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  1. Update 0.7.6 Bug Report

    Mine's fixed but only got credits and XP for last battle
  2. Connecting to WoWS NA Server

    Same issues here, launching direct or with WG launcher. Uninstalled and did a clean install, made no difference.
  3. Atago or Kutov

    Have both and really like them. Atago is harder to play (IMO) but the rewards are higher. Took me close to 100 games before a I got any good with her. If you're already familiar with IJN CA's it shouldn't be a problem. Kutuzov is great if you don't want to play as aggressively (again IMO). If I could only keep one it would be Atago.
  4. Atago - Biggest P2W Joke in Ranked

    I just took 4 citadels from a single Tirpitz salvo in my Atago. 12km range, thought I was pretty well angled too.
  5. Atago or Kutuzov?

    Kutuzov is easier to play IMO, and feels better when in tier 10 battles, due to the awesome gun range. That said I prefer Atago by a long way, that stealth build and repair party. Don't think you can go wrong with either, both great credit earners and OP in the hands of better players than me. I would say it depends what nation you want to train Captains for. Personally I would go Atago.
  6. wthdo I do..

    http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/75077-how-to-control-your-win-rate/ ^ Helped me alot
  7. Can someone explain to me: Gnevny?

    I think BFT and turret traverse are compulsory on this ship
  8. Mouse out-Ranked.

    After Your awesome replays of last season I got excited about this season, and promised myself I'd make it to rank #1 this time. Guess I lied to myself. Made steady progress until rank #10 ..... then ...... After days of bouncing between 10 and 11 again I gave up and went back to randoms before I threw my PC through a window. Was a horrible, horrible grind. Must have been worse than I thought if even you threw in the towel.
  9. Help choosing Captain skills

    You need to get used to the shell arcs for the next tiers so go B hull to get the practice
  10. How rare is the Marblehead?

    I'm guessing it's not rare in port, just in game. Since AFT nerf it's more situational than Atlanta............ need a good US Captain trainer, bought Saipan in desperation, but I sooooo suck at CVs
  11. who gives a F**K? It's a game, get a life
  12. Great idea .... Navyfield was cool when you could chat before battle in the pre-game que room thingy ........
  13. I do best in her when I support BBs, games tend to end very quickly if you try to lone wolf. As good as Atago is, MK holds up much better in tier 9 and 10 games, because of her superior range