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  1. Battle Stations Pacific

    this should be in the off topic area.
  2. Denied to Beta

    while i'm not trying to argue or debate you, since we need to be patient or try our luck at giveaways, the fact they opened up registration again when some of us are still waiting for keys feels like we're kinda being cheated or at least denied.
  3. WOWS Twitter account

    Hey, don't know if WG is in use of a scheduled or a human for their twitter account for WOWS, but it looks like the most recent code give away (2 hours ago as of this writing) is either missing the codes due to some reason, or if they're just teasing us. If it was a glitch, just thought i'd post it in the forums in hopes of it being seen. If it was just a tease, they certainly got the hype train at attention: