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  1. As a Cruiser man they're some of the most frustrating ships to play because they get removed more quickly than other ships for mistakes they make. I feel much safer in most DDs while being fired upon than most Cruisers and only at Tier 10 does this really change.
  2. Unicums get remembered, but Super Unicums never die.
  3. Madwolf05

    Premium most in need of a buff

    Yeah, the buffed her in the same way that putting a broken chandalier in a haunted, crumbling mansion improves the value, or rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic increases her survivability. May be in Indianapolis buff try 8 they'll stop making superficial changes to the ship and actually attempt to address the issues with her. Honestly the buffs to the Indianapolis have been like a student turning in a blank homework sheet, being asked to redo it, and turning it back in with his name spelled correctly, and the date scratched out and changed to the current date. Honestly forget just buffing the ship, WG has "buffed" her numerous times now. This time I want them to buff her with some actual real effort put into it. No more massive let downs like .15 secs in better rudder shift, no more .00056 secs off her reload. No more completely ignoring aggregious issues caused by doing nothing to her during the USN CA rework. This time, assign someone to the task that actually gives a crap.
  4. There's a fine line between success and failure. Like for instance, playing bowling and being able to get 3 straight straikes, and then tipping over to the other side and rolling 4 straight gutter balls.
  5. It wouldn't matter if literally nothing was wrong with the psot before I fixed the title. The usual suspects will still use some garbage to attack it. In fact, they probably believe it's invalid because using the way of the Drunk Master renders all defenses null and void. Also I'm sure the entire game is a logical fallacy. I tried to get 3 but the BB friendly BB stole it from me.
  6. Also I don't have the... the + HP skill on that captian.
  7. Oh you're right. My bad, I've been enjoying some drinks. I forgot I went with Icarus instead of Gaede. Forgive me Senpai!
  8. Nothing he could do. Got hit with secondaries, main batteries, all the way to 2km. Didn't smoke or anything. Just was as stupid as possible, sailed up, and boom. No more PEF. That's with a CV on each team, and already having a kill and 30k damage done and less than 10 minutes left in the game. Replay is attached too for DD Mafia. I'd like to thank everyone who decided thinking was too much to ask of a player when playing DDs. And that they shouldn't have to play the game with the same respect for other ships and mechanics as Cruisers and Battleships. Without them this wouldn't have been possible. Being invulnerable to the error of my ways is truly way more fun than tactics or working for your kills and wins. 20190120_152947_PBSD106-Icarus_41_Conquest.wowsreplay
  9. Madwolf05

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    Over-penning DDs from inside their concealment range should be known as: "Protecting stupid from committing suicide," because that's exactly what it is. If you expose yourself to a BB in such a manner, your magical damage protection should go away.
  10. If it didn't tank my chances to win I'd let them die to get back at them for all their complaining and attempts to become immune to any-counterplay not from another DD.
  11. Madwolf05

    Opt out for cv

    Lets opt out of DD games instead.
  12. Madwolf05

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    DDs have easily surpassed everyone as the most coddled group in WoWs. They are no protected from thinking.
  13. Telling you man, put him on ignore. You cannot win talking to a wall.
  14. I'm betting this Radar change either gets reverted before the update or a few patches from now. The ability of skilled players already diminishes the usefulness of Radar, and with a delay on it for friendly ships they can avoid being shot at by more than 1 ship, or anyone entirely. You'll see a noticable bump in ability of already good DD Captains that will become to much to let stand. Cruisers already have the lowest win rate overall, and are very close to DDs in survival. The last few changes certainly don't help that.
  15. It needs IFHE to do well in either ship consistently. They both feel like they're lacking though. They seem to have a fairly low bottom to their potential, and a fairly low max potential as well. This wouldn't be so bad if they were more consistent, but again they lack there as well.