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  1. LCPL4ever

    End time for Free Dismouting of Upgrades?

    I took a quick break from the game, what happened?!
  2. hmmm Massachusetts, Alaska, or Grosser Kurfurst
  3. Happy New Year URLGuy and all the folks in the video I just got a W. Virginia from the crate codes at the end of the video :)
  4. LCPL4ever

    How is the new improved German dispersion?

    its amazing, how they've shoulda been from the start
  5. LCPL4ever

    Gunstars Grind for Puerto Rico Here...We...Go

    Wow, good luck duder.
  6. Awesome! Massachusetts is my favorite ship. Full secondary build w/ifhe is life Here is my highest kill game in my Mass. Top tier this thing is a monster. Hope you don't mind me sharing it in your thread
  7. LCPL4ever


    I haven't played mine yet, is it that noticeable? I liked the ship before, so much so that I even have the permacamo for it
  8. LCPL4ever

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    I'm mad at myself for a dumb decision with the PR boosters. I received a bunch of wows gift cards from friends and family for my birthday in October since everyone knows I love to play this game. I saved them once I knew the PR was coming out in this cool event. I bought all three boosters thinking that would build the ship in a month. Well that didn't pan out after reading the forum. I don't think I'll be able to get these other directives done, so I'm SOL. Effffffff
  9. henry is stating that we will still need to grind three objectives to get the ship
  10. LOL this reminds me of the good old days in World of Warcraft where we would spreadsheet setups for max dps Who woulda thought it was going to be so difficult to figure out if I can grind a ship or not [edited]
  11. LCPL4ever

    2019 present opening thread.

    I use heavy whipping cream in my coffee...it's amazing. I got 20k fxp from my free crates, so I'm a bit closer to friesland now
  12. LCPL4ever

    When is the smolensk nerf patch coming out?

    Yep I love smoke shooting them with BB HE