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  1. joel9507

    Update 0.8.5. Feedback and Performance

    I may be going crazy, but I thought up through 8.4 there was a way in port to find out a ship's detectability when firing in smoke. Wasn't it one of the items listed when mousing over "Detectability Range by Sea" in the Concealment tab of ship parameters? For the life of me, I can't find where the ship's 'Detectability when firing in smoke' range lives now. With 8.5, all that shows when you mouse over that and the window pops up (screenshot below for reference), is 1) Detectability after firing main gun (i.e., the gun range) and 2) Detectability when on fire. Does anyone know where 'Detectability when firing main guns in smoke' went?
  2. joel9507

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    Never mind. Since I was playing with Rogue Wave ships continuously over the past few days, it never occurred to me I needed to enable viewing of Rogue Wave content to see the Rogue Wave camo I earned on my Hill.
  3. Azure Lane Nelson. First one I got, and I'm a big Nelson fan.
  4. joel9507

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    Concur, I saw that as well. Played 3 battles (random, in the Implacable) and neither my planes, nor allied planes, nor enemy planes showed on the minimap.
  5. joel9507

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    Round 2 Bug 2: (but it may also be on the live server) Planes ignore turning orders and avoid flak Happened three times in two Implacable battles. Engaging the red ships, trying to turn the planes to do a follow-up attack, and the planes turn away from the target ship, ignoring the navigation directions I'm giving them to move to an attack. Instead, they turn directly away, ruining the alignment and timing. The more I thought about it, it felt familiar and I would swear I've felt the same thing going on in the live server games occasionally, but thought it was just random glitches.
  6. joel9507

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    When you do, please ask that this be done as a set - that is, 'clear flags' and 'restore flags'. I.e. 'save the current set of flags on this ship and demount all of them' and 'return the saved set'
  7. joel9507

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    Round 2 Bug 1: Second color camo for USSR DDs earned via collection, but not able to apply it Details: Not much to elaborate on. Got all four "Way of the Naval Commander" subcollection items, which supposedly enabled 'Custom Color Schemes for all USSR Destroyers".... But I have Kiev and Ognevoi and have put all the different camos on them both, with no chance to choose any alternates.
  8. Bug: Mention of 'Sharks' and 'Eagles' in the introduction banner in port Details: when you first go into the port there is a banner that shows briefly, intended to introduce the 'Victory' event. Unfortunately it doesn't mention "Victory" but does mention "Sharks vs. Eagles".
  9. Had a bug report for the 8.3 PT, but this doesn't seem like the right thread.
  10. joel9507

    Announcing SKIPPER

    Love a good April Fool's joke! Good one! :)
  11. Interesting that as of now (11AM EDT), 8.2 patch notes still aren't up yet here , nor are they up on the EU site....
  12. joel9507

    Naval Battle in a Nutshell

    This has been a very nice addition to the game, and we appreciate the extra oil to build with.
  13. joel9507


    This is somewhat misleading and incomplete. From this, you'd think two things: from the first sentence, you'd think the new air visibility would be at the max range of its AA, and from the second, that the change would only affect ships with great AA capabilities like the ships listed. Neither of those implications are completely true, as I found while going through now and hand-editing the max AA ranges and air visibility for all my ships one by one on a spreadsheet to check. So far, on those T3 ships that had their air visibility increased by 8.1.1, the visibility was adjusted so they are spotted by air at least a half-kilometer farther than their max AA, though sometimes a bit farther than. And the ships affected by the visibility changes are surprising. I don't think of the T3 Friant, for example, as a powerhouse of AA (AA rating of 12) but with a max AA range 4.6 km its visibility range went from 4.5 km (8.0.3) to 5.1 km (8.1.1.) So, just a public notice for those who didn't know - the 8.1.1 air-visibility changes affect some ships whether or not they have great AA, and for at least some of the ships changed in 8.1.1, the visibility changes give planes about a half-click or so of notice before coming into those ships' AA range. We could talk about how much notice planes should be given before coming into AA zones is needed/fair - it may well be that giving a half-kilometer notice is what the devs desired in those cases. Here, I'm just pointing out the notes didn't state this explicitly. Also, increasing air visibility for AA-wimp ships (assuming this was intentional) certainly was not done to because those ships don't have the ability to do that. The net effect of the 8.1.1 changes on the AA-wimp ships seems more about partly reversing the across-the-board AA visibility buffs made in 8.0.3 than just countering the 'P' key gambit. What would have been nice in the notes is a table of before/after visibility for all ships affected by 8.1.1 and a note of their AA ranges for easy comparison.
  14. joel9507

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    No, unfortunately. That's what I was looking to see. Here's what my audio options look like with the 'Choose audio source' area clicked on - only option to choose is 'Speakers': Now, as of 4PM, it's working! Not sure what got fixed, but good work!
  15. joel9507

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    I may be missing something, but just updated to 8,1 and the audio settings I have still only have 'speaker' as an option. Is there something else needed beyond just updating to 8.1?