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  1. Cruiser terminology to use

    I use Cruiser to refer to both CA and CLs. CA = Heavy Cruiser (203mm+) CL = Light Cruiser (Under 203mm)
  2. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 20th, 2018

    The Indianapolis is my favorite ship because she's the closest ship in game to the USS Louisville of the Northampton class. She's not a good ship, only being played by those with the tolerance for her ugly duckling status, but she can be fun. I use to play the Pensacola, New Orleans, and Baltimore a lot, but given how terrible they look in their new finalized states, I really want my money back on those Premium Camos. :(
  3. Premium Cruisers

    Abruzzi is hot garbage so far. Kronstadt is now OP vs Cruisers, now with less HP. Exactly what the game really needs! The Pensacola went from one of the worst ships at Tier 7, to a Heavy Cruiser that is outspotted by Battleships, has a slower turret traverse than many Tier 5, 6, 7, and 8 BBs, and now has guns that do less damage, lower velocity (more floaty, less penetration), and totally make up for it with... oh wait nm, that's it. The New Orleans will move from the worst Tier 8 Cruiser, and Bottom 5 in the entire game, to a revised version that has less DPM than the old Pensacola, a slower reload time than she had at Tier 8, worse, Battleship level concealment, and losses Radar. Boy oh boy! The Baltimore is moving from a average Tier 9 Cruiser to the same ship with less armor, a slower reload rate, no heals, worse reload rate, and worse turret performance. Fun! The Tier 9 replacing her will nearly be worse in every way except now she has a larger citadel, awful turret angles, and a slower reload rate meaning she's even more brutal bow on. Wonderful! The Cleveland is being restored to her original Tier 6 version but now she has all the comsumables you can bring in a game but no smoke and same awful range. Enjoy thosr Tier 10 matches! And that about wraps it up! Just remember kids, this is all "Subject to Change *wink"
  4. Being in a Cruiser vs 5 BBs and 4-5 DDs. It's been a nightmare for months.
  5. I definitely think they should try removing BB HE entirely, or greatly lower the Fire chance so that they don't replace Cruisers so often, yet can still damage modules.
  6. What's going to happen Indi?

    It's going to be neglected. Maybe they'll give it a .007 second reload buff. Think of the difference!
  7. Which new USN Heavy Cruiser am I excoted for? None of them. Not only are they worse than the last place bottom feeder ships they were to start with at their original Tier (outside of Baltimore), the new Tier 9 is significantly worse than than Baltimore ever was at Tier 9. The new CLs (Light Cruisers), at least what we've seen from the Clevelamd, seems to be a powerful ship that falls just short of needing the tool or tools to be effective while also asking the player to sink a small fortune into a bloated consumable pack that offers 0 rewards no matter how it helps the team because tge reward system isn't built that way. The new developments from last week were so disappointing that I couldn't bring myself to play most days.
  8. 0.7.3 USN Cruiser Changes

    Look at the past testing on USN ships. What we have is what we're getting. Nerfing these ships prior to testing was already incredibly idiotic given the default losses of moving down a Tier and their already historically poor performance. We're going from bad to worse and there is practically a 100% chance it remains that way.
  9. All powerful Radar

    "Buff something else" isn't an actual solution. You need a real solution that addresses the issue of DDa not being detectable or catchable by the USN and most USSR Cruisers if the DD decides he doesn't want to be seen. That solution must also address Cruisers being spotted without the ability to "hide" from the DD so that it doesn't get citadeled off the map in short order. I'm not in love with Radar going through islands. That being said, being trailed by DDs I couldn't escape from, nor know their position to avoid torpedoes (because they were never spotted), and dodging BB shells until RNG blew me pff the map wasn't exactly a better experience. Right now, CV craziness excluded, DDs (and BBs) crap all over Cruisers, including most of the Radar Cruisers in terms of win rate. Hell, a Khab can kite and kill a Des Moines with minimal effort, and the Des Moines will not only shatter HE shells off of her, but bounce many shells off her deck. Right now Radar is usually annoying, but fairly easy to deal with in my DDs, and it can be very frustrating to use in my Cruisers because of the low range and DDs sitting at the edge of it proving difficult to hit. I play around it by staying at tge edge and baiting it out without popping smoke, then using my range and speed to wiggle and escape with minimal damage. Then it's on a long cool down and I can breathe. To me that's good balance even if going through islands isn't the greatest feeling ever. I usually find, when this occurs, DDs are too close to land for me to hit without striking what protects me.
  10. Des Moines VS Baltimore

    An issue DM and a few other USN Cruisers have is shorter range than their counterparts which leaves them out of the battle early and often at Tier 8+.
  11. All powerful Radar

    You could do that, but you'd have to right a program or formula to extract the data and make it presentable. I don't think you'd see much difference between specific ship win rate between the ships when comparing to a players average WR. Matches at Tier 10 are typically difficult, and push more towards 50% than any other Tier. Montana is probably the best all around BB to play because her weakness is few and she does well in many areas without being overly powerful in any area either. The Yamato and GK are more specific playstyle however, the Yamato is a bit more boom or bust imo. Overall the Tier 10s are rather well balanced which is why do few complain about them. The Montana does less damage than Yamato, but also hunts down Cruisers better, while being less good against other BBs than Yamato.
  12. Des Moines VS Baltimore

    Oddly enough, in the typical bow on fight the new Tier 9 will be even worse.
  13. You lamented how OP US Radar, Fighters, Shells, Smoke and other unamed features as well. And with all of that "OP" power how people could make them perform so poorly. So you attack all of those who play a ships that you also can't perform in. In all honesty if you cannot beat USN CVs, the problem is you. USN smoke is no longer unique, and it's duration necesarry for a line that doesn't get conceal fired torpedoes until Tier 7, and don't get quality torpedoes until Tier 9. There shells don't matter with their greater autobounce numbers when it only applies to Cruisers that face properlt angled ships and fight with HE so often. And their damage isn't the best, their RPM is low, range is short, velocity bad. Radar is easy to play around. You don't have the experience to judge most lines. And if you don't have time under their helms then don't pass judgememt.
  14. If you don't want criticism, don't attack other players.