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  1. Madwolf05

    Premium Ships Being Nerfed.

    This is what we have right now with Premiums: - Players want to be able to purchase a superior ship to that of the ships peers. - No one else should have access to the ship outside of said player because the ship is imbalanced and causes problems. It's a perfect storm where WarGaming has no right answers for these players.
  2. Madwolf05

    Throwdown Thursday - Indianapolis vs. Myoko

    The Myoko. Better armor Better HP (Tier 8 relic) Faster Better DPM Torpedoes Less vulnerable to citadels Accurate Vs the Indianapolis: 1 more forward firing gun. US AP pen angles. Short Radar time with long range. The Indianapolis is a worse New Orleans by a descent margin, but with Radar wrapped around it's neck to try to get people to play it. It stands no chance against a competent Myoko 1 vs 1 or in a 12 vs 12.
  3. Play stupid. Win stupid prizes.
  4. The overall problem is a lack of understanding on the part of the average player l of basic game mechanics and the role they play in their ship in a given game. High Tiers don't suffer this any more than low tiers, but battles last longer thanks to larger maps and tougher ships so mistakes are easier to notice. The problem with so much of this game relying on spotting means that a side with less vision will often be the side that losses, even with stronger individual players. Cruisers will stick near BBs if they cannot push up to protection with vision from a friendly CV or DDs. Situations were death balling occurs, especially behind islands away from cap, is generally due to ships following a DD behind an island where they sit hoping to ambush an enemy ship. This is likely caused by the DD not understanding when they can and can't be seen, nor their role's importance in spotting. At high tiers it's the most aggrivating because by that time everyone should understand the concealment concepts, but far too many don't. It's not enjoyable to have your game hijacked and feel helpless because of one ship type not carrying out their roll.
  5. The NA forum wasn't unique in complaining about the Russian BBs, and their power didn't revolve around their toughness but their accuracy. Essentially they had a unique accuracy curve that allowed them to be super accurate under 16km or so. They weren't unusable beyond that, but under they could do massive amounts of damage compared to other BBs in similar situations. Not only was this powerful, but it infringed on the strengths and weaknesses of the other lines too drastically. Then you toss in the velocity of their guns and damage on their shells of both types and fire chance and the line was simply too powerful in too many ways to be held in check by simply having an exposed citadel.
  6. Madwolf05

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    Pensacola because playing it is more like a job than an enjoyable experience.
  7. Well... I mean they are planes so...
  8. You simply cannot balance purely around the average player. If you do you'll make the best players unstoppable and the game horribly imbalanced. The best course of action is to simply talk with those players, learn, and improve little by little.
  9. Madwolf05

    Top 3: Most Anemic Ships

    1. Pensacola - She's just too stripped down now. Part of what made her fun at Tier 7 was a ship that played to her strengths and did okay to hide her flaws. So even underpowered she could still be enjoyable. By taking away her rudder shift, giving her BB turret traverse, and BB concealment they just turned her into a ship that magnifies her weaknesses and fights her own strengths. You can do well in her, but you're still depending on flawless play and luck to do so. Playing her feels more like work, and not at all like fun. 2. Kawachi - As much maligned as the Myogi is the Kawachi takes the cake. She is brutally inaccurate, slow, and never felt tough. Ships like the South Carolina are infinitely more appealing. 3. Duke of York - Absolutely miserable ship. I'd rather be one of those old folks eating Tide Pods than suffer her any longer.
  10. You want to nerf the Buffalo? Lulwut
  11. Madwolf05

    "We have no spotting"

    A lot of times the DDs and Cruisers spotting get killed because the rest of the team sits around and waits too long to do anything. Had a game yesterday where we had a superior force on our side with a DD spotting with me (Seattle) pushed up on the flank behind cover helping him with Radar and fire support. We held the position for about 7-8 straight minutes and the only ship on the team to push up the flank was an Alaska which retreated after nearly reaching me. Eventually the enemy was able to round some ships to our side, exposing me and the DD. Highlighted them and requested help but no gun was fired in anger at them. We both sank, and then the enemy used to flank to decimate the rest of the team including an Iowa that literally didn't move from spawn until there was 9 minutes left, despite being present (he was shooting) the entire battle. I have no problems losing when we all try, but jesus it's torture to be on these teams where half the team would die from lack of oxygen if mommy didn't remind them to breathe.
  12. Madwolf05

    CV's need to go killing the game.

    She's a very difficult targert. When do you evade the attacks? After the bombs are released? Are you moving your AA to the side of the attacking aircraft?
  13. Madwolf05

    Are the DD Mains' Whining Days Now Over?

    Asking the DD Mafia to stop crying is like trying to stop the Unstoppable Force. Their goalpost is attached to a drag racer with unlimited fuel. I have pretty much that whole crew blocked and the forums are so much better.
  14. Madwolf05

    Why did my W/R drop by literally 20%?

    My WR didn't move all that much, but I swear I had over 4,000 battles back in the summer, and now it says I have 3700. Noticed this weeks ago but thought I was just crazy.
  15. Madwolf05

    Warspite's days numbered?

    The GC is a good ship, but I don't think she makes Warspite fair any different than she currently does. With the GC at Tier 5 she already faces the Warspite regularly and I don't believe seeing the GC more often is going to make a big dent in Warspites place on the food chain.