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  1. But you's a weeb :P I personally like Standard Battle for farming damage, but that's about it. The mode is simply directionless and ends up with a lot of aimless teams not sure on what to do, and there is very little communication. A lot of matches end up pretty stagnant, and that's just not very fun. Standard Battle is also much more susceptible to the team losing, despite being an great positioning to win, because they forgot about that whole: "Our base" thing.
  2. Every BB "sails broadside like an idiot." You just tend to notice more USN ships do it on the NA server because they're the most popular ships, and they get punished for it. Bismarcks and Tirpitz does this all the time as well, but they don't take near as much visual punishment for people to notice. You will notice lots of upper Tier BBs like the Iowa, and Yamato sail broadside not because the player is bad but because the ships have incredibly large turning circles and poor rudder shifts. So if you need to remove yourself from a potentially bad situation, sometimes you must give your broadside in the turn and take a lick now, to keep taking licks later.
  3. I don't agree all that much outside of the statements on Cruisers: Montana's and Iowa are still hilariously easy to citadel when sailing broadside Lowering the Iowa and Montana's citadel was due to trying to keep all ships to the same standard (secondary mags not part of the citadel), and the lie that it was simply due to "whine" cam later by all the _____-a-boos. The RN BB line is going to hurt Cruisers simply by being hidden until they're in Cruiser concealment area, and then deleting them upon opening fire. This will mean Cruisers will play BB escort at max range instead of hunting DDs. This mean's DD population will rise and Cruiser population will rapidly decline. War Gaming will wonder how in the hell this could possibly happen. The Cruiser captain's will be in the front of the class with their hands politlely raised as always, being ignored by War Gaming the entire time.
  4. Can we not? I'd rather hit myself in the scrotum with a hammer than play this garbage game mode.
  5. I think we need to rid ourselves of this "weekend" mentality. If there are a greater number of players who are playing poorly on the weekends, then the other team should have the same number of potatoes on average. Try to examine yourself and correct all the little mistakes you're making. Try to not type or open your mouth in chat if you have nothing positive to say. I was very successful doing this all week except for Friday or Saturday night, so i wasn't perfect, but I did try. Everytime I died I tried to remember how I put myself in that position, and why it caused my death. Then i counted all the little areas I could have helped which could have helped turn a close or even what seemed like an incredibly one sided battle around. Just staying alive longer vastly improves your chances in winning.
  6. Cruisers gets spotted because they're larger ships and DDs or other Cruisers can see them from 9.8km+ on all Cruisers that have Radar in the USN and USSR line. All ships can be spotted before they enter radar range. If you're getting radar'd early game that's your fault. When you push a cap, knowing Radar is on the enemy team you either CAP behind cover, or with support and an exit strategy. If you don't have either you skirt along the outside of the CAP, and wait for the radar Cruisers to be revealed before you start capping and reveal your position.
  7. The statement on the Graf Zeppelin is incredibly frustrating. I don't care if the 2/1/2 for the GZ would be "boring" or "vanilla." Stick a [edited]naked drunk German on the back complaining of Crabs to give a tribute to Das Boot, and have him shoot fireworks at incoming fighters. BOOM! FLAVoR! NONE VANILLA! And the GZ gets to not suck for some [edited] reason.
  8. I haven't played her that much, but man some of you guys are way too good at rolling that damage. :p I've got increasingly good at lighting ships on fire from stem to stern, but I'm not a master at it yet. :3
  9. WTR is the closest thing we have unfortunately. The problem is we can't gather "percentage damage done" from the server, as that would be most accurate for ship vs ship data. So damage done is the next best substitute. It can be abused, but it's all we have.
  10. I used to use it and advise against it. It will make you either go into a match with a "winning" or "losing" mentality. It can also cause you to chase kills into bad situations.
  11. CVs are only in 1 in 10 matches. They cannot be the counter to DDs. Cruisers counter DDs per game design according to WarGaming. Sonar and Captain skills let Cruisers see torpedoes. DF makes drops wider, but is only a big reason planes are shot down on a select few Cruisers. Furthermore, not a lot of Cruisers have DF and Top Tier CV planes are very tough. Radar can be avoided with simple awareness and good spotting by the DD.
  12. Uhhhh... DDs were absolutely supposed to be countered by Cruisers. BBs counter Cruisers, and DDs counter BBs. CVs were a JOAT.
  13. Let me get this straight btw, we're upset that Radar goes through islands and spots the DD we can't visually see 5.9km away?
  14. I only have the Des Moines atm, but here's what I can say after many Tier 10 games based on playing against them. 1. Hindenburg - Strong ship overall. She's difficult to bring down, puts out lots of damage and can punish you with torpedoes. 2. Zao - Played at the highest level she's incredibly frustrating to deal with due to her fire chance, her torpedoes, and her armor. If you can keep fire on her though she'll fold. 2b. Khab - Glorious Russian Cruiser with TUBRO LASER engines, and RAIL GUNS! Don't worry comrad, ship is now of turning 2 seconds slower and we buffed USN CV fighter ammo to compensate. 3. Des Moines - Super powerful, and would be my top choice if she wasn't so limited at range. 4. Henry IV - She's scary because of her larger guns, but I don't find her too difficult to deal with. 5. Minotaur - She can be nearly as scary with the Des Moines, and frustrating to fight with smoke, but if you simply shoot her she goes down super fast. 6. Moskva - Pretty meh. She's just not a quick enough shooter to really be scary