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  1. I can't find the part that tells about the special Normandie skin, I really like the ship and regret not getting the good looking permanent camo for it last year.
  2. jbc98k

    Using Coupons

    Do you have any coupons available?
  3. I'm gonna have to go with Ghost dog on this one.
  4. jbc98k

    Finaly Had Enough

    Relax and take a week or two off.
  5. The Halloween events have always been my favorite. I enjoy it more than any other type of game mode. Has the start day for this years Halloween event been announced yet?
  6. jbc98k

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Thanks for the vids.
  7. Just one more battle before action is taken. We are on THIS!
  8. jbc98k

    Irrevocable Rank needed at rank 5

    In order to get rank one you have to be patient, dedicated, and pretty darn good. I would like another irrevocable but the idea is to thin the herd, so mediocre players like myself can't luck out to rank one.
  9. I have been unimpressed with the secondaries on my Musashi so far, but I do not have the manual firing secondary captain on it yet.
  10. jbc98k

    Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Not over powered or worth $100
  11. It's hard to believe there is any selfish play in a random battle. I think we need a replay to check this.
  12. jbc98k

    Wrong Answers Only: 10

    That ship is the March Coronation
  13. jbc98k

    Should clans police their members?

    May I join your clan?
  14. jbc98k

    Code within

    When you are in your port where do you go to redeem this code?