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    Bag a Premium Ship – Twitch Drops in 0.9.1

    I seriously don't get the idea of *WATCHING* people play video games??? why would I want to watch when I can be playing them??? & when im not playing them, I don't want anything to do with them... if im watching something, it sure isn't going to be some neckbeard or thot playing a video game.
  2. TeutonicKnight

    Is the PT server up? It has been 2 days

    Unable to log into PT, keep getting an error code of 6001, haven't played in PT before tried to register account and getting *this e-mail is already in use*.
  3. Trust me man, your not the only one with this dilemma. I too am not much of a social media type of person and workplace advertisement especially of a video game is definitely a no no. I have an older son who started playing WoT on console a few years back & left it because of the direction the game went, he laughs at me for still playing a Wargaming game. I sigh and tell him this is the only decent ship to ship battle game on the market. If only someone would release a really good SAILING ship battle game.. imagine a 72 gun broadside at close range!! wooden splinters flying everywhere and smoke from the cannons obscuring your view, that's just a small fraction of awesomeness, Empire Total War is the only place I can have that kind of sailing satisfaction for the time being. Wow did I ever get off subject here.. lol anyways just wanted to say your not alone.
  4. TeutonicKnight

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    And hererreeee we go, almost hard not to laugh at this another attempt at a loot box cash-n-grab event. I mean shucks, you had us paying for a fake Russian BB line with ship boxes to get an (un) early access to playing the ingame BB line, and not to mention making sure we fell short to get the token Russian cruiser with commander. If only you guys would listen to the majority instead of the minority, then you wouldn't have to peddle loot boxes. Why I say that you ask? simple, stay focused on what's the immediate problem now with the game and fix those problems first!! THEN we might be more accepting of an *Battle Royal* teeny-bopper arcade mode game. Thanks, but no thanks im definitely skipping out on this event. I have better things to do with my time.
  5. TeutonicKnight

    WANNA WIN $10,000? - Recruitment Rumble

    I see im not the only one that feels like the game is (has) headed in the wrong direction over this last year. I got a question for Wargaming, can you please reward the players that have been playing your game since beta? instead of *fishing* for new players how about focusing on the current players that play your game & making us happy. I like others here are frustrated with the game in its current state. If you guys can't keep the current player base happy, how do you expect to keep new players playing your game?
  6. Quick question, was wondering if there was an option to close the battle chat or just minimize the chat window, it can become quite toxic at times & I would rather just close the window, because its a lot easier to ignore that way. I believe when the game was in its early stages there used to be a way to minimize the chat box. Could you guys be so kind as to bring the option back again. It would be most appreciated!
  7. TeutonicKnight

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    So while you guys are hard at trying to fix the current state the Carriers are in I have a question, could you please add a REUSABLE defensive AA fire for cruisers so they will be in tune with the rework of the CV's respawning airplanes. It doesn't really make any sense to keep a fighter on a cruiser when all you really need is a reusable consumable like with damage control. Those cruisers that have spotting planes can keep that consumable, all that's really needed is what I stated above. BTW I think you guys are doing a great job considering how long CV's have been needing an update. I'll still be here launching rounds and trying to shoot down as many planes as I can.
  8. TeutonicKnight

    Pathetic CV Rework

    Carriers have unlimited call on airplanes why not give ships that have a defensive fire ability unlimited as well, with a reasonable cooldown 1 or 2 min. should be in line with a carriers ability to bring airplanes back to attack.
  9. Yep, I totally agree with your comment Kelsier3, I said to myself I was going to uninstall too if there was enough people that feel as I do about the current CV rework. Personally im sick of Wargaming shoving CV play down our throats, I couldn't stand the unenjoyable gameplay of carriers even before this latest patch & now?? its far worse then it already was.