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  1. God I hate having to work so much atm. I'm out of the loop and don't get shamed for actually trying much anymore. :( Lol
  2. Let me give you a hint: There are two clans on WoWs Numbers with tons of player movement. One is Salty, which had a disband/reorganization. The other... whose number 1 in Typhoon is? Don't post your answer here.
  3. this game needs more ocean map

  4. So then someone who watched the stream told you. I mean Jesus Christ, how the hell are you upset over something that you actually can't see in the game? I think bad thoughts about potatoes all the time before typing "nicrle try." Does that offend you? Shoukd War Game ban me?
  5. So let me give you a tip: Don't watch that person's Twitch when you're playing them since I know they don't type that in game chat.
  6. Nerf Saipan Now

    I'd rather face a Saipan than a Kaga. At least the Saipan won't do near as much damage. The real issie the last 2 weeks is people clubbing Rangers in their Saipans. It was obviously an easy choice for anyone that can do the math. War Gaming simply ignored this would be an issue during testing.
  7. @NoZoupForYou I'm not sure there is a clear answer to be given on the subject when you start to account for the reason people purchase a ship. I'm mostly a collector who enjoys ships that have some sort of history behind them. I also like to have a ship of each type to use as a Trainer for my different Captains in each nation. Once I have the ship the most important factor for me is if the ship is an overall enjoyable experience based on its play style, handling, and it's ability to have an impact of the game. My only caveat is the ship being so good that it you expect to win almost by just showing up. On the other hand there are people who just want to use the most powerful ship they can get their hands on. They might use it to grind captains, free xp, stats, credits or tears. To these people the ability of a ship is very important and CC feedback might hurt sales. Overall though, having a peak at the design process is valuable in understanding WarGaming's design process. And if they properly explain changes, and that explanation seems reasonable, they're going to keep and earn customers. If it seems foolish and uneeded without an explanation people will loose faith in the conpany and game, slowing player base growth and retention, costing WarGaming money.
  8. I thought this wasn't going to be about the Clemson. Silly me. :p On a side note I'm not particularly proud of my Benson damage numbers. They're bellow average. Not sure if I'm just not great at DDs, or what. My win rate is good though.
  9. Standard Battle Pros: * Anytime it's over * It is currently a top 3 game mode, respectifully in 3rd place. * Being able to quickly dismiss the value of people's opinions based on just how much they love Standard Battle Cons: * Pretty much everything * That time you won and were still half sane at the end of the battle
  10. Epicenter: Yay or Nay?

    Epicenter is closely behind Domination as the best game mode. Like Domination, Epicenter has a neutral, and well defined objective that ushers players towards one another. The biggest issue with Epicenter is maps where the geography creates a lack of cover from where DDs and Cruisers can have a practical area to attack and defend from while also contributing to the objective. The most obvious map where it doesn't work is Tears of the Desert, where the game might as well be played on Ocean. The worst game mode is still Standard Battle where a defensive stance will win a heavy majority of the time. Even when the winning team caps the enemy zone it largely comes from a defensive effort and occurs very late into the game. When that is not the case the remaining victories almost exclusively from two entire times lemming training in a circular pattern, ending the game incredibly quickly. Almost all Standard Battles are characterized by initial confusion, sometimes followed by disagreement, then a splitting of forces, and then an ignorance to the danger of either cap as long as one team or the either is able to engage and/or sink the opposing ships. This can lead to a team completely "outplaying" the other and losing because of their incredibly obliviousness to the objectives after 1k games played. Or both teams play so passively it ends very late game with 1 team losing all it's Cruisers and DDs fighting a number of BBs and a mix of a few DDs and Cruisers with 2 full HP BBs who did the well practiced tradition of hiding behind a rock, doing and taking 0 damage, before coming out to play, showing full broadside to the enemy while hurling insults at their team mates and asking "if I'm so bad why are you dead." Standard Battle is clearly the source of all toxicity.
  11. balancing CV. is it possible?

    Hey @Super_Splash_Bro I wanted to give you an example from my weekend games. I reluctantly took my Ranger out to end my weekend, afraid of facing a Saipan or Kaga. To my surprise it was a 2vs2 matchup between CVs (and 12vs12 total). They had an Independence and I think a Ranger, while my team mate was a Ryujo. Long story short we stomped them pretty hard. Outside of a few early strafes I was able to lock down the enemy Rangers fighters with my own and essentially free farm bombers, as well as the Independence's aircraft while my Ryujo attacked both CVs. I got 37 plane kills, 100k damage, and a Kraken. My biggest take away was that the Independence didn't know how to manually attack, and the Ranger with him wasn't great at it either. That's the major separating point for most players between whose good or not in a CV. And you have to usually learn those controls and tactics outside of the game. If I had played an equally skilled opponent I would have faired much worse. So to me that shows a lack of tutorial is a huge issue. The other issue also involves surface ships who lone wolf, and don't know to start avoiding the planes before the weapons are ever dropped. Far too many ships just made it super easy to attack then with no real punishment in return.
  12. The Atlanta is OP

    The Atlanta is the epitome of an all or nothing ship. She's much larger than many actually think, and though more modern than even the USN Tier 8 CA, she doesn't make up for it in survival ability. In real life the Atlanta's get a lot of unfair criticism because of their performance during the Guadacanal Campaign, but honestly they performed rather well despite being lost to torpedo hits. The Atlanta's RoF was devestating on the psyche and lighter armor of the Cruisers she was thrown up against. If they had made it back to port we probably wouldn't consider them poor surface combatants.
  13. The problem is you can't really make that change if it hits Cruisers because it would degrade their effectiveness so much. I wouldn't mind seeing Battleship HE nerfed a bit.
  14. I would say he does. Brush is a good player, but may be a bit frustrated at the moment.