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  1. Today I noticed my Paolo Emilio appears to immediately ready torpedoes after I have launched them. In the beginning of the game they load normally. But once I launch a salvo from the same launcher is ready for fire in a few seconds. I am attaching a replay showing this (please ignore the poor gameplay, I was quite confused when I saw my torps were ready after I had just launched them). Also, here is a screen shot showing I somehow launched 20 torps in 4 minutes. Further Review: It appears that it may be related to launchers getting knocked out and repaired. If you watch the replay you can see me launch two sets off my left side, but my launchers get damaged immediately afterwards. I repair and the launchers get loaded torps shortly after that. 20210124_200844_PISD509-Paolo-Emilio_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay