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  1. joel9507

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    The WG Game Center's info graphic for the release has a typo - the number in the box has it right at 0.8.9, but the heading below says "UPDATE 0.8.7: HALLOWEEN AND ITALIAN CRUISERS" Screenshot below:
  2. joel9507

    Update 0.8.8 - Bugs Report

    Bug: you can make a replay file unplayable by changing its filename. Test1 - Baseline to confirm replay file is good. Note filename as produced by the client: mine was a game from yesterday: "20191007_095152_PJSB007-Kongo-1942_04_Archipelago.wowsreplay" Double-click on replay file: client starts up, replays the game, ends. Conclusion: A-OK. File is fine. Test 2: - Edit filename and try again What I did was add the string "2 minutes in - hit, but not lit -" to the front of the filename, changing the filename to: "2 minutes in - hit, but not lit -20191007_095152_PJSB007-Kongo-1942_04_Archipelago.wowsreplay" Double-click on replay file: client starts up, displays the blue circle and never loads. Client doesn't complain, doesn't hang, it just continues running at about 2% CPU capacity and never loads the replay. Discussion I did not confirm other edits had the same effect. It could be something specific to the text I added to the filename, it could be more general than that.
  3. joel9507

    Servers are Down

    servers restarted :)
  4. joel9507

    Servers are Down

    Training room working fine. Co-op battles don't load - the little circle animation spins for 5 seconds and then back to port.
  5. joel9507

    PSA: Sound Setup Guide

    As a PSA to the PSA. I don't claim these settings are perfect, but if people are having trouble these might make a decent starting point to try, and then tweak. They have a decent balance, reminiscent of those glory days before 8.8. Details: After 8.8 came out I was having my ears blasted out by my own gunfire, neighboring gunfire, the sound of my ship getting hit/burning...to the point I couldn't hear anything else. And, the audible alarm that worked so well in 8.7 to let you know that you were heading toward beaching your ship? That had gone completely silent. :( So I did a bunch of testing in Co-op based on the information Umbaretz has compiled above, and eventually homed in to where the game is now enjoyable again, with no sounds overpowering and no alarms completely inaudible. You will want to tweak, depending on how loud you like things, but this at least should make a good starting point.
  6. joel9507

    Update Sound fixes.

    ?!?! This is a complete fail in user interface. 1) Sliders should affect the values of one thing, not two 2) Sliders should not randomly change what it is they are affecting, depending on which level they are set to. 3) How in the wide world of sports was anyone supposed to know this, given there are no mouse-over tooltips for the audio settings panel? Relying on someone to read release notes in detail to understand controls is not good practice....and, worse, after a few more releases, who would remember that it's the 8.8.1 hotfix notes that describe this? The obvious and hoped-for answer would be to break the actions apart - that is, separate the volume control of own-shots from that of other-shots, and the volume control of low-frequency knocking' engine noise from general engine volume level, and give them each separate sliders. But if they have to keep this UI-kludge, for goodness' sake at least put tooltips on the audio page so new folks could mouse over the control to figure out what it does, without having to guess which release's notes to look up. I can understand the desire not to add more checkboxes/sliders to the audio panel, but this is horrendous design. Please ask the devs to check with their UI guidelines and have this addressed.
  7. joel9507

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    Bug: The "You're Going To Hit Land" alarm is, in practice, inaudible. The volume level of that alarm is so much quieter than everything else, that when you set the audio to normal volumes then that alarm is inaudible. Discussion: Since 8.8 dropped, I found myself up against islands....again and again. Turns out I never got the audio cues. Up to this patch, I'd hear an alert and check. With the new patch, it didn't seem that I was getting the sound I was used to. So, off to test. Test: Went into co-op, and just rammed an island, watching and listening for the visual alert and the sound cue. They both did show up, but I was amazed that the sound of the alert was so quiet. Even the creaking from the ship (which seems something from the days of sail, actually) was louder than this "Alert!" Yikes!
  8. joel9507

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    No 'remove all camo' button in port that I can see just now, running the bare-bones client. I think you may be thinking of the "Quick Demount Signals" mod from Aslains. I use that mod among others, and am looking forward to the Aslain's refresh for 8.8 to get them all back.
  9. joel9507

    Mission: V-J Day

    Thank you WG for making this a departure from the recent trend. I do not understand the perceived need to put events and benefits behind a 'find and click' gate. Here's hoping this marks the end of that experiment. And that this epiphany crosses over to WoT, where 'gate-everything-behind-find-and-click' has gotten completely out of control.
  10. So, you shrug off the exact text of the official dev blog due to some random forum post? Hmmmm..... Meanwhile, here are the relevant snippets from the blog post What the official dev blog is saying is that the plans are set. First, supertest on a separate server (like the WoT Sandbox, I'd guess) then in special battle mode on the live server, then (drum roll please) a new class on the live server. Personally I do not think this game needs subs thrown into the random - hit the roof is an understatement. That said, I did enjoy playing the sub-vs-surface Halloween PvE event. I could see scenarios, maybe Co-op as opt-in. Or if they let you opt out of sub-enabled battles as a configuration (like in WoT where you can opt out of modes/maps).
  11. joel9507

    Research Bureau is Awesome

    So, one should assume you are equally incensed about ships only available behind CW/Ranked/Steel curtains? RE: Research center. I don't see the point. I have kept all my lower-tier ships as I did the grind, have reasonable captains in them, and there's not a lot of interest in losing half the credits and spending time/doubloons to get those ships back and re-equipped.
  12. I see what you did there. :)
  13. For whatever odd reason, I really liked playing the Marblehead mission, where you had to frag opponents whose game tags started with the letters to spell out M-A-R-B-L-E-H-E-A-D. It had a good mix of random elements ('please let there be an "M" on the red team this time!') with controllable elements....guessing where they might wind up, getting to them, and then, of course, earning the letter! Wish: My birthday wish would be for a Stalingrad.
  14. joel9507

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Feedback

    The other feedback I'll give on the research reset thing: The 'bug fix' in the second test iteration of only refunding half the purchase price is not a bug fix, it was a tactical error. Logic: It is completely appropriate to only refund half the price paid when/if a player decides to cash out a particular ship and never play it. That's been part of the game (and WoT) forever. No argument there. However, if i understand correctly, this research thing is supposed to be all about getting players to temporarily give them up, then re-research them and keep them. Different concept than selling forever, one by one. Bottom line: if the reset button only gives players half the credits paid out in earning and equipping the line, instead of full value, fewer players will do it. If this idea is intended for wide usage, I'd suggest you reconsider the 'bug fix' and have the reset button give 100% of the value of the ships and equipment given up, as it did during the first test iteration.
  15. Thank you for reporting the finding and for the quick response here. Interesting. I see this is how the shells are shown for the Ishizuchi's 80mm secondaries, too. I checked all my other Japanese ships and none of the other secondaries showed having shells with anything other than their guns' calibers. Maybe this just an 80mm-Japanese-secondary thing? And, strangely, all of my UK ships's secondaries show shell calibers that match their guns ...... Not that this is a big deal, but is there any chance the devs were pulling your leg?