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  1. SnipeySnipes

    FPS dropping, need help!

    Everything he mentioned here is diagnostically correct. First thing I would do is a cold shut down of the computer. If you are running windows 10, make sure fast startup is turned off first then go to start > shutdown. Give is a few seconds and then turn it back on. If that doesn't help, though you should probably do it anyways, update your video card drivers.
  2. SnipeySnipes

    How to Control your Win Rate

    Correlations are not strictly causal unless you have a correlation of a perfect 1.0. Thus I can't say that X leads to Y if the correlation is anything less than 1. What I can do, based on the correlation is say that one accounts for 11% of the other by squaring the actual r value
  3. SnipeySnipes

    WarshipNews Article List

    A Statistical Analysis of Survival Rate and Win Rate has just been published and added to the Statistics sections. It is stats heavy for a blog article and has attached a PDF of the full stats printout from SPSS - for those interested. Note: Not all stats were discussed to keep things shorter.
  4. SnipeySnipes

    How to Control your Win Rate

    @Bill_Halsey Here is the table that you requested. Further, I ended up doing a whole article on the effects that ship type, tier and survival rate have on win rate as well as included (in the pdf) the interaction between the lot. Here is the link to the article https://warshipnews.blog/2018/10/15/a-statistical-analysis-of-survival-rate-and-win-rate/
  5. SnipeySnipes

    Game freeze but no errors

    Had this happen to me a few times, a cold shutdown fixed it for me. Something was stuck in the memory that was causing the issue. Also, if you use the detail view of task manager, you can go to Details and kill the task there. So far as the game is concerned, it should look like a crash and you should be able to reconnect without penalty.
  6. @KFCUUCFK My apologies.Though it is true that IQ, blood pressure, height are not human endeavors they are examples of measurable human constructs. All of which can fall under a normal distribution. IQ as a particular example, while your raw scores mean nothing, it's the process of normalization which makes it measurable and meaningful. This is the point of the existing statistical metrics that are used by many players and these metrics do use the entire data set to calculate their scores. Now whether or not those numbers are valid and reliable I can't say; I didn't create them. Moving on - you're assumptions that @n00bot and myself are uneducated or don't know what we are discussing is just ignorant. The three of us, you included, all have backgrounds in statistics, but just in different applications. While I can't speak for n00bot, my focus was in human behavior and most of my time was spent measuring different aspects of that behavior to find differences or abnormalities. Very little time was spend on the calculus required to graph the non-exponential curves. Getting back to your original "bug," CV's do pose as very well known problem within the game in their current state. This is why they are undergoing a rework. Not just because of the amount of power that a good CV player can have compared to an average one, but to change the skill necessary to play them well - bringing them to at least the same skill strata as the other ship types. We will still likely see a skew within this ship type after the rework in regards to distributions of measurable statistics, but I would imagine it being a lot less defined compared to the current play style. Further, while an excellent CV player can have a profound effect on a battle if the other CV captain isn't nearly as capable, should the other team work and stick together, that effect is usually negated significantly. Though not very common in randoms, it does occur that players DO work as teams and a CV player's game can be just as difficult as that lone destroyer player.
  7. SnipeySnipes

    Can't Kill Client

    It sounds like you have something corrupt in memory. If you're running windows 10, a regular restart won't fix it. You need to shutdown. However, for windows 10, you need to disable fast startup in order to shutdown completely if you don't want to pull the plug - which will have the same effect.
  8. I'll try and keep this short...There is a metric [edited] ton of statistical data available to draw conclusions from about a player's skill. Further, a single skilled player can certainly have a significant impact on a battle of all else is roughly equal. CV's currently are the most challenging ship type to play and thus, has the greatest skill gap between your best players and even your average players. As for... Not true in the least. Every measurable human aspect, from IQ to blood pressure, to height and performance under stress falls on a normal curve (distribution). This is even true in this game. Sure there is some skewness, but when certain factors are accounted for, even that disappears and you get a very even, normal distribution.
  9. SnipeySnipes

    Website Login -- all WG sites

    Flush your page cache and cookies and see if that helps. Crtl + F5 on a PC
  10. SnipeySnipes

    Should Yamato have her heal restored?

    Quite honestly, I can't argue this point. Sure she can be tanky bow in, but with the HE spam and every BB other be being damn near impossible to citadel save the Monty, I think it's warranted. Maybe not to the original level or at least having the same amount or heals, but she does need a bit more survivability if she wants to be any more than a 20km sniper
  11. SnipeySnipes

    Trend in my player statistics: WR up, but PR down

    It's true that the more points of data, the more accurate that metric (100 games; winrate) will be. However, 100 games is high of the mark for what I've seen constitutes an accurate winrate based on skill. The ideal minimum that I found is closer to 35, but the acceptable minimum is closer to 25.
  12. SnipeySnipes

    How to Control your Win Rate

    What I mean is they survived or didn't. I have not data to show why or, in your examples, if their survival posed beneficial to the team
  13. SnipeySnipes

    How to Control your Win Rate

    Seeing as this will likely be a big table or several tables, I'll probably end up writing a whole article up on it. It will be on my site and I'll post the link here when it's up. Edit: This will most certainly be stat intensive so an article will be a MUST. I'll try to boil it down as best I can for the general population. @n00bot If you want in on this let me know. Should be fun
  14. SnipeySnipes

    How to Control your Win Rate

    I should be able to run that report. What would you like to see, just averages with standard deviations or correlations to something? As an FYI, the data that I have is older, so it will not include some of the new ships, but the data should be able to carry over
  15. SnipeySnipes

    How to Control your Win Rate

    @Bill_HalseyFrom the data that I have, Survival rate is black and white, they either survived the battle or they didn't, and using that I can draw conclusions from the analyses. Though it is probably no stretch to say the LONGER you survive, the more you contribute, but I don't have that data. As for K/D, I can't remember if I ran analyses on that or not. I do have that information so I could do that and get back to you. But in the survival rate, as an FYI, the average for my data set (over 3 million points) was about 33%, so pulling 40%+ is pretty good.