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  1. Mizzerys_Fate

    Weekend Spree, 27 to 29 January 2023

    Congratulations on another 21 pointer... My internet kept cutting out. Was able to play 2 complete games in my new boat, Yodo. 112k damage on first complete game for a loss, and this morning my first win 89k 2 kills..starting to get a good feeling about this one. Going to have to call phone company and set up a tech visit...
  2. Mizzerys_Fate

    2 Bones to Pick Regarding OPs

    Ops gives you the opportunity to get ridiculous high damage games with hardly any danger.... Mainz is best boat....
  3. Mizzerys_Fate

    If True This Is Concerning

    This game is entirely client server based. You would have to hack the server code in order to cheat. Unlike back in the day when you could plop a couple bucks down and get an easy wall hack ambit for COD.
  4. Mizzerys_Fate

    If True This Is Concerning

    About year one of release WG made a public statement about cheats and banning players. Turns out alot of people liked showing off on YouTube. They were exploiting a line of code from Alpha days that enabled an aim bot. WG didn't make the announcement until they patched it out.
  5. Mizzerys_Fate

    Stock Tashkent is so power crept.

    I ground out 125k in one day using 800x exp boosters and premium account on Takahashi....blimp mode... If I can do it, your trashcan can too. Multiple choke points on blimp mode to use those torps on....
  6. Mizzerys_Fate

    Stock Tashkent is so power crept.

    Just wait until it's fully kitted out.... Then the trashcan shines like a new penny.
  7. Mizzerys_Fate

    Clan Battle ship restrictions

    If you think 7 Petros, or even 5 will give you an advantage..... You obviously haven't met a St. Vincent at 5km....
  8. Mizzerys_Fate

    Will San Yat-sen return to the ships category in the armory?

    Usually those type of ships are one and done.... Like ARP Yammy....
  9. Mizzerys_Fate

    Clan Battle ship restrictions

    Point? So your clan base isn't fully built. What exactly does a fully built clan base, like ours, have over you? What Tech tree ship can our clan get that yours can't? What Steel ship can our clan bring that yours can't? ...... What exactly is your point? If you insist on wanting to run 7 Petropovlosk's, I demand the right to run 7 Kleber.....
  10. Mizzerys_Fate

    Clan Battle ship restrictions

    It's to give most clans a chance to win. 2 BB, 3 Marceau are enough to deal with add 2 Petropovlosk and its a problem.... Running 5 Petros would be a blast....
  11. Mizzerys_Fate

    Finishing A Collection

    Click on purchase container, it will take you to the shop and show you in living color the container you need...
  12. Mizzerys_Fate

    Match Making

    Just like one team not having any radar and other team with 4.... Happens. Adjust
  13. Mizzerys_Fate

    How to cost your team a win

    Lol.... Sometimes being the focus of the cv is a good thing, for your team.... The last AA medal I got was my mass rushing, well moving, into b.... Little did I know the cv was on the other side of island on b..... He ended up killing me, but 65 planes later.....I was swatting em down as he launched... I think it was my Massachusetts.
  14. Mizzerys_Fate

    The mind is a very puzzling thing.

    Gots to get that damage and raise the PR man.....
  15. Mizzerys_Fate

    PSA Hector's heal is nerfed

    So that's why my potato captain only could get to 111k damage in a game, the heal...