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  1. Submarines would be good
  2. PotatoPeeler

    CV still king

    I want to meet the CVs that are apparently kings of your matches, maybe i could learn some things from them. I've been here a very long time, I've seen ALL the ship classes have their moment in the sun, right now it seems like it's the AA ships who are finally getting to live up to their name (Looking at you, Fully specced AA Atlanta), maybe tomorrow it will be DDs or BCs that get to be on top of the world, this will never be a perfect game because there will always be changes to keep the game fresh, and that's what makes this game perfect Right now, I feel Carriers are finally starting to form into the role that WG originally intended for them to be, the long range support unit that will chip away at your health while you deal with their main fleet, not powerful enough to drive the whole match by themselves but deadly if you continue to ignore them
  3. PotatoPeeler

    AA needs nerf seriously

    Up close it actually does look like that, it's terrifying in a plane, Also it is constant dmg if you are in the AA bubble
  4. i feel like the impact is a lot less since raw dmg has been reduced. but everyone is going to be in the same boat with relearning the class so you wouldn't been that far behind if you started working with them now
  5. PotatoPeeler

    Is Jean Bart and others premium worth it?

    If you are looking at the Jean Bart, try working with the Dunkqurqe first, she is very similer
  6. PotatoPeeler

    PSA remember to get jean bart if you can

    i like the Jean Bart because it sets a precedent, if it can be bought for money... why can't the Musashi ?
  7. PotatoPeeler

    CV "rework" intel

    Well with the way the Rework works, you either are scouting or attacking anyway, and once you use all of your attack runs, you lose control and it RTBs, if you switch to another Squadron, It RTBs so there really isn't any loitering aircraft unless the CV drops a Fighter consumable on you or keeps his Strike Aircraft there, which locks him into that group until he either attacks or changes to a different group/ goes back to the Carrier.. which makes that Squadron he's in RTB regardless
  8. PotatoPeeler

    So what's happening to premium CVs?

    well it would be interesting to use prem planes but wouldn't that be like ammo?
  9. PotatoPeeler

    What is the very worst performing ship in wows?

    I must be insane by most player's standards then because I absolutely love the Ranger, she's fun to play, these days most opponents just ignore your planes so it makes using her limited strike deck really easy, especially against Enterprise players who don't know what they are doing/ have only ever used Big E for CV work The Ranger is probably the ship that kept me interested in the game since Alpha Worst ship i would have to say is the Colorado, because it presents this turning point in the US BB line where you start to trade armor for speed, and it's a lesson some players don't seem to understand or learn from
  10. PotatoPeeler

    What is your "Dream Boat"?

    Hands down, IJN Shinano.... i just want a what if scenario for this beautiful girl