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  1. how do enable replays?

    This is the easiest way to do it. Good luck!
  2. Secondary Loadouts: Explained

    155mm was the biggest in the area that I discussed and those are the Mogami guns on the IJN BBs. Also, I'm unfamiliar with the term "range of effect"
  3. Secondary Loadouts: Explained

    Thank you, my mistake, read it wrong.
  4. So you want to have a secondary spec’d battleship? Well here are somethings that you’ll want – and need – to know to get the most of those ‘smaller’ guns. The first thing that you need to be aware of is what ships are viable to make use of a secondary build. In my experience, those ships usually reside in the upper tiers – 8-10, and typically consist of the Japanese, Germans and French. These include the Bismark, Tirpitz, Friedrich der Grosse, Grosse Kurfurst for the Germans, Richelieu, Alsace and Republique for the French and the Amagi, Izumo, Musashi, and Yamato for the Japanese. The final ship known for its secondaries is the USN premium tier 8, the Massachusetts. All these ships’ secondary battery guns have base ranges that benefit from the Secondary range modules, as well as the sheer number of guns, making them good candidates for this loadout. Though you can waste the modules and captain skills (I’ll get to these later) on other ships, the range and or lack of guns doesn’t make the effort worth it. German Secondaries High tier German battleships have excellent secondaries with great range and lots of them. Further, due to the unique penetration characteristics of German secondary guns of 128mm and 150mm calibers, the necessity for running IFHE to do any damage other than fire is not there. Prior to the release of the French BB line, they had the largest range, capable of reaching out to a maximum of 11.6km with all the skills and modules. The made any ship that wondered into that bubble and got detected seriously reconsider their choices. Finally, the sheer volume of fire that one of these ships can put out can be staggering, particularly if they are running the Adrenaline Rush skill and are low health. French Secondaries With the longest base range, and thus longest max range, the French secondaries are known for their reach. Fully spec’d, the tier 10 Republique can reach out to 12.1km. Compared to the G.K, though it does have a smaller amount of guns (25 v. 28), its higher alpha makes up for the lack of guns (856,000 DPM vs. 826,667 DPM on the Kurfurst).1 Though the fire chance is high for secondaries with all the flags – up to 13% – the French secondaries do not benefit from the German HE penetration mechanics (longer fuse delay), so it is recommended that the IFHE skill is equipped if a player wants maximize damage against cruisers and other battleships. Japanese Secondaries While the German’s have special shell fuses for more penetration and the French have high alpha and range, the Japanese have quantity and AP. All the above mentioned Japanese battleships have secondary guns that (solely) fire AP rounds. Further, what the IJN secondaries lack in range (10.6km max), they make up for in rate of fire. Base values for some of the guns on the Yamato, for instance, fire as fast as 12 rounds per minute. Coupled with the AP rounds, should a cruiser give these secondaries broadside, they could suffer secondary salvos that could exceed 4,000 dmg – light cruisers beware! With the AP, and high fire rate of its other secondaries, the Yamato has the highest DPM of all the secondary ships at a whopping 958,364.4 DPM and with the closer range, that means even more hits. CAPTAIN SKILLS, FLAGS AND MODULES RUNDOWN Captain skills, modules and flags, can be broken up into 2 groups when it comes to secondary builds – Damage output and Range. . Often times players will sacrifice one of these to increase concealment or survivability but for the sake of this article, I’ll just cover the recommended skills for each and their point requirements where applicable. I have broken these down these as a way for players to easily determine where they might want to sacrifice so that they can allocate skills or modules elsewhere later. CAPTAIN SKILLS Damage Output Preventative Maintenance – Reduces the risk that your secondary guns will be knocked out by 30%; more guns, more damage – 1-point Adrenaline Rush – Increases rate of fire for each 1% of HP lost – 2-points Basic Firing Training (BFT) – Decreases the reload of guns up to and including 139mm by 10% – 3-points Demolition Expert – Increases fire chance by 2% – 3-points Inertia Fuse for High Explosive (IFHE) – Increases penetration of HE shells by 30% but reduces fire chance – 4-points Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armaments – Decreases secondary gun dispersion by 60% but you must manually select targets (Ctrl+Left Click) in order for your secondaries to engage. Increased Range Advanced Firing Training (AFT) – Increases the range of your secondary (up to and including 139mm) guns by 20% – 4-points SHIP UPGRADE MODULES Damage Output Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1 – Increases the survivability of your secondary guns by 100% Secondary Battery Mod 2 – Decreases dispersion by 20% Secondary Battery Mod 3 – Decreases the reload of your secondary guns by 20% Increased Range Secondary Battery Mod 2 – Increases range by 20% FLAGS Damage Output Victor Lima – Increases fire chance by 0.5% India X-Ray – Increases fire chance by 0.5% but also increases Detonation chance by 5% Mike Yankee Sixisix – Decreases dispersion and reload time by 5% Range Increase Mike Yankee Sixisix – Increases range by 5% RECOMMENDED BUILDS BY NATION As each of the above mentioned nations – German, Japanese and French – share common traits in their secondaries from tier 8 up, these builds will generalize across the ship nations as opposed to by individual ships. Builds will include both the top recommended secondary build (best of range and DPM) as well as a hybrid (usually sacrifice range for mix of concealment, main guns, and survivability) based upon other characteristics. Further, even though the modules show a legendary module, they will not be included in any of the builds due to the exclusivity for both players and to just tier 10 ships. Japanese Top Build – Modules Captain Skills Flags Hybrid Build Modules Captain Skills Flags French Top Build Modules Captain Skills Flags Hybrid Modules Captain Skills Flags German Top Build Modules Captain Skills Flags Hybrid Modules Captain Skills Flags CONCLUSION AND PERSONAL THOUGHTS The secondary build is a niche for those that like to get up close and personal with the enemy. This is great for contesting an area, like a cap, against multiple enemies simultaneously. Key points to your success are DPM and survivability which often can rest upon the shoulders of supporting teammates and hopefully the lack of torpedoes. The best ship for this is the Kurfurst in my opinion. With its hydro, turtleback armor and large HP pool, and fast traversing guns, it’s great at the close in brawl. The Yamato can do well if it can control one of its flanks due to its high citadel and slow gun traverse while the Republique is best suited to do damage with a bit more protection due to its lackluster armor and flammability. The Kurfurst is the only ship that I run a near Top Build on (I don’t have Demo Expert, but instead have Superintendent). My Republique is based around reducing fire chance and the Main battery, while my Yamato is somewhere in between. The top tiers of all three lines can do great things with their secondaries, and a ship in those lines spec’d as such should be respected when you’re in range. As a final note, I have not forgot about the Massachusetts. For the Top Build, I would use the French build only swapping out the Sierra Mike flag for November Echo Setteseven and for the Hybrid build of the Japanese, but that’s me. Let me know what you think and what builds work for you in the comments below. Note: All images were taken from https://wowsft.com/WarshipStats These figures represent a full secondary spec ship at full health based on the full damage potential of the shell (a citadel).
  5. HE Pen Chart

    Yes, rounding would make a difference. Which is why I find it easier to work "backwards" from the target armor thickness than work from the shell caliber and divide. 25mm x 6 is 150mm, so my 152mm HE will not pen 25mm unless I use IFHE - makes the decision a bit more black and white.
  6. HE Pen Chart

    I omitted details yes, but never quoted "65mm" however, the concept does still remain. And unless you're a mental math wiz (maybe you are), most can't figure out most of this in their head on the fly which is why I noted specific armor values which are significant to the game without specific caliber-pen values. Further, adding 30% to something is the same as multiplying it by 1.3
  7. HE Pen Chart

    To pen high tier BB Bow armor, 32mm, you need a minimum caliber of 192mm with all but German. For Germans you need 128mm. To penetrate 50mm (the side of a khaba or Yammy deck armor) you need to be the Hindy, or the Henri IV with IFHE. So to go over the rules here, most ships follow the 1/6 rule for HE pen. Take the caliber, divide by 6 to get your pen without HE. From there you can add 30% to find your new pen with IFHE. German cruisers tier 4+ as well as the newly buffed Japanese 100mm guns follow a 1/4 rule. Which is why the 203mm guns from the Hindy can pen 50mm of armor - 203/4=50.75. To decide whether or not to use IFHE, it might be better to work backwards. What armor values do you want to pen? 19mm? 25mm? 27mm? 32mm? 50mm? You can multiply those numbers by 6 or 4 depending on your ship so see what caliber is needed to pen, if your guns are just shy, add IFHE. It's good to know what your pen benchmarks are moving forward. The significance of the armor values mentioned are as follows: 19mm - (High tier DD armor and most ship's superstructure armor), 25mm - (Mid tier Cruiser bow armor) 27 - (high tier Cruiser bow armor and mid tier to tier 8 BB bow armor) 32mm - (High tier BB armor) 50mm - (Khaba side armor, Yammy deck armor and Moskva bow armor) This is because the Karlsruhe follows the 1/4 HE pen rule.. The longer delay between contact and detonation means it can pen more.
  8. Is AA worth it?

    I like to run Def AA on my Gearing. True, there are not many CV's, though they are becoming more common, when I do have games where there is a CV I actually have a chance against drops. Also as a note, I do try to mind my distance to known radar cruiser haunts and from them when they're spotted, but it is personal preference, Def AA vs Speed boost.
  9. graphis card selection.

    Unless your displays are chained together, you should be able to ensure dedicated displays to a GPU as well as APPS. Between the NVIDIA Control Panel and Windows 10 (assuming that's your OS), I believe there are means to do that.
  10. World_of_Warships_NA error

    Download and Run the WGCheck tool here
  11. super containers Lack OF

    Honestly, I seem to have more luck with Super Containers (when I actually get them) picking a regular container option as opposed to Try Your Luck. Like the OP I haven't seen one in ages but got my first one today in probably 2 months...
  12. Marius_60

    Yes, and in the future, try adding a title to your posts like, "How many Clans can I apply to?" This does 2 things, first it helps those that wish to help know what you need BEFORE we click on the thread and the second, it makes sure the Title is different every time and NOT your username. Please and thank you.
  13. Can't login to website/forum on Chrome

    Ya, Ctrl+F5 if you're on PC or run CCleaner
  14. Fast boot might actually be one of the issues if you're running Windows 10. I have written a guide to help troubleshoot some issues if you are running Windows 10. http://warshipnews.blog/2018/06/11/world-of-warships-and-win-10-troubleshooting-guide/ Two other programs that I might recommend running are CCleaner, to clean out unnecessary data and files on your computer, which can cause issues, and Speccy, which you could post all your system specs, which might help determine some issues as well. Both are free.
  15. Typically, and bare with me as I am more of a PC person than Mac, but most systems will NOT allow you to install programs onto removable storage devices like an External drive. The 2 biggest reasons for this are 1) drive letter changes when devices are disconnected and reconnected for whatever reason and 2) data transfer speeds, even over USB 3. What you SHOULD be able to do is do a complete uninstall and reinstall. This should help with some space as I do believe the game keeps the downloaded updates cached in a folder. Of course, you could also get a harddrive upgrade, which you'll likely have to go to an Apple store or certified Apple repair shop for.