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  1. Development decisions discussion

    HE taking over the game - HE has never been less effective than it is right now. Fire chance through Captain Skills is lower. Cruisers and DDs burn less. Anti-Fire skills are more powerful. Commander Skill Changes - The change to 4 instead of 5 is much better, but many talents leave a lot to be desired. And outside of a few DD specific skills, all non-CV exclusive skills, pretty much all of them are exclusively for BBs or much less effective on other ship types. BB Citadel Lowering - Only issue is the British BBs, whose whole design is awful. Premium CVs - Mostly fine. The problem is the imbalance between CVs, player skill, and AA benefit and lack there of. AP Bombs - Bad solution to simply not making the USN HE bombs somewhat accurate. Now the USN has the least effective AP bombs, and the Germans get a better drop circle with 0 effect on it from DF. Smoking Cruisers - Completely fine. Radar - Fine 99% of the time compared to the bull crap life of Cruisers prior to Radar.
  2. Uh... you already do have to risk being targetted by everyone and there mother to use Radar in most cases. There are very few locations in high tier maps that allow you to use Radar, engage, and not be in immediate danger of being pounded by every enemy near that cap.
  3. How To Avoid Radar.jpg

    Fire hurt Cruisers the most, not DDs. Smoke firing being nerfed hurt Heavy Cruisers the most. DD torpedoes have been adjusted both up and down since Beta. What we have no is one of the strongest iterations we've ever seen of them. DDs never fail to be one of the top ships at every single Tier, with often it being a fight between BBs and DDs. BB secondaries being buffed was a big blow to DDs. DDs having their citadels removed is probably the biggest blanket buff ever. BBs have power creeped super hard on everyone else though, and WGing does obey BB tears.
  4. So I got reported for this

    Did you ask him about his Samurai Sword and throwing star collection?
  5. Network Engineer here: You have PLENTY of speed down, and likely up as well Using a Network Cable is limited only by having the proper equipment, and not having to travel 300 feet or more on a single cable. The WiFi is much more unreliable. 2018 doesn't change the fact that other devices can degrade your signal, and that's before you factor in all the wall, and junk between the WiFi with your equipment, and the PCs. The error checking isn't as good, and your data is much easier to intercept. If you don't have your WiFi password protected you're basically asking to have info stolen eventually, or at the very least your neighbors using the service you're paying for.
  6. How To Avoid Radar.jpg

    People don't want to make an effort greater than they already make for the most part.
  7. Because players are bad, and you're good. I have a 64% win rate in mine. It's still trash.
  8. Please Report Me

    Not to be rude, but may be it IS you. I know after 6,000+ games you've been around the island a few times, but at some point in time you seem to have decided that it's not you that's wrong, it's everybody else. Odd thing is, you don't seem to do that well when Radar ships are involved. So maybe all these crazy people constantly yelling at you are onto something. May be you still have room to learn and grow. May be you haven't gotten this figured it out yet. I bet if you asked for help on here, a bunch of Unicum level DD players that have played at the highest level would help you out. Or you can keep fussing at us about how everyone is out to get innocent little ol you.
  9. You're not getting a Radar Jammer for an ability that lasts usually less than 30 seconds and has a nearly 2 minute cool down and limited charges. Radar is jammed 18-20 minutes for your average Radar ship in a 20 minute game already.
  10. The clamoring on here frankly doesn't add up. There have been no shortage of DDs in the Tier 8-10 games I've been in over the last few days, and BB populations still mean 4 per side in the average game. The most common DD I see is still the Shima as well. The Cleveland and Buffallo certainly throw a wrench in a few games, creating 5 vs 5 Cruisers if not 6 vs 6, with few DDs, but it's not to the levels we came to with new BB lines for any means. The world isn't ending, Radar is barely in greater numbers now, and the sky will not fall with 7.6. Unless team work flows like mana from heaven after years of absence, DDs will be fine after the initial rush. Plus CLs have super floaty shells, and they have concealment ranges worse the the RN, without smoke to help. Radar didn't phase me at all in my Fletcher lasr night on the way to 100,000+ game, leading the team. Not sure why so many DD veterans are struggling.
  11. Motivation Monday - Rapid Fire

    This one is interesting for sure, and requires a bit of thinking: DD - Fletcher - She's just such an amazing ship. Her versatility and general effectiveness in so many situations is reflective of the ship class they were modeled after. CL - Belfast - A ship whose only flaw is lacking torpedoes. There is very little any other CL in the game can do that the Belfast can't match or surpass. CA - USS Indianapolis - Frankly bias is bias here. The Indianapolis isn't a ship with good damage, her survivability is among the worst of all the ship she sees, and her consumable is nearly useless with her own fire power, and serves to get her killed when pressed to use it. Even her DFAA is lacking, and Hydro is frankly more useful far too often to substitute it out to improve a mediocre AA package with bad range, and pathetic rewards against a CV that can literally just avoid you. With that said I'm one of the best on the server with her for a reason. She's my comfort ship, and is the closest ship we have to the USS Louisville of the Northampton Class. BB - USS Arizona - If there's ever been a Premium ship in WoWs that has ever been quitely this good I cannot think of it. The Arizona is a much better version of the New Mexico, and can tussle with most ships until it hits Tier 8 BBs where it still excels as a second battleline BB. If there's one ship of the USN where WGing didn't hold any punches, it was the sacred USS Arizona.
  12. It's more than just bow armor. You have to factor in the engagement ranges of the ship, it's protection and citadel placement, map, and other factors. The Des Moines eats citadels from all angles from BBs except for a handful of Tier 8 BBs. The Moskva stands up far better when fired upon, can engage from farther out, and now will have better bow armor than most BBs.
  13. The DM could handle it? On what planet? It goes down faster than any Cruiser I've played in a Tier 10 match.
  14. Indianapolis needs some help

    Not to mention half the time she gets citadeled or full penned it makes 0 sense.
  15. Then smoke would block Radar.