. The exact type of dumb arguments happened in WoT as well.
  10. Uh, no. Multiple people from our side are asking the exact same thing. It is you guys who keep moving the goalposts to avoid acknowledging the obvious: CVs have no counterp.....oops, I mean CV break the PvP interaction and deal damage to whoever it wants without risking taking damage back from its victims (before you say damage mitigation is the same as counterplay). You don't wanna give in and confirm what everyone knows, which is why you keep deflecting. At least to somewhat confirms that the presence of CVs is destined to disappoint us, as the only way to remove the player as an obstacle towards victory happens to be by getting its hit points to zero. Otherwise, he can still affect the battle, he can still run away and win by points, he can still cap and so on, even without planes. So, considering you won't show how to damage back a CV because you can't, just say it out loud: CVs have no counterplay. Just say it. It is not hard.
  11. Other things that limit average damage for all classes include time limit, winning by points and ships dying too quickly. Don't pretend resources are the only thing limiting the damage of CVs. And plane regen isn't exactly limiting CVs too much. Sure, you are gonna argue that the alternative is having all the aircrafts ready. But why does it have to be so?
  12. I like how you people always avoid when we ask for practical evidence of actual counterplay. It always become something different. In the end, you guys know CV is a [edited] mechanic that removes any joy of playing the game, that is why you all come up with nonsense such "oh, you are too focused on hit points" or "deplaning the CV is the same as sinking it" or, my personal favorite, "getting constantly harassed by CVs is an experience worth having". But God forbid if you actually show what we are actually asking for.
  13. Instead of using the word counterplay, making the pro-CV camp avoid what is actually being talked about, let's make it completely clear everytime: Against CV, there is no chance of returning to it any damage taken. If any CV defender thinks it is possible, just pick a destroyer, then a cruiser and finally a BB then make a video with battles with these ships showing us how to damage back the CV. It is that simple. And no, we are not gonna accept nonsense such as "you are too focused on HP damage".
  14. What problem? It seems you are trying to blame the victim.