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  1. Yeah i was looking at my Lady Lex and Grey Ghost side by side, i didn't realize how much larger Lex was compared to Big E
  2. WW1 Battlecruisers

    So more ships like Mikasa?..... interesting
  3. Yeah she really does, Worried about what Harvey might of done
  4. Can we all agree this is one of the most beautiful battleships?
  5. I've only used the Mikasa this patch so far but the new effects are beautiful, even the i'm on fire effects are nice
  6. I actually have quite a bit of fun playing the Silent Hunter series
  7. Wait, Wait.. i think got confused by the title..... aren't we talking about BB-4 Iowa?
  8. Well it's a Carrier, so it'd stay in the back anyway That being said, Shinano's airwing would be what? Raidens for fighters i guess but what about her Dive bombers and Torpedo bombers?
  9. CV poll

    Graf Zeppelin was completed, she just never had her air wing... which yes would be paper i'll agree on that, but the ship it's self was completed 50-60 hanger would be fine tier 8 considering the plane count in air groups the Japanese carriers use As for this.... well this is what happens when you pull a 3 day shift and are posting before bed, you are correct on that remark, my apologies
  10. CV poll

    Which one is the paper ship? all 3 were launched Personally i'd take Shinano or Graf Zepp over the Enterprise, yes she had the most distinguished battle record out of the 3 but we already have her in the Lexington, we don't need another ship based on a ship we already have access to, should try for something unique Tiering wise though: Shinano would be 8 or 9, Enterprise 7 or 8 and Graf Zeppelin would be 5 or 6
  11. The CV Issue

    Off the top of my head i can only think of 2 Carriers that were larger then their battleship comrades: Midway class and Shinano ( which i would love to see as a Prem)
  12. Simple way to fix the Alabama problem

    to be honest i really have no doubts that eventually the Iwaki and Arkansas will be sold as regular prems, I mean we already have them specially named so there is no stopping WG from selling them under a different name, that being said I really don't care if ST get the Alabama to themselves for now... because it's looking like the Humble Bundle case all over again, and we all know what happened with her
  13. Prem Missouri: just the ship: $200 Deluxe: $350, Fully Loaded: $500
  14. Closed Beta Question

    Last i had heard they had just given first come first serve to whoever applied for the name , the just random distribution makes more sense with how WG is
  15. Closed Beta Question

    Yeah, i wouldn't worry about clan wars when there's still a lot of issues with just the basics, like inactive players grabbing up clans/ clan names and holding onto them