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  1. Dreamkiller

    Izumo troubles

    Worst ship in the game even with the change just buy yamato dont even try this pos
  2. Dont have Molotov, Mutsu, Huanghe. And got Mutsu.
  3. Absolutely ridiculous not even out of spawn area in warspite targeted by implacable and on 15% health... no gun range to even shoot enemy ships...2k of plane damage... no way to dodge stuff with slow movement... great mechanics.... I want to contribute to the team..... not this crap..
  4. Dreamkiller

    What's your favorite ship?

    Kii mostly in t10 matches I dont know if people underestimate the 410s but have a great win rate. Reasonable armour and ok AA along with the fighters. And the 10km torps, dont use that much but hitting DDs in smoke at 8-10km is satisfying.
  5. Dreamkiller

    When TK torps are a DDs fault...

    Had a match the other day went pink, a BB was coming into center cap on Shatter, I was in cap and BB would be broadside at about 6km, there was another DD in cap heading away from BB but in LOS of the BB, he dropped his torps and I expected him to keep heading away from the BB and try get in cover, so I sent torps next thing I noticed he's done a 180 and is charging the BB.. The BB exploded but my torps also exploded the friendly DD was accident said sorry, he was all cool about it. Sometimes people just do things you wouldnt expect..
  6. Dreamkiller

    Royal Navy Battleship AA Compared (8.0, 8.0.1 & 8.0.2)

    Duke of York 70+AA guns (8.0.1) targeted by CV at times then to finish me off, only AA mods and shot down ZERO planes... maybe its that rum rations on RN ships and they were trying to shoot down the planet Venus. However, early on 8 June, the British submarine HMS Phoenix reported that she had unsuccessfully attacked an Italian fleet including two battleships.[62] Throughout the day, the fleet had to defend itself from multiple Italian air raids: at one point Sydney and the other cruisers of the 7th Squadron attacked what they thought was a high-flying bomber, but was later determined to be the planet Venus.[
  7. wth are WG even doing? cant they see this is sooo OP or they want WoWs to die? Only ranked offers any relief from this crap atm..... and then....
  8. Dreamkiller

    8.0 is the worst patch in this games history

    I have to agree with OP so far.. First matches today in DDs after patch... Ognevoi perma spotted smoked up, smoke disperses still perma spotted LONG smoke re-use dead..... next match in Jutland I head straight to cap at full speed spotted before im even close and already taken 1/4 health dmg on friendly side of map... Targeted in a Alabama with air shot down 6... SIX planes total with aa mods and aa capt specd.... Not a fan of this patch...maybe a sign to move on and put this to rest...