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    gaming, playing in a beta test for any game, camping, fishing, hunting, shooting guns, family.

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  1. biggiejordan

    Six Weeks...

    Oh wow thats good i hate on ps4 converting xp using doubloons and it be like 100 bucks or more
  2. biggiejordan

    Preussen isn't on XBOX

    Should have gotten a ps4 instead i have no issues with game here
  3. biggiejordan

    Turn off auto penalties

    Yes but they have people that join matches and dont play it fully. Of you are having issues maybe unistall and reinstall it. But they are working on this issue some are having
  4. biggiejordan

    Oh I saved a star...oh never mind

    Look at you living the wargaming gamble haha
  5. biggiejordan

    Six Weeks...

    That had to be a good chunk of money
  6. biggiejordan

    German Battleship Preussen

    Use perks and commander perks to get better shots in. Sometimes you need to learn hoe the ship fired to get better shot placement some ships are 70 to 100 accurate.
  7. I love when battleships are trying to cap while you or any destroyers try to cap dont be that guy either
  8. uninstall and reinstall it if that doesnt work, run WGCheck and create a ticket to CS:https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/my-tickets/
  9. biggiejordan

    WoW Uploader Failed

    Does it replay just fine when you replay it or is it only when you upload it?
  10. biggiejordan

    where are you from?

    I am from Alaska but in Arizona currently. Or USA
  11. Working hard or hardly working..... That is the question!

  12. Wargaming has announced this and yet how many people still ask are there going to be subs? Gee I don't know I hope so!!! Can you sense the sarcasm? If you can't uninstall the game now, save us and you the time. Otherwise game on!!! Thanks