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  1. jbc98k

    ST 0.10.5, new ships DB152

    YES on the Repulse! That and the Agincourt please now!
  2. jbc98k


    Replying on this thread "Pissing in the wind"
  3. A new fantasy Russian aircraft carrier
  4. jbc98k

    Kitty Purrfurst Flag

    I just checked with Wargaming and they are going to run the flag 4 more times. No on the daily container option but check with the auctions coming soon.
  5. Lets limit the amount of games that are limited
  6. jbc98k

    whats up with the port music

    I want the old Halloween port and music back.
  7. jbc98k

    Ranked AFK

    3 of the last 6 rounds of ranked I've played has blessed me with an afk teammate. May RNG and the MM Gods continue to curse me... I'm almost ready to start playing CV!
  8. Its an OP ship that you will have to spend $ to most likely not get in a container at Christmas or wait for the auctions.
  9. jbc98k


    Sack Gobbler is also appropriate for this situation.
  10. I had the one with 6 million credits for the final. It took some time But Mush pulled me through yesterday.
  11. jbc98k

    Seal Clubber? Low tier

    Playing the Dreadnaught now, with no signal flags. Lots of bots in random down here these days...
  12. I suppose I'm seal clubbing but a challenge I have is I like the WWI era warships for their history. I even enjoy the Albany even though it's not a great ship. How about a list of the worst low tier ships so I can still play older ships but make it a bit less seal clubby?