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  1. Madwolf05

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Here was my "Radar is ruining the game" experience last night. Mountain Range our Shima rushes up the East edge of the map within 5km of about 4-5 enemy ships. He's turned towards the cluff that borders the map, with 0 place to go. He gets spotted l, knocked to half HP, smokes up, and then gets hit by Hydro from a Hindenburg. He dies under a barrage of fire, 3 minutes and 20 seconds into the match and leaves us with this gem: "F***ing radar!"
  2. Well duh, my point was they want then to have more distinctive roles. Right now CLs are generally just better and have more utility at most Tiers.
  3. I'm guessing the North Carolina will get a TDS buff, from Tier 3 level to Tier 7. Iowa may be buffed similar to Missouri.
  4. The armor on Cruisers thing was worded a bit differently. Essentially it was an idea they had, but the goal is to make a difference between CLs and CAs.
  5. Madwolf05

    CV rework Incorrect email/password

    Yes, they didn't allow updating until this morning.
  6. Madwolf05

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Submarines will make DDs even more important that they are now, but they also see an XP increase as they should be so good at killing submarines.
  7. Madwolf05

    Possible Solution to Radar

    They adjusted the distance on the Radar of 3 ships since the statement 2 months ago. I don't think we'll see any major changes until after we see the affects of that and the new RN DD line.
  8. The Witchita isn't worth buying in it's current state. It's worse than Baltimore. Also keep in mind that you'd have to swap Radar out for Spotter Plane.
  9. Madwolf05

    Dev Blog Changes - Japanese Cruisers

    Usually their buffs are a slap in the face. .7 sec reload reduction on the Indianapolis anyone?
  10. Madwolf05

    Dev Blog Changes - Japanese Cruisers

    7.12 I would assume. Hopefully this means the USN heavy Cruisers are bring looked at again. I'm quite amazed the entire IJN Cruiser line can get an across the board buff, along with others, when they perform slightly better than the USN Heavy Cruiser counter parts. The IJN CA line definitely needs it, as they aren't all that wonderful after all this time outside of Zao. It's just disappointing to be eternally left in the cold as a USN Heavy Cruiser player.
  11. Madwolf05

    Would this make you uninstall?

    I think you don't fully understand how to play the ships, or may be some basic mechanics as well. If you could pick 1 ship to get better at what would it be?
  12. Seriously the price of this thing is outrageous.
  13. Madwolf05

    Dev Blog Changes - Japanese Cruisers

    And it's AA sucked hard in the test too. It was noticeably bad. What's it's strength if not AA? Being able to hold soup?