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  1. US Navy Birthday

    October 27th was Navy Day for a long while until Zumwalt I believe changed it
  2. I don't rely on fires for damage. Most folks run survival builds any way. IFHE allows my shots that do land to damage my opponents. Here are two of my good matches. Fire damage isn't amazing
  3. Acasta - First Impressions

    I just got the mission for the Acasta yesterday, and it's my first brit dd unlock too. This happened to me with the French bbs too. I got three missions just days before the whole branch went live hahaha. Some folks are just super lucky.
  4. Ah okay, man thought my account was hacked or something.
  5. Krohnstad or Musashi

    I'm super happy with my Musashi. It has great carry potential, and you don't have to be passive with it. I push into caps, and run with DDs in most matches. Being a passive sniper is boring, and nothing gets the heart going like getting within 10km of DDs while punishing their cruiser support and tanking a whole flank. This thing is a beast. I'm just as aggressive in it as my Massachusetts. It's a shame I cant go secondary spec with it. I don't have a 19pt captain in her yet. but went survival first
  6. Krohnstad or Musashi

    I recently picked up the Musashi, and I do not have a Yamato. The Musashi is very fun, and I absolutely love it. I have to remember that I can pen bows, and its awesome. The accuracy is good in my opinion, it's definitely better than my other favorite the Massachusetts. I'm glad I picked it up, and also glad I bought the HSF camo for it, it looks great
  7. Bonus Code 04 Oct 2018

    thanks Taylor3006 3006, does that refer to the caliber? I have two Garands and 1903 Springfield, love that caliber
  8. Wow, great video! Thank you very much sharing it. She was one tough lady.
  9. Renamed User??

    I don't understand the name criteria. I had to change my name from wombatturd to my current nickname because it was offensive to someone in world of tanks (it was probably because I whooped some butt a lot in that game and some butt hurt pansy had to get back at me somehow) Communist trash is okay, since I've seen che gueverra names, but wittman is not...
  10. need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    Mahan and Blys work great! I got 42 plane kills with Mahan (would've been more but I didn't have premium DefAA so only two charges...) 20 ship kills with blys!
  11. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    you mean Miss (Missouri) right?
  12. Well crap...I sold them because of the no combat bonuses
  13. Oh...ok bro. You have a good day now.
  14. Not in my case. I'm just tired of seeing matches like this. Please give me 7-9 with a smattering of 10s. I don't care if I ever see another tier 6 in my 8s again. I make it work when I'm uptiered and do quite well, but playing against tens, especially the new flamethrowers in the IJN DD line and US CL line sucks.
  15. Wow, this thing is a beast. Most kills in a single game for me, most awards too I think. I absolutely love this ship. It's not my highest damage, but still got my heart racing towards the end! 254 battles and still holding above 60% woohoo! I put my capt build and ship setup in there. Dang I'll end the night on a high note