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  1. The biggest problem is too many in the circle which is never really explained.
  2. World of Warplanes added actual targets for strategic bombing in a complete redo of a game that has never had strategic bombers. Meanwhile WarThunder has had B-17s since CBT and is still having them bomb a small group of tents going on 5 years now.
  3. Question 1 is far too general. This seems like a survey that's setup to show that fires are bad, regardless of actual opinion.
  4. As a guy whose played quite a few DD games where Radar Cruisers are present, and rocked the entire USN Cruiser line, Radar is way overblown. As someone else said, it's the boogeyman to blame all ills on DDs are hard for a Cruiser to kill unless they really screw up, and end up spotted visually, radar, or hydro next to a Cruiser or anothet DD Playing against Radar is about patience and not giving your location away. Too many DDs do this through insta-capping, or smoking way before they're seen. They paint beacons on themselves to be lit up I'm a guy that believes winning is the main goal, and I'll do whatever I can to make it happen, even if it hurts my damage. Playing cerebral chess against other players is a huge part of being a DD at high tiers, and I enjoy it a lot.
  5. Eh, I'm not so big at duct taping specialties onto every ship. It hasn't exactly worked very well to this point. I'd rather have the ships modeled well and small tweals to each to balance them. I feel like we're playing a racing sim and people are getting tired of all the top cars having 4 wheels.
  6. Bacon is the meme that just won't die. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy nice crispy bacon with my breakfast, but at this point adding bacon to everything is lamer than FDR's legs.
  7. It's not that losing them is so bad, but losing every single AA mount on the Cruiser with the most AA guns in the game in just 3 HE salvos, and most being dead after just the first attack? I think that's more than worth mentioning. I'm a very big supporter of CVs, and making them not just fun to play, but fun to play against without being OP or UP. The problem is that AA is the only punchback a ship has until you can find and close on a CV. If you're losing the majority of your defenses in a single volley as the most powerful AA Cruiser in the game, how does play out over the course of a battle? Whatever there is to be attacked in the last 5-10 minutes of the battle will be so stripped of AA they will be nothing more XP pinatas for CV attacks with no protection against it. There needs to be a reasonable balance.
  8. I just want to enjoy the game with people who are giving it there all and trying, even if they're bad. Nothing irks me more than people who just don't give a crap. It ruins the competition and is an anchor on the enjoyment of a match for 23 other people in the game. On the other end, going low Tier (1-5) with the intention of ruining games by intentionally beating up on rookie captains is also disgusting. It's fine when you're leveling a new line or enjoying a Premium, but I think intent means a lot. Bottom line for me is spoiling the game by not trying or abusing lesser skilled players isn't my idea of what the community should strive for.
  9. May be she won't do so hot at Tier 10, but I think she'll do just fine. I'd rather her be a "meh" Cruiser at Tier 10 than a "meh" Battleship at a lower Tier.
  10. All the data shows is that the RN BBs aren't targeting Cruisers, which they should be. They're absolutely the best at killing them.
  11. Yep, thank you for explaining that. Plus, you lose the benefits on using the actual useful module, and for the Des Moines, who can have her turrets penned by her own shells, this is a must have.
  12. Ugh no to her Super Heal, it was OP as frack back in the day. I think she should get her citadel fixed and be adjusted in other ways for balance.
  13. Having 50 people gets unweildy fast. I don't expect even the largest clans to have more than 2-3 teams plus guys rotating when there's a hole.
  14. Was wondering if I could get some weigh in on this from @Sub_Octavian and the team. Last night we played a Tier 10 match, which we won, against an enemy Conqueror and a Midway on Tears of the Cruiser playing... the mode with the circle in the center divided into 3 parts. Anyway, long story short I stayed with the fleet, and shot down 11 aircraft. Then the Conqueror hits me with a single salvo of HE, and it wipes out over 300 AA guns! I was then bombed by the CV (DF was down) and only shot down 2 planes, despite them being focused, and having max AA build (besides BFT, Manual AA, andthe +20%AA module.) I shot down a single plane the rest of the match despite being constantly in range. The worst part was I was struck twice more by the Conqueror that game and last every single secondary and AA gun on my ship. With AA already being modules and skills wasted in every match without a CV, is War Gaming looking into this brutal stripping of this investment by the RN BBs? I was very frustrated as I literally wasted 4 Captain points, a flag, an accuracy module (by instead extending my range), and probably something I'm forgetting, because of a base line mechanic. I honestly hope there is something in the works to make taking AA not only more attractive, but less punishing before the crazy RN HE is even brought into play. Cruisers can currently not fully spec AA, and have the range, concealment, and effectiveness that ships like a BB would have very little trouble with by losing. A Des Moines isn't nearly as effective without the range upgrade, and much more likely to be killed. Without Concealment it's survival is again much worse. It has to take DE to remain competitive in the current BB heavy meta, taking increased AA survival is a joke in slot 1. It offers very little improvement, and not taking it can have severe consequences. BFT and AFT aren't really 3 and 4 cost skills for Cruisers, the range isn't there, the damage isnt there, and only ships like the Des Moines really benefit and that's if CVs are present. Same with the 20% AA module, it's simply not a good choice over other options there. Manual AA is generally worse than AFT, even on the Des Moines, and you'd have to give up Concealment, or Super Intendent which severly gimps Cruisers. I'm still perplexed why Manual Secondaries and Manual AA are separate when they're the same guns. I look forward to the CV rework, which I'm sure will greatly affect the Cruisers role as well. I'm just very frustrated about how that string of events went last night. AA picketing is already a thankless job, but making the investment, and then being stripped naked of my AA in essentiall 1 minute of play time from a ship (and I was set on fire 4 times but I channeled by inner BB), just isn't a rewarding experience.
  15. A DD wants a BB to shoot AP at him while his DD is broadside so he only takes over pens. If you go bow on while the BB fires you have a good chance of taking full pen damage and dying. If the BB is firing HE it's going to hurt a lot, especially RN HE. As a DD captain your first task should be to understand ship concealment: * You can see Concealment in the info page in port for every ship. It tells you the range a ship would need to be within to see you if there is open water between you and the enemy ship, and there is another for aircraft. * If you fire at an enemy ship your concealment becomes your max gun range for 20 seconds as long as you don't fire, this is known as "gun bloom." * Any ship that's within this range or normal concealment range will spot you until the 20 seconds of no firinh has passed, you escape your detectable range, or hide behind an island. * Concealment can be made lower through camouflage (you can buy Camo 5 with silver credits, and should always have it equipped), Captain Skills (Concealment Expert is a requirement for nearly every DD), and at later Tiers a ship Module. * The Captain Skill is called Concealment Expert and costs 4 points. Your first 10 points should be used to go up the tree to get this. * If a plane is within range of your anti-aircraft guns, and they fire you'll be spotted, even if he isn't close enough to detect you as normal. However, you can press P and turn your secondaries and AA off to prevent this. Many DD captains always turn this off because their AA will not shoot down any aircraft anyways, and there are no DDs with secondaries (that are worth addressing.) * Early on, mostly the IJN can "stealth torp" and other nations like the USN and KM can do so later. This means their torpedo range exceeds their concealment. Even so, I personally get as close as I can before letting my torps go, to ensure hits. I'm terrible beyond a few km, but a simple tip is to try and send torps into tightly packed groups of enemy ships, or down choke points (areas between islands) for best results. * If you can't stealth torp you need to learn to ambush, which basically means be a sneaky ninja and intercept battleships as they come around the end of an island. Ideally they should have very little time to evade or put guns on you. If you don't sink them, you're basically screwed, so learn to make it count. * You CAN use smoke to torp, but it's more difficult. First of all you'll need to have someone still spotting the enemy ship, which means your smoke can't block your team mates, or you need to just guess. Keep in mind that smoke may cover you, but it's also a huge red flag to the enemy of your exact location that says: "Hey look at me, I contain a DD, you should probably bet torpedoes are coming from my direction," not to mention Cruisers now know where to Radar or Sonar if they can. With all the evasion that causes you'll be hard pressed to hit as often with torps. * Learn to use smoke for your team! Smoke is only sometimes for you, and do you know why? All the stuff I wrote above! You're a DD, people knowing where you are is SUPER bad. However, covering up a friendly Cruiser or BB that's in danger can single handidly win you a battle. * Any ship within 2km of you will spot you through smoke. * NEVER sit in smoke, especially if you or your team can't see. Remember these words: "Lose the sight, lose the fight." This is true in every war game ever made. If you can't see the enemy or your team can't you lose, no matter how cozy your smoke is, and no matter how well positioned it is. This is the #1 mistake DD captain's make. * Spotting is job #1. So if you're in the smoke, retreat out the back where you can't be seen, then go around your amoke wide and start spotting while staying out of site. You won't rack up damage every game, but you'll break up the enemy ships, which will give you easy prey to hunt as the game grinds on. And remember, doing 10k damage in a win is better than 15k in a loss. * Caps are important, and part of your job. That doesn't mean you rush straight into them. Early on the fleets move towards each other trying to get site so they can open fire. A good tip, especially for DDs not great in a gunfight, is to skirt the outside of the cap to see of the enemy starts capturing. If they do you know there is a DD there, and you can wait for backup and get ready to run if need be. You can always recap after the threat is gone. * Stay alive. A 1 HP DD can do more damage simply spotting than a dead one who yolo-torped a BB and died. * When CVs are around stay closer to your own ships. If he comes after you (and the IJN ships will), then you have protection available. That was a lot, but hope that helps. Good luck.