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  1. I run my GK as a full meme secondary build. It isn't optimal, but it is fun. With IFHE it melts ships. Like I said it ain't optimal, you'll be handicapped. It's worth it to me, but I have secondary builds on a lot of my BBs. I'm looking to have some fun and this sure does check that box. Can't wait to get the legendary upgrade
  2. LCPL4ever

    How can I get Mushashi?

    Run a secondary spec musashi if you don't like static play, thats what I do /shrug
  3. LCPL4ever

    How can I get Mushashi?

    Iowa, Alsace
  4. LCPL4ever

    What is the problem with Printz EF ?

    That and the turret traverse pisses me off. I'd be happy with the same shells but faster reload and traverse
  5. LCPL4ever

    Belle Epoque containers

    Look at his username, I don't think he's gonna buy something lol
  6. LCPL4ever

    Ships ive gotten from the santa boxes

    thanks for supporting the game dude, and congrats
  7. LCPL4ever

    WOWS should be sued for POS Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Lol ***Edit*** IMO it does need a rate of fire buff and turret rotation buff to be perfect but it's a fun ship
  8. LCPL4ever

    Personal best in OP Dynamo for AA kills

    So far most is 20 with the Blys
  9. Melting snow flakes had me appreciate tier 2-4 in co-op. Very fun, no stress at all. I hadn't played low tiers in years
  10. LCPL4ever

    Personal best in OP Dynamo for AA kills

    Yep, those fletcher guns are crazy good. I only had a 10 point commander to play with, so I don't even have last stand on lol. I wanted DefAA back up asap, so I used the flags as well, and focused on AA. AFT would bump up the range, but I thought the ManAA was better because the planes are so close often
  11. LCPL4ever

    Personal best in OP Dynamo for AA kills

    My previous best was in the Mahan, got like 50 or 60, don't remember and cant find the screenshot. No I didn't, watch the replay. I stayed with the team. The only person I division with is my best friend on the weekends
  12. LCPL4ever

    Personal best in OP Dynamo for AA kills

    Nope I stuck with the group and was alt+clicking like a mad man. I wish I had SI, would've done more with another DefAA consumable
  13. Dang if I had superintendent I could've taken down more. Stars aligned and the rest of the ships weren't AA heavy, but 108 downed is great.
  14. Will the CV rework totally change this op?