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  1. SnipeySnipes

    Internet connection issues

    I have a troubleshooting guide that might be useful. While not all of the steps will pertain to your issue, many should. I would also consider checking out the cold shutdown issue. It might not seem like it is relevant but it does fix a number of issues so it can't hurt. http://warshipnews.blog/2018/06/11/world-of-warships-and-win-10-troubleshooting-guide/
  2. SnipeySnipes

    [0.8.5 ] Game Randomly Freezing

    You can try looking at a Troubleshooting guide that I've put together to address some of the same issues. I would definitely start with the Cold Shutdown as that has resolved every one of my Crashing issues in the past. I would certainly recommend the same here as well. However, I'd be interested to know if you're running the latest version of AMD drivers AND Windows 10 (currently at 1903; to find out which windows version your running, hit the Windows button or start and type "winver" and hit enter). Many of the latest Windows updates have not played well with gaming and AMD.
  3. SnipeySnipes

    Internet connection issues

    Are you becoming pink because of these internet issues?
  4. SnipeySnipes

    Video Randomly Cuts Off when Game Starts

    This actually sounds like a heat issue, not a power supply issue. Check to make sure all your fans are spinning and if they are intentionally ramp them up and see if you have any changes.
  5. SnipeySnipes

    Last update

    Restart and Cold shutdown different and if you are running Windows 10 you need to turn off Fast Startup to make Shutdown effective
  6. SnipeySnipes

    Last update

    Have you tried a cold shutdown. Worked for me the last time.
  7. SnipeySnipes

    Game Center Installation Folder

    The game center is really not that big and while there are ways to 'move' it to another drive, but it requires a registry edit. Further, there is another version that lets you change where to install it but quite honestly, I wouldn't worry about it.
  8. SnipeySnipes

    Lag After Update

    Try a flush of your system memory by doing a cold shut down and restart.
  9. @Kousatsu might be a good person to send a DM to
  10. SnipeySnipes

    connection problem!

    Run the Check and Repair utility through the WGCheck tool here https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19498/
  11. SnipeySnipes

    connection problem!

    What are the results of sending a ping to cat.wargaming.net through the command prompt?
  12. SnipeySnipes


    You're getting redirected to the asia page?
  13. SnipeySnipes

    Discord Overlay

    Go into Game activity in settings, and toggle the overlay off then on...should be good - at least until the next patch.
  14. SnipeySnipes

    noob question - math

    @chitownhustler17 Since you tend to play cruisers, stick to HE. The only time you should switch to AP is when you have another cruiser or even battleship offering you broadside at 10km or less due to the floaty USN shells. Stick to HE when in destroyers until you get to higher tiers on certain lines like the German or RN as their AP can be very good. For battleships, AP is just a good go-to unless you're in a British BB. Generally speaking though, the only time to switch to HE in a BB is when you are fighting another BB who is well angled, NEED to make sure a low health ship dies, or you know your next target will be a destroyer. If you have ANY questions feel free to DM me and I'll try to answer them the best I can.
  15. SnipeySnipes


    Try going into your power and sleep settings and disable sleep. If you LIKE that your computer goes to sleep, go into the power profiles, edit your current one and find Harddisk and set it to 0 or Never. Now while the computer might sleep, the harddrive will not.