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  1. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Good call! I did just that. They looked at the logs and found it. :)
  2. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Where did the ship XP from the space battle ships go? If I understand correctly from the space battles description page https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/space_warships/, the ship XP (I played around 40 space-battles) was to have gone to Orlan - quote from the end of that page: I didn't have Orlan in port (sold it a while back). Still, sometimes XP on sold ships shows up on the tech tree, so I went there: nope. Bought it back (hey, it's free) to check....nope.
  3. It's working now! Now the UI is there, bots can move and shoot. :)
  4. The reason is buried in obscurity. To get to play tier 7 ships in ranked battles, you need earn your way to up to rank 1 using the tier 8 ships they let you start with. That then puts you in the "Wolf League" which unlocks the use of tier 7s in ranked, and then you can start that mission. They probably should have put the requirement in the mission description "Play a Wolf League Ranked Battle in a tier 7 ship". That would have told folks there was more to it than meets the eye.
  5. Ditto. The test server announcement page shows some UI that seems to be missing altogether. Under the ship tier/icon/name in the target box, under the "ADD" button there's supposed to be a couple checkbox options (for whether the ship is moving and/or shooting) and a dropdown (for AI level), but nothing like that shows up - just the ship tier/icon/name and the 'ADD' button. :(
  6. Nope, not imagining it. The window in the combat mission states as you indicate, "Completion criteria Tier VII Ships" but the client won't let you play ranked except with Tier VIIIs. Typo in the combat mission info, I suspect.
  7. Enjoyed the review, as always. Seemed odd the T6 Grafs' AA is being compared to the T7 Pensacola in the charts. My guess is perhaps those AA numbers are from the Cleveland?
  8. If I understand correctly, upgrades put on the free rental tier X clanwars ships get removed for free when the rentals are removed from your port. So, if you can wait till the next patch comes out to get access to the purchased upgrade (they're usually on a 3-4 week cycle) , you could put sale-upgrades on the tier X clanwars rentals and they will pop off for free when the next patch drops.
  9. As I understand it, entry to the design contest qualifies us for early access to a mission to earn the winning camo. Does anyone know details? I guess that question's less academic, now that I've earned the ship. Looking forward to heading out, appropriately painted!
  10. First game in test 0.7.0 - a victory in co-op. Should have earned "Distinctive Insignia step 1" and "Reward on Main Account". Looking at the Combat Mission area of the exit screen, those two empty progress bars seem to say, nope. But, apparently I did. Here's my profile screen (now it shows an insignia) And here's my mission screen - doesn't show Reward on Main Account #1 anymore and shows I'm now on step two of Distinctive Insignia.
  11. News with the 0.6.15 update notes - get her while she's still available..... https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-0615-let-it-snow/ This bit is towards the bottom, right before the "Content" area
  12. They're fixing this! Thanks! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-0615-let-it-snow/ :)
  13. The upgrade selection for the Arkansas Beta (T4 BB) is broken. The fourth upgrade slot should have three options but only two are available. Up till now, and in common with the upper tier US BBs, that upgrade slot gave a choice of Propulsion Mod 2, Steering Gears Mod 2, and Damage Control System Mod 2. Now, for the Arkansas Beta, only the first two are available - Damage Control System Mod 2 isn't. Meanwhile, for the upper tier US BBs, the regular set of three are all still available, so it seems this may be an Arkansas Beta-specific issue. I cannot honestly say this happened this patch. I don't check upgrades on every ship every patch - was a fluke I found it - so it's conceivable the bug is from an earlier release. Screenshot below showing the mouse-over options available for upgrade slot 4 on the Arkansas Beta - note only two are shown and Damage Control Mod 2 isn't.
  14. That is perfect! :) In my pivot-tabling it seemed that the tier differences in MM were strongly affected by type - DD MM was different from BB MM was different from CA/CL MM. (I don't play CV so can't speak to those.) Will it be possible to break down by class? It would also be nice if individual ship MM stats could be broken out as well. Even though it would be very hard to get enough samples to make any valid statistical conclusions about individual ships being better(or worse) treated than others of the same tier/class, there were some surprises in my samples I'd like to keep an eye on.
  15. I appreciate the response - sorry to hear replay-parsing's not feasible, but I understand the issue. One bit of analysis I'm doing is trying to understand what matchmaking my ships are getting. Specifically, the question is: for each ship, what is the percent of random battles it has seen at tier, one tier under, and two tiers under. (these three should sum to 100%) Currently to get this, I'm taking the data from MxStat into Excel, and doing a pivot table. Is there a simpler way? RE: the analysis. I'm seeing some pretty odd trends in matchmaking (for example, my T8s are more often in battles with T10s, than my T9s are ?!?) but of course there is always the possibility of sampling errors as sometimes the log files go away (how/why, I don't know) before MxStat sees them and archives them.