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  1. SnipeySnipes

    Help understanding abrupt D/Cs

    Another thing to look at is the cable, there should be 4-pairs of wire (8 wires) in the connector. Some older modems/routers only came with cables that had 2-pair. Cheap cables break and this can cause intermittent issues. However, this does sound like a router/switch issue. If you have 2 dedicated pieces of equipment, router and modem, the test that @VonSmallHausenn mentioned is easy unless your ISP required authentication over PPPoE and your modem is in bridge mode. Ping or DM me if you require any help should it be required with that.
  2. SnipeySnipes

    Discord not launching

    My ONLY other suggestion, outside of seeing a crash log, would be do what you've done, then run CCleaner registry cleaner. Then reinstall.
  3. SnipeySnipes

    Won't update

    Is it giving an error?
  4. SnipeySnipes

    Won't update

    Are you running the Game Center or the original Launcher? If you uninstalled, make sure you delete the World_of_Warships folder (Found under C:\Games by default). Further, if you are running the game center, uninstall that was well, listed as Wargaming.net Game Center in Programs and Features and delete the Wargaming.net folder and all its contents which can be found in C:\ProgramData (this is a hidden folder so you can type it in directly or show Hidden items under View in Windows Explorer in Win10 or by going to File > Folder and View Options and Uncheck Hide hidden folders and files for Win7)
  5. SnipeySnipes

    Can someone interpret a ping plot?

    Make and model of the 'old' and 'new' router?
  6. SnipeySnipes

    Lag spikes

    Wired is great, and certainly what I would recommend for gaming. However, even if you are wired, if the router is not physically capable of handling the amount of data that you send through it you'll get lag. Think of not meeting the minimum system requirements for a gaming PC for a game but exceeding it and exceeding that of the recommended requirements. Most ISP supplied routers work well for browsing the interwebz and gaming from a phone or tablet, but not really games from a PC. Particularly modern games.
  7. SnipeySnipes

    Directx 11 to 9 issue reappears

    A bit more information could be useful in helping you out here. If you can provide a dxdiag and be sure to ping me in the response, I'll be sure to take a look and provide some guidance.
  8. SnipeySnipes

    Last update causes hardware issues???

    This almost looks to be a driver related issue where is does not play well with WOWs. Would be interested in seeing you dxdiag.
  9. SnipeySnipes

    Lag spikes

    A few of the biggest reasons that causes lag in home networking are directly related to the ISP provided router/wireless. Many are buggy and woefully underpowered in the hardware specs to maintain the high and dynamic data rates that a server side game requires. In many cases you can either completely replace these routers with a beefier third-party wifi router such as those made by linksys, netgear or ASUS, or add one after the ISP provided one and put the ISP router in bridge mode. This is the method that is usually required for a cable or DSL connection unless you buy a modem/router combo that fits your connection type. Their wireless coverage tends to not only be better than that of the ISP provided device, but they handle multiple or bandwidth hungry connections better as well. It's an extra cost but it is worth it in my experience and opinion.
  10. SnipeySnipes

    Ban to Co-Op Match Only, (For No Fault of Mine)

    Seeing as how you are running Windows 10, there is a really annoying setting that you can change that may help. It's the Fast Startup setting that is in Win10 and 80% of the issues that I have had with machines running Windows 10 (that has not been carbon based) has been a result of this. I wrote a guide that will walk you through it as well as other troubleshooting that may help you. #1 Is for the Fast Startup http://warshipnews.blog/2018/06/11/world-of-warships-and-win-10-troubleshooting-guide/
  11. SnipeySnipes

    game goes straight to port after ending

    I've seen it posted about in the past so I would think they do but it's been several patches with no fix so who knows.
  12. SnipeySnipes

    Camera freezes, game freezes, everything freezes!!!

    I would work that in the other direction personally; remove all mods and then install them one at a time. Things to try: 1) Run the Check and Repair tool from he WGC 2) Delete your Preferences.xml files in the root of your World of Warships install folder 3) Uninstall the game and delete the World of Warships install folder once it done (if it wasn't deleted during the uninstall) and reinstall
  13. SnipeySnipes

    game goes straight to port after ending

    Happens to me all the time and it is annoying but it hasn't been fixed in several patches.
  14. @n00bot I didn't work on the MXStats program, I only worked with Jammin411 (the original designer of MatchMaking Monitor) on a new statistical measure for player skill. Further Lt_Rusty is correct, MXStats is a personal datamining program that gets ONLY your information from your replays and log files. And to Spartias, to clarify, play either 2 equally skilled players against eachother OR bot vs Bot.
  15. @Spartias I love the work that you did above! Well Done! I would agree that it is still 'unclear' whether or not the Stalingrad is OP. When comparing apples to apples, like you've done, she gets beaten out by the Worcester. A solid test would be to put similarly skilled players 1v1 against each other - Worcester v Stalingrad - in 100 matches to see how that works. You could also do this in a training rom with bots. Here nor there. The long and short of it though, is due to the nature in which players get this ship, they are typically in the top quartile of players, compared to say the Hindy in which anyone can get. Good players in a strong ship will make that ship look OP, particularly against your average weekenders.