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  1. LCPL4ever

    Rogue Wave 19pt Captains

    It should be, but hardly ever is :/
  2. LCPL4ever

    Coupons & Expiration

    my coupon refreshes saturday, how much is georgia with coupon?
  3. LCPL4ever

    How much would I lose....

    Dude just take a break and find another game. I'm currently playing total War Warhammer 2 mortal empires and having a blast. I check the forums often to see if anything changes. I would takes breaks from world of tanks too just to stay sane, but I haven't gone back. I have a lot of premiums in both games, but wont delete the account because things may change for the better in the future...or not. Then eBay lol jk
  4. LCPL4ever


    @CaptainBadger Why this replay, because I lust for the Bourgogne I'm going high with 382 secondary hits!
  5. LCPL4ever

    Up Grades to American secondary's

    If you don't mind paying, pick up a Massachusetts and if they don't nerf it, a Georgia when it releases. Good secondary performance, fun ship (the mass, haven't played the georgia)
  6. I wonder if they're going to pull a PEF, make is great, and then nerf it to the deck
  7. If they keep Georgia as is with those secondaries it may bring me back to the game. I check the forum and Reddit once a day to see if it's released as is or changed
  8. LCPL4ever

    Slava/Pobeda - Is it an alternate line?

    It's no use dude, his posts are pretty haughty and pretentious, he doesn't give a poop about a discussion. Love your music lessons on tdt
  9. LCPL4ever

    Slava/Pobeda - Is it an alternate line?

    Lol and Roma has terrible dispersion due to velocity, but this thing gets GPS guided shells. Looks like this is really going the way of tanks. Gold ammo when?
  10. French BBs will nuke a Hindy, especially at range. My Republic will cit a Handy easily, and it'll really hurt German BBs with normal pens too. The Frenchies were a hard counter to the Germans
  11. LCPL4ever

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    So you don't think the defensive AA blobs that don't push or even leave spawn when a CV is present isn't stale? Matches are a snooze fest now.'
  12. LCPL4ever

    Players, Vote with your play time

    I'm taking a break, a nice long break. Just got Total War: Warhammer 2 and the majority of the dlc. I'll check back in a couple months to see if the game play has improved. AA blobs that don't leave spawn aren't fun. I grew bored of playing my full AA Mino to troll CVs. Getting shrekked in my GK sucked too. It's a bummer because I have a ton of premium time, but no will to play. Oh well
  13. LCPL4ever

    New special Yammy camo

    would've been cool if they kept the black and gold
  14. lol, rewarding team play, why would they do that /s
  15. LCPL4ever

    game just not FUN anymore

    I hear ya, but I still have fun in my GK and Mino for a few games. That being said, I'm picking up Total War Warhammer 2 soon or may go back and finish Witcher 3