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  1. Madwolf05

    chat ban = good karma

    I just realized this was you. What happened to your cat?
  2. Being slow isn't fun at Tier 7 in the Colorado. Having shot guns for weapons isn't fun at Tier 4 in the New York. This line is unplayable for me.
  3. Madwolf05

    So many posts get removed?

    What got removed? In my experience you hear this, and it refers to 2 or 3 topics that got removed (or combined) that were either just flame bait or all identical if combined.
  4. You can win by points and then die a split second before the game stops. This has been around forever.
  5. Madwolf05

    One Simple CV Question

    To be fair, in regards to limits on a ship class, there is a limited number of DDs allowed in a match as well.
  6. Madwolf05

    Bad Idea WG

    I feel like CVs in a video game and a world wide pandemic killing people by the thousands everyday aren't quite equal.
  7. Madwolf05

    Russian Bias out biasing itself

    Ah yes, because of all the changes they normally make.
  8. Madwolf05

    How many First Bloods do you have?

    184 games, or roughly 1 in every 20 games played.
  9. Madwolf05

    Elephant in the Room: Atlanta IFHE

    It rounds down on Tier 7 and lower guns, and up for Tier 8 and higher guns.
  10. OP doesn't know how to use consumables well. News at 10.
  11. Madwolf05

    Scuttlebutt #44 (featuring Marceau)

    Ooooooor The DD player positioned himself well to avoid Radar.
  12. There are tons of ways to medigate fire damage right now. Concealment inprovements can stop you from being set on fire. Flags shorten the burn time. Modules shorten the burn time. Captain skills not only shorten the burn time, but remove the easiest to hit fire spots to just 1, but also reduce the chance and another reduces the the burn time. To wrap it up flags increase your heal amount. I've been playing since Alpha and I can tell you fire has never been less powerful If there is any issue it is with specific ships, especially those that take large advantage of IFHE as well. At the end of the day most fire deaths come down to poor positioning in BBs.
  13. Madwolf05

    RN heavy cruisers least popular line?

    I've got the Devonshire right now and the line just feels bellow average all around. There is nothing to off-set the bellow averageness besides the heal, which is okay I guess. It feels like the USN Heavy Cruiser line prior to the first rework and Radar coming into the game. It feels lacking to any purpose and in most situations you have to be a better captain in a worse ship.
  14. Madwolf05

    DDs are NOT larger than they should be.

    I will add that the Gearing is a actually wider than she's supposed to be. WarGaming acknowledged it as a modeling error years ago but has yet to fix it.