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    gaming, playing in a beta test for any game, camping, fishing, hunting, shooting guns, family.
  1. Low fps with good rig

    i would send a ticket in to wargaming and maybe they could help.
  2. I finally broke the 200k! :D

    congrats my friend
  3. Iowa is best ship

    true that!
  4. Old MacDonald had a Glock....

    i own a glock 30sf best for carrying and concealing anywhere and a glock 21 for when i carry and dont care whom knows. I live in Alaska so then again everyone here has a gun that they carry or likes to talk about guns with other gun owners haha. Best time i ever got pulled over was when me and my buddy police officer pulled me over and he knew i was carrying and we talked about where i was going which was to the gun range and we made plans to go shooting and he said watch my speed and to go away before he changed his mind. I love that dude
  5. Iowa is best ship

  6. The Memes and Gifs

    i have a meme producer app on my iphone ill try to find a few good pictures to make some funny memes for you all.
  7. Iowa is best ship

    its not so bad when you get the hang of the ship and how its played.
  8. 3rd gold birthday award

    no way this doesn't seem like war gaming at all Can you sense the sarcasm yet?!?!?
  9. Free Stuff!!

    ditto thank you for the heads up on free stuff
  10. Two hit flashes, only one recorded

    send a ticket with the replay attached.
  11. Got some bad news for your guys

    doesn't the Moscow only have 25mm on the bow?