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  1. Naval Intelligence: Z-39 (review)

    Vigilance plus German hydro is amazing. I have it on my Z52 just for ranked, and it's hilarious picking up torps so far away. Very team support oriented. Great review, look forward to more from you
  2. Uh, go to the front page and click link. all the info is there. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/now-with-less-animoo/ TLDR: Yes they have the improved skills
  3. Asashio After A Few Weeks: Meh

    I'm glad I got the Harekaze instead of the asashio. I don't see the draw in that ship.
  4. About the Jutland twins

    Just for fun I put Vigilance on my Z52. It is hilarious how far you can spot torps with hydro on, and even with it off. I haven't used it in a while, and it makes pushing into shimas enjoyable. I'll use these twins as cruiser capts.
  5. Pink - How you doin so far?

    I turned pink for having a stray round from Graf Spee hitting a bot in co-op. 1rd, didn't kill the bot, but went pink for 2 games. To be honest it was a close shot that I wouldn't have taken had the DD been a real player, but pink for ~1k damage o.O
  6. Buying the HSF Graf Spee

    Just pretend the new one is the Deutschland or Admiral Scheer. I have both
  7. The HE is very anemic, and you'll get a ton of shatters if you don't have IFHE. I used my Akizuki cpt in my Harekaze and he worked great. Use IFHE when there is any sort of angle between you and the target, if they are broadside spam AP. My Harekaze got me to rank 10 this morning!
  8. Ranked is a Sham

    first time playing ranked. 19 battles in, at rank 12. I'd like to get to 1, but folks make it sound horrendous. I'd love to earn a Flint or Black in a few more seasons. I wish I started playing ranked earlier, but I feel I'm a better player now and I'm enjoying it.
  9. Free Flag!

    here is what the flag looks like. thank you for the heads up OP
  10. The Fletcher

    Lol no, the guns are fine. With the amount of radar, you want to be a torpedo boat. Boost your torps OP
  11. Gneisenau question

    Im very impressed with the Gneis. I had an extra 10pt commander lying around, and decided to throw him in it. Just AFT/BFT right now, but will go full secondary spec. The amount of damage the 128s do is impressive
  12. Premium ammo on the way?

    I'd stop playing in a heartbeat if they brought gold ammo to this game. I was/am a purple unicorn in tanks and gold ammo ruined the fun factor.
  13. I like your format, straight to the point with information.
  14. Lol wut I run my Gearing and Fletcher as torp boats and I'm pretty happy with the performance
  15. Devastating strike

    Detonations were reworked, not devastating strikes.